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  2. Hi, you have Newtonsoft.Json.Net20 in your Editor directory for the plugin. The issue is that since it is in the Editor directory it will not be included in builds and if I have another Newtonsoft Json dll in the project it causes errors. If I delete your dll and rely on NewtonSoft Json in the package manager then the plugin won't run and complains about missing Newtonsoft.Json.Net20. This is a big problem since I need Newtonsoft Json in my builds. Suggestion: this needs to be in the package manager instead of the asset store. Then it can have the Newtonsoft Json in the package manager as a dependency in either /editor or runtime. Alternatively, just move your Json dll out of the editor namespace and we can at least get by with it alone and not the Newtonsoft Json in the package manager (though that's the better practice for handling such things). This means it'll get superfluously included in builds for everyone but that seems a better hack. Another alternative: do not have a file system hard link to Json dll. Again, if it just looks for it anywhere accessible in Unity then instead of a specific file in a specific location we can work around it. Another alternative: namespace your json so it doesn't leak out into the whole project.
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  4. Are xlinks on the roadmap for cloud? It's not clear in the documentation what is supported where.
  5. Has this been resolved? I am experiencing the same issue and even though I have recreated my workspace from scratch, I get the same error. There are no half-baked merges to my knowledge. NOTE: The Xlinks were messed up. Once I corrected those, all checked in as expected. Thanks
  6. Correct. We don't understand the unusual behaviour either. The packages are all installed in the same project in the same repo and the three machines have pulled from that repo.
  7. Hi, We do have a workaround for these cases, check out this link: https://plasticscmsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013103159-How-to-Install-Plastic-GUI-in-Ubuntu-19-10-and-later- Regarding the fix, it is not a trivial matter as it relies on the mono-based libraries out there, but we are already exploring some alternatives to have a full multi-platform GUI that should avoid this issue. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Best, Héber.
  8. Hi. Do you have any plans to fix gtk on fresh ubuntu issue exist already year still n fix. It will stop to work soon on any linux distribution.
  9. Thanks for the fast response! I'm glad additional users don't push you into some kinda tier and you are charged just for the extra. Shame there isn't storage increments between $5 and $20 but $20 ain't bad. I'll give it a shot on trial and see how it goes
  10. Hi, Checking the logs, I don't see Plastic GUi even querying for the JIRA tasks: Are you selecting these options when creating the branch in the GUI? If you have a commertial license, you can opena support ticket and we can arrange a GoToMeeting to review your setup. Regards, Carlos.
  11. Thank you for considering Plastic SCM. The prices are as follows: Enterprise | On-prem : $23/user Cloud: above 3 users is $7/user + storage (up to 5GB is free, up to 15GB is $7/month, up to 100GB is $20/month for, and $7 each 50GB above). First 3 users are free Therefore: If you host Plastic, you are right, You pay $56/month. If you use the Cloud Edition for your project of 35Gb and up to 100Gb, you will pay $20/month (for storage). That's it with the two of you. Now, If you reach 4 users, you will pay an additional $7/month for the 4th user, and for any user above you will pay an additional $7/month. Therefore, in total for 4 users is $27/month ($20+$7) I hope we answered your question, but let us know if you need further clarification. You may reach us at sales@codicesoftware.com Best, Francisco
  12. I'm thinking about moving from perforce to plastic, but I'm confused about pricing. We currently pay nothing for perforce because its just two of us and I host it on a vps. If I host plastic on a vps for two people do I have to pay anything? I wouldn't mind paying a small fee for plastic but I noticed "enterprise" listed self hosting as a perk. $56 per month is a bit much for a tiny indie studio (on top of other expenses) and our project (30gb game dev) wouldn't even fit in the cloud options without even more fees. Also, if say we can use the free edition self hosted and we moved up to 4 users would we pay $7/mo for the extra user over the free or $28/mo?
  13. Hi Carlos, That's great, thanks for updating the documentation. I had understood that was the case from the other forum posts I found though so have left the Custom Field ID blank. Yes the specific issue I am having is that the Jira tasks do not appear in the Atlassian JIRA Extension pane in the branches tab. I have attached some logs from the plastic.debug.log.txt file. I selected the refresh button on that pane at about 11.03 (towards the end of the logs) but cannot see anything relevant to JIRA in there. Thanks, Tom plastic.debug.log.txt
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  15. Solved by Carlos in Support: Thank you Carlos!
  16. Disclaimer: I'm a novice with version control, heading a small team of Unreal developers and artists. We're using Gluon and the Unreal integration with Plastic. We've recently had some key level files overridden with people unknowingly working on the same files and checking them in over each other. My understanding is that when someone checks out a file, nobody else can check in changes, or check it out for that matter. Nevertheless, multiple people have been able to check out the same file at the same time with no warnings or errors (we get loads of errors for inconsequential Unreal merges, but that's another issue). Am I missing something? This seems like a pretty core issue. How do I make sure that when a file is checked out through Gluon/Unreal, that nobody else can check it out and then check it back in?
  17. Hi, - We have recently updated the guide: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/extensions/plastic-scm-version-control-task-and-issue-tracking-guide#Client-configuration-JIRA-Parameters For Next-Gen projects, you can't use a custom field. So don't create a custom a field and leave the "Custom Field ID" empty. This way, the checkin information will be logged as a comment in your JIRA task. - But the problem you are reporting is different: when you create a task branch in Plastic, the query to get the list of JIRA tasks is empty, right? Could you attach your client log (plastic.debug.log.txt) and the estimated time when you run the operation so we can review the query and any potential error? Regards, Carlos.
  18. Hi! We just added a note about this Next-gen project configuration: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/extensions/plastic-scm-version-control-task-and-issue-tracking-guide#Client-configuration-JIRA-Parameters. Hope this helps! Regards, María
  19. Hey Carlos, thanks for the SSL tips. Unfortunately the issue does still persist so i will have to contact you guys soon. I will wait for our new production server to arrive and prep everything before that though. Thanks Again! Cheers, Dennis
  20. Hi, - The Xlinks are always pointing to changeset guids (the universal identified for a changeset). I'm afraid I don't fully understand your workflow. If you can reach us via support ticket, we can arrange a meeting a debug your setup. If the XLink target changeset is deleted, you should be able to edit the Xlink target to a different changeset. You need to delete and recreate the Xlinks from the parent repo (not from the XLinked repo): "A repository cannot be loaded inside itself." --> If you are getting this error message, I'm guessing if you are trying to create the the Xlink inside the Xlinked repo when it needs to be created from the parent repo. Regards, Carlos.
  21. Hi, - You are right that when you manually edit the Xlink target and checkin these changes, you will need to update the workspace to download the content from the new Xlink pointer. It could happen on a scenario where you are not performing the changes in the Xlinked repo via the parent repo so your Xlink is out of date. - In the merge scenario: the merge is initially performed in the Xlinked repo and then in the parent repo. You will see that there are two merge links in your pending changes (one form the Xlinked and one for the parent repo). When you are running a merge, the new revisions created in the task branch will be downloaded to your workspace so when you you checkin the merge result, the Xlink should be pointing to the merge result changeset and your workspace should include all the revisions downloaded during the merge. An extra update shouldn't be necessary. - If you are refering to some specific merge scenario, could you let me know the steps to reproduce? Ideally, the Xlinks are designed to be modified always from the parent repo. This way, the Xlink target will be always pointing to the last and when you perform some changes in the Xlink, they will be automatically propagated to the XLinked repo. Regards, Carlos.
  22. I have issues with xlinks where referenced changesets were deleted, causing xlinks to be 'corrupted' and point to Guids instead of changeset numbers. Likewise, the wxlink'd repository gives a Guid prefix to the repository name. Example being: We have nested xlinks, which have resulted in only one of the nestings having corrupted xlinks. For example, our common xlink structure between repos is: RepoA & Repo B rely on Repo3, Repo3 relies on Repo2, Repo2 relies on Repo1. RepoA will show a corrupted xlink for Repo1, but Repo2 won't. Normally we would only resolve the top level xlink (RepoA would update the xlink for Repo3), but due to the corruption we have to resolve it out of order. This has caused a slew of issues: loss of branch expansion default rules, automatic xlink commits which cause circular dependencies, etc. What I believe to be the main issue is when commits delete the default branch expansion rule. For instance, what should be this: ...will receive a commit during automatic xlink commits which change the rule to this instead: When losing the default branch rule, our external builder (TeamCity) fails to resolve branch xlinks, causing all builds to fail. With all of this said, I'm looking to delete our xlinks and recreate them—but I have no way to delete an existing xlink using the Plastic GUI (v9.0.16.4608). When attempting to create an xlink over the pre-existing one, it tries to reference the repo itself as source and destination, instead of the provided source repo—which gives the error "A repository cannot be loaded inside itself." How can I delete these 'corrupted' xlinks and create new ones? ---- Our Senior System Admin, @rodgeralley, can add more info on the Plastic setup.
  23. Hi, when I change an xlink, I need to first check in the xlink change, and then click "update workspace" to make the contents of the xlinked folder update. I find the extra required step unintuitive, but accept that there are probably reasons for this. (Side question: Do I need to check in the xlink change? Or is it enough to change the xlink locally, and then click 'update workspace'?) However -- if someone else merges from a branch with such an xlink change, they too need to perform an extra "Update workspace" to get the contents of their xlinked folder updated. This means that, sometimes, "merge latest from main to your task branch" is not enough to ensure that your workspace is up-to-date; sometimes you need to perform an additional "Update workspace" step to ensure that, and this depends on whether or not the merge introduced any xlink changes. Am I missing something? If no, is there some way to make Plastic automatically update the xlinked folders within the workspace during such a merge?
  24. Hi, I am having issues getting the JIRA extension working with Plastic SCM. I was initially following the documentation found here but this forum post suggests that that documentation is out of date. I am not sure whether I am facing the same issues described in that post though so thought I should create a new one. Our teams Jira setup is using their Next Gen projects (which is not documented in the documentation linked above). To get around the issue mentioned in the forum post linked above, I have setup a short text field and named it Plastic SCM. This looks like: In Preferences->Issue Trackers I have the following settings: - Bind to issue tracking system: Atlassian JIRA - Apply binding to: Repositories - Bind issues to plastic branches - Branch prefix: jira_ - Project Key: MULTIPLE_PROJECTS - Resolved Issue States: Done - Issue Types: Bug, Task, Story - REST URL: /rest/api/2/ - TASK URL: /browse/ I have my connection details as well and when I select "Test connection" the dialog tells me that my connection was successful. However when attempting to select a task from the branches window I only see the following empty view: I've taken a look at the log files but can't find any obvious errors in there. I have tried using a specific project Id instead of multiple projects and also used the JIRA REST API to get the custom field id and tried to set that but nothing I do seems to get this to work. I would greatly appreciate any help on getting this setup as this would be a useful integration for my team. Thanks in advance, Tom Some more information: OS: Windows 10 Plastic SCM Client: Example Task:
  25. Hi, If you are using Plastic cloud, only the webtriggers are supported (but not client-side or server-side triggers). You can check the details in the following link: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2020/06/web-triggers-for-plastic-scm-cloud.html Regards, Carlos.
  26. It might be a silly question. I am working with PlasticSCM Cloud. I can't figure out how to set and check the permissions there - did not found anything in the docs.
  27. Hi, I would check the following: 1. Review the trigger permissions to be sure your user has enough privilege to run it. 2. Create a very simple trigger: eg: output a string to a file and check if it works. 3. Review the Plastic client log to check the if there is any error in the log when running the trigger. Regards, Carlos.
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