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  2. any updates on this? I had to figure it out before i found the guide you gave
  3. What I had to do was add the Ubuntu 18.04 repo to my Ubuntu 20.04 computer this helped me: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1252490/how-to-add-18-04-repo-to-20-04 after that update and it will be install-able now. @calbzam I think you guys should just do a snap it would easily solve this issue ... Will Linux get continued support?
  4. Last week
  5. For macOS the "cm.log.conf" needs to be stored at:"/Applications/PlasticSCM.app/Contents/MonoBundle"
  6. Yes, it helped. Thank you Carlos!
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to point out that UnityYAMLMerge.exe is not located at the location that PlasticSCM thinks it is by default. Unity's own documentation page is incorrect (https://docs.unity3d.com/2020.2/Documentation/Manual/SmartMerge.html). Its located at "C:\Program Files\Unity\Hub\Editor\UNITY VERSION NUMBER\Editor\Data\Tools\UnityYAMLMerge.exe", which unfortunately makes it harder/impossible to just use a default location for it ­čś¬ It also looks like you can't simply move the UnityYAMLMerge.exe file to another permanent location, it relies on other files with a relative/local path (maybe its just one or two files, not sure). So seems a bit frustrating that if you update your Unity version and then delete the old one, you'd then have to update the YAML path again. Not a big deal, but having to explain/remind your team members how to do it isn't ideal, haha. Would anyone happen to know what all files the UnityYAMLMerge.exe relies upon, such that I could create a permanent folder for it?
  8. Hi Anton, Could you manually copy the "client.conf" from "/Users/xxx/.plastic4/client.conf" to "/Applications/PlasticSCM.app/Contents/MonoBundle". This way, all the machine users will be configured to use the Plastic client (including the user who runs the TeamCity service). At the end of the day, the plugin internally runs "cm" commands. Regards, Carlos.
  9. I am trying to enable cm.exe logging under macOS using this guide: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/technical-articles/kb-enabling-logging-for-plastic-scm-part-i It is not clear where should I put `cm.log.conf` I have tried these locations where cm and cm symlink are: /usr/local/bin /Applications/PlasticSCM.app/Contents/Applications/cm.app/Contents/MacOS Nothing worked for me. I've tried to reboot and then I try to execute `cm checkconnection` but log still is not there. Maybe not all cm commands are writing to log? I am trying to investigate TeamCity plug-in issues...
  10. For those who works under macOS - there is no TeamCity plug-in in macOS installation package of the Plastic SCM. You need to download a Plastic SCM for Windows to find the plug-in under the path specified above.
  11. I have a mac-mini with the TeamCity installed (server + one build agent). I have installed Plastic SCM client and configured with my credentials to access our Cloud repository. Command line `cm` tool works as expected. When I try to add New VCS Root to the TC project and to Test connection I receive a timeout error. Looks like Plastic SCM plug-in hangs trying to do something. I provide a TC thread dump below (nothing interesting in another logs). 2021-02-26_05.14.23-longRequest-1.txt
  12. Indeed my Plastic account is linked to my Unity ID, I use my Unity logins for Plastic. But I did not change my email address recently. The more surprising with this is that I can login on plasticscm.com without any problem and access my dashboard on the website, but the credentials check on the desktop software does not succeed. Cordially, Gr├ęgory S.
  13. Hi, Do you have the Plastic account linked to the Unity ID? If that is the case, have you recently changed the Unity e-mail? I'm afraid we don't support it and it could lead to this error. If that is the case, could you revert to the old e-mail and check if it works? Best, H├ęber.
  14. Hi, Is there a Plastic SCM plugin available for GoCD? There is some old information below, but the GoCD web site does not seem to list a Plastic SCM plugin (https://www.gocd.org/plugins/#scm). Googling did not help either, but I just wanted to check. https://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes/
  15. Hi! Unity is looking for participants for a Usability Test study in the area of version control. This study would require meeting a researcher for 1 hour some day between Feb 23rd and March 12, 2021. We can provide you with an item from our Unity Swag shop as a token of appreciation after completing our session. If you work with Unity using a version control solution and would like to participate, please click through this short survey to sign up. Thank you!
  16. Hi Olliblanks, you're right i'm using teamcity 2020.2.2. So i'm waiting for your update. Any idea of the release date ? Do you have a more recent tutorial for using merge bots with TC ? I wanted to know if the TC plan that i indicate to the bot to launch must have the plastic mergebot build runner as first step of build. It is not really clear for me. Moreover, when i have a TC project with multiple plans in it how should i indicate the plan to run to the bot ? Project:Plan ? Thanks by advance. St├ęphane
  17. Hello, I am having an issue in the general panel of the Preferences window : despite using the same credentials that I use to login in on plasticscm.com, I get the Invalid credentials. Couldn't get the organization name error. Because of this, I cannot use a sync view to sync my local repository with my cloud repository. I am using Plastic SCM for a Unity project, in case it could be the origin of my issue.
  18. Hi St├ęphane, Thanks for reaching out. I suspect that you are using TeamCity version 202.1 or newer and you are experiencing an issue that has been recently reported. The fix for this is due to be released very soon. Please bear with us and I will update you here once the release has been published.
  19. Hello, i would like to know where i can find a documentation on how to use trunk merge bot with teamcity. I try to make a trunk merge bot that merge from task branch in the father branch executing a teamcity plan to test merge integrity, but i have no success, the bot starts when i set the branch as resolved but my teamcity plan is not executed and i got an error in the trunk bot log file, leading to a failed status in the branch i want to merge automatically. The error is like the following 2021-02-23 15:00:13,021 INFO trunkbot - TrunkBot [Ben] started. Version [] 2021-02-23 15:00:13,274 INFO trunkbot - Retrieving branches to process... 2021-02-23 15:00:13,337 INFO websocket - TrunkBot [Ben] connected! 2021-02-23 15:00:28,629 INFO trunkbot - Processing branch /main/Prod/Test/Dev/JIRA_feature4 attribute change... 2021-02-23 15:00:28,632 INFO trunkbot - Getting task number of branch /main/Prod/Test/Dev/JIRA_feature4 ... 2021-02-23 15:00:28,643 INFO trunkbot - Building the merge report of task _feature4 ... 2021-02-23 15:00:28,670 INFO trunkbot - Trying to shelve server-side-merge from /main/Prod/Test/Dev/JIRA_feature4 to /main/Prod/Test/Dev 2021-02-23 15:00:28,735 INFO trunkbot - Testing branch /main/Prod/Test/Dev/JIRA_feature4 ... 2021-02-23 15:00:29,050 ERROR RestApi - Unable to read the error response: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 2021-02-23 15:00:29,062 ERROR RestApi - Unable to retrieve CI plan status. The server returned: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.. The requested element doesn't exist. 2021-02-23 15:00:29,063 WARN RestApi - An error occurred trying to query the get plan status endpoint /api/v1/ci/TeamCity//plan/RepoTemplate%3ARepoTemplate 2021-02-23 15:00:29,063 WARN RestApi - Falling back to the legacy get plan status endpoint /api/v1/ci/TeamCity/RepoTemplate%3ARepoTemplate/ 2021-02-23 15:00:29,065 ERROR RestApi - Unable to read the error response: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 2021-02-23 15:00:29,066 ERROR RestApi - Unable to retrieve CI plan status - deprecated. The server returned: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.. The requested element doesn't exist. 2021-02-23 15:00:29,066 ERROR trunkbot - The attempt to process task _feature4 failed for branch /main/Prod/Test/Dev/JIRA_feature4: One or more errors occurred. (The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.) 2021-02-23 15:00:29,116 INFO trunkbot - Branch /main/Prod/Test/Dev/JIRA_feature4 processing failed. it seems related to the way i have named the plan to launch but not sure. Any advice ? Thanks by advance St├ęphane
  20. Hi, What is your Plastic client and server version? Are they both upgraded to a recent version? Could you attach your plastic.debug log? Regards, Carlos.
  21. Thanks for the reply! The project did migrate fine and all is working well! Thanks!
  22. This error dialog shows once open plastic. plastic.relevant.log.20210222.txt
  23. Hi, we haven't received the email. I edited it because there was a misspelling. The email is: support@codicesoftware.com Regards, Carlos.
  24. Hi, Can you send an email to support@codicesoftware.com and let us know your cloud oranization name and a screenshot of the error? Regards, Carlos.
  25. Hello ! I try to push on a branch and I get the error : "The object is currently locked. Try later.". I looked up in the forums and found several leads about the error, but the solutions provided doesn't works or I don't find the file to delete to unlock the files. Can you help me ? Thanks. PS: Restarting / Stopping+Starting the server does not works too.
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