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  2. I'm not using shared libraries. This plugin has his analogy of shared libraries. I'm using PlasticSCM Plugin 3.3
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  4. Repo setup look fine. I'm doing a manual build with a custom revision set. https://confluence.atlassian.com/bamboo/running-a-plan-build-manually-289276898.html#Runningaplanbuildmanually-Runningacustomizedmanualbuild Searched around and found a very old log with custom revision working from 2018. So yes, definitely was with a previous version but I can't say which one.
  5. Hi Tyler, I have been working on this and trying to get it working as you are doing, but so far I haven't been able to set the changeset to build, as it only allows me to add a branch. You can check it in the attached image. Can you tell me where are you adding it? Furhtermore, we released a task some time ago where the behaeviour of the "update" was changed. [New] All platforms – Plastic, Gluon, command line: Now update always goes to latest. Suppose you switched your workspace to a particular changeset, then decided to update. You were stuck on that changeset, by design. We thought (for a few years already) that if you had switched to a given changeset, why would you want to jump to latest during an update? But then we realized it was a true UX pain. Why wouldn't you want to switch to latest? So, we just changed the behaviour. Now, when you update, you'll always go to latest in the branch, even if you were working on a given changeset or label before. It was done the 2019-07-23, and released on version 3470. Were you using a previous version when it was working? Best, Héber.
  6. Hi, - After our last fix, the plugin should support using Shared Libraries. Are you using the last version, right? https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-50284?focusedCommentId=370126&page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels%3Acomment-tabpanel - I guess the current issue is not with the support for Shared Libraries but when this "Templating Engine" plugin is trying to use it? We can give it a try as we are not familiar with this plugin. Regards, Carlos.
  7. I think, i run into the same problem with Templating Engine plugin for Jenkins. https://plugins.jenkins.io/templating-engine/ In "Configure System" you can set 2 repositories: 1) Pipeline Configuration - works fine with Plastic 2) Library Sources - don't work with plastic, but works ok with GIT. Any ideas?
  8. Hi, You can run a diff from the "Workspace Explorer" view but you actually want to see your pending changes, there is a specific fiew for that purpose. "Pending Changes" view in the Plastic GUI. This is the place where you can review your changes before checkin them. Regards, Carlos.
  9. Run into the same problem. It works, but you need to change permissions on client.conf, or Plastic would not have permission to access this file.
  10. I may be missing something but I am often looking for a way to view pending changes in my workspace explorer. The obvious place seems it would be a right click option in the pending items but it doesn't appear to be an option. Right now there is an "open" and "open in explorer" which are handy in a different ways, but other than manually searching for it there seems to be no way to easily find these changes in the workspace explorer.
  11. The only thing I can think of is we have 3 build agents and commonly we're doing custom builds for a past revision. Here's a case I just tried: - Latest cs is 23277 and Agent 1 is currently building it - Agent 2 last built 23275 - I Run Customized with 23275 as the revision - Agent 2 starts the build and updates to 23277, even listing 23277 as the custom revision like in my previous post. Tried it on another plan: - Latest cs is 23277 - Agent 3 last build 23276 - Run Customized with 23275 as the revision - Agent 3 picks it up and updates to 23277 instead Nothing else of much interest. Single stage and job in bamboo. First task is checkout repo. Repo using main branch, no other branches active. Repo is linked across all build plans. Seems to happen on all build agents and plans.
  12. Hi Tyler, We have been going through the issue, but we were not able to reproduce it yet. We are still trying some scenarios, but anything you could tell us about your setup would help. Best, Héber.
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  14. Hi. The license auto-upgrade is only useful for subcriptions (specially monthly subscriptions). Yes, for the Personal license, you need to apply every year. You can always reach us at support@codicesoftware.com Regards, Carlos.
  15. Thanks for your reply Carlos. I'm guessing from your responses that hobbyist/personal license can't use the auto-renewal feature. I didn't see any mention of that while looking into getting a new license. I think I have discovered, or rather re-discovered that hobbyists have to apply/reapply for a new license each year. I think I will have to find a way to remind myself for next year. Thanks, David
  16. Ah, I figured it out! I changed from PowerShell to Command Prompt, and things started working. Git produced the export in a matter of minutes, and the file size was a little less than half of what was generated when using Powershell. I'm guessing PowerShell insisted on using UTF-8 encoding or something weird.
  17. Thanks Carlos! Still need some further assistance though. Following the example in the help page for fast-export, I exported the bare repo using the following command (took about an hour and a half): git fast-export --all -M --signed-tags=strip --tag-of-filtered-object=drop > export.dat Then I tried using this command to import it: cm fast-import PlasticRepoName ..\GitRepo.git\export.dat And received this output: ]uldn't process command [??b l o b ]ror: Couldn't process command [??b l o b
  18. Hi, - Please remove the "plasticd.lic.token" so your server doesn't try to download the license via auto-renew. It seems to be a problem downlading it: LicenseManager - Unable to download the remote auto-renewal license: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. - Manually copy your"plasticd.lic" in your "server" folder so it use the licens file instead of the token. Are using a evaluation license or commertial license? Should be your server license valid? I can also see the following message in the log so you may need to buy a new license (or download the right one from your user account at www.plsticscm.com). Limited by date evaluation license has expired. Expiration date 12/27/2019. Regards, Carlos.
  19. Hi Aki, There are different possibilities to import a git repo to Plastic: https://www.plasticscm.com/features/plasticscm-for-git-users - You can create a git fast-export package of your repo and then this package can me imported into Plastic. - You can use GitSinc. In order to use this option, your git repo should be located on a Git server. Regards, Carlos.
  20. Hello, My license has expired. I did a number of thing to try to get it renewed and made things worse. I stopped the service (I think because I couldn't open the server log file), then opened the log. When I couldn't find anything useful in there, I read online that I could set it to auto-renew with webadmin. I had to reset the webadmin password because I couldn't remember what I used originally. I used the adminconsolepwd command line utility to reset it. When I got into webadmin, I discovered that I had set up auto-renew after all, but it had never done it. After the things I tried so far, I could never restart the service. I finally tried reinstalling the latest version as I had been using version 7. It installed fine but the problem remains. I have attached the current log (that I had discovered mentions that the auto-renew failed) as well as the one from yesterday. I did note that the one from yesterday did mention that the license was "correctly downloaded" but then mentions that it expired in late december. So it seems to me that even though I didn't change the auto-renewal in webadmin (because it was already set), something did make it try to download a new one today. Perhaps the new version I installed did it. Thanks, David plastic.debug.log.txt plastic.debug.log.txt.20200324
  21. Hi there, New user here, trying to figure out how to migrate an existing Git repo into Plastic Cloud. This is just a one-time operation, I don't need to sync anything with Git after the initial import. I have a local Git repo in bare format, exported with the git clone --mirror command. How do I use this package as the basis of a new Plastic Cloud repo? Thanks in advance!
  22. Would love to see an easier integration than creating your own bot. This would be a huge feature for our studio.
  23. Sorry, I was wrong. You need to make your primary display your 1080p monitor, and then Plastic SCM will be not blurry. But I'm suppose you won't to do that 😉
  24. Hi, thanks for the explanation. Hmm, this doesn't work for me. It seems like Plastic SCM always uses the 150% scaling regardless of what monitor it started on. I'm running version, so it should be pretty much up to date. Thanks, I'll look forward to future releases with improved High DPI support.
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