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  2. Reading this guide: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/gluon/plastic-scm-version-control-gluon-guide It says to enable 'Show Hidden files' - which seems to have been removed https://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes/ So I guess my question is how would someone using Gluon commit changes to these files? Or is that not possible anymore?
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  4. Hi, There shouldn't be any problem on renaming the folder with a different id as soon as you use the new id in the "cm addrep" comman to link the repo in the new server. Regards, Carlos.
  5. Hi all, according to https://plasticscmsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010163773-How-to-move-a-repository-to-a-new-Plastic-SCM-server there is an easy way to move a repository from one server instance to another. If you look at step 2 (Move the "jet/rep_2" folder to the new server "jet" folder): Is it possible to rename it in the same step e.g. to rep_1234? Is the string "rep_2" somewhere within the DB which will lead to problems when including that repo with following command? cm addrep rep_1234 core NEWSERVER:8087 Background: I want to move a repository from my local machine to the central server. There is quite a good chance that "rep_2" already exists on that machine. So I need to alter the number. Best regards Jan
  6. The installation path shouldn't be relevant. At least we don't have a confirmation from any user. If you follow the steps from my initial comment, doesn't it help? Regards, Carlos.
  7. Yes, my proposal was a complete different thing. It was meant as a different solution which solves two things: Being able to jump to current branch as well as quickly accessing branch's changesets without using BrEx. It's a substitution since you told us that you want to kill the selector menu. I know that you don't want to crowd your UI with buttons because you follow each and every user request. Having that said, we have use cases for branch list (e.g. as I said, seeing the branch hierarchy easily) and a home button in that list is not driving the UI into a crowded situation. I don't understand why you would keep one portion of your UI in an inconvenient state while arguing that we should use it differently which sometimes is not the best option for us.
  8. Hi, You can force a manual file conflict (changing the file in both source and destination). This way, when you run the merge, the external mergetool with be run to solve the file conflict. If it's not running, please attach a screenshot with your external merge tools configuration. Regards, Carlos.
  9. Hi, y'all! It'd be awesome if you could post the resolution for this issue here. I'm having what appears to be the same issue. - Unity is installed in a non-standard drive - Plastic SCM is installed in a non-standard drive Just got a subscription and pretty surprised that installing to a non-C: drive is not something that is already supported, since it's something that a lot of devs do. Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. Is there any way to verify that the external merge tool that I setup in "Preferences>Merge Tools" is being used? thank you
  11. Hi, You feedback is very welcome. We have been evaluating it but as Pablo commented, the the easiest workaround for now to get this information is creating an "after-checkin" trigger that opens a message box, pop up or similar... https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/triggers/plastic-scm-version-control-triggers-guide#Checkin Best regards, Carlos.
  12. Ok, but you're asking us different things on the same thread, correct?? I mean, what @Tobix wants is a "view changesets of current branch" in the context menu on the status bar. I hear what you say, but unless we can cluster more requests I'm not sure we'll make it. Yes, I know what you want, but I honestly think the BrEx gives you that, because you should always see your current branch quite easily. I can understand this is not your favorite choice, but we need to keep a vision on the product, and BrEx is definitely our way to understand version control. I mean, once I'm on my branch on brex, just clicking on the csets gives me the diff and everything. Also, I don't know if you switch branch every 5 minutes, but since I don't think it is the case, you can always have an open list of csets for the current branch. So, opening a new one will not be probably something you do very often. Maybe we can have a query to show the csets of "current branch". Regarding Jan's proposal: ok, a home button there, it could be. But it would be the same number of clicks like in the brex, correct? They both have the same menu.
  13. Hi @warnerjonn, Are you also affected by this problem? What is your operating system? The thing is we haven't been reported this issue from other customers so it hasn't been yet scheduled. Regards, Carlos.
  14. Hi, 1) You can just copy the current database folder content to a different folder with a different id not existing in your server(eg: "rep_57" --> "rep_58"). Then you can link the new database in your server with the "cm addrep --help" command. You will need to use a different repo name, but the repo history will be the same. 2) If you want just to clone just some specific branches, you can replicate the desired branches to a clean new repo in the same server via the sync view: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/gui/plastic-scm-version-control-gui-guide#Chapter23:TheSynchronizationview PD: You can match the repo name and the database id with the following command. cm lrep --format=TABLE Regards, Carlos.
  15. Hi, Is it possible to clone/copy a repository into a new db on the same server? We have a large repository with multiple solutions/projects etc. that we'd like to split up but want the clone to retain the existing history. Once we have the clone we'd trim down the irrelevant projects on each copy. We're using SQL Server backend for now so I know I could copy the database data contents to a newly created empty repo db, but I suspect there are unique id values that would create issues? Is there a built in way to do this, or let me know which parts of the db not to copy over? Thanks, Malcolm
  16. Hi, I'm afraid the webadmin and the mergebots are running always on the server side. It shouldn't need to consume many extra resources. What are the specs of your server machine? Are you getting out of resources? Regards, Carlos.
  17. Hi, I'm testing with the last version ( I'm not sure if it's a version related issue. It would be great to schdule a meeting to debug your setup. c:\Users\carlos\wkspaces\myworkspace>cm fc --checkcontent . c:\Users\carlos\wkspaces\myworkspace\bar.bin c:\Users\carlos\wkspaces\myworkspace\foo.bin c:\Users\carlos\wkspaces\myworkspace>cm fc --checkcontent --onlychanged . c:\Users\carlos\wkspaces\myworkspace\foo.bin c:\Users\carlos\wkspaces\myworkspace>cm version Regards, Carlos.
  18. Hi, is it possible to run the plastic server on one machine and merge bots on another? I've found no mentions of it so far, but i believe it should be possible... We wish to switch to using bots for merges but are a bit hesitant about having extra services share the memory and process power on the server machine.
  19. Hi, I think this behaviour started after one of the last client updates. I'm not sure because we don't have the same version of the client installed on every machine and I'm the first one how noticed this problem. But I know some colleagues have this probleme, too. My client version is We want to move to the new .net core Version of the plastic server in a few days anyway. Do you think this could be related to the server version? If so, I think the best way is to check, if this happens after the update. Thank you for you help! I come back to you after the update and let you know if this happens again.
  20. Hi, I'm afraid I cannot reproduce. If I use "--onlychanged", it shows the items that are actually changed but not showing the checked out c:\Users\carlos\wkspaces\myworkspace>cm fc --checkcontent . c:\Users\carlos\wkspaces\myworkspace\bar.bin c:\Users\carlos\wkspaces\myworkspace\foo.bin c:\Users\carlos\wkspaces\myworkspace>cm fc --checkcontent --onlychanged . c:\Users\carlos\wkspaces\myworkspace\foo.bin What is your Plastic server and client version? Has this beahvior recently started to happen ? Can we arrange a meeting to review your setup? Regards, Carlos.
  21. I already checked this. I can see the changes in the diff. Here some screenshots: Pending changes in plastic client Output of checkcontent + onlychanged and checkcontent only (As you can see I will get all or nothing ) One of the changes in AddressableAssetSettings (this is the file with the changes): Physics.asset has no changes Undo unchanged changes in Plastic ("Check the content to determine file as changes, not just timestamp" is enabled) Pending changes after undoing unchanged setting So this means, the plastic client can find changes in the AddressableAssetSettings.asset file and does not find changes in Physics.asset. But I can't reproduce this behaviour with the command line tool. I get both as changed or both as unchanged. I hope this helps Thanks again!
  22. I'm not able to reproduce this behavior. If the file has actual changes it should appear in the output. Could you check if the file is actually changed or if just the timestamp is different but there is not real changes in the file? Regards, Carlos.
  23. Thank you for your answer. I already tried the --onlychanged parameter. But this gives me no return for both items (the one with changes and the one without changes which is just checked out). But if undo unchanged changes in Plastic client, the one without changes is undone. The background of this operation is, that we only want to make an automated process when there really are changes on specific files. So it's not only about the undo operation. I hope this clarifies, why we want this. The undo operation is not needed, but it is a nice side effect, if we could remove these items from pending changes.
  24. HI, cm fc --checkcontent --onlychanged -R . The "--onychanged" parameter will filter the checked out items items with no changes. Is this what you need? What item types would you want to show in the output? Could you clarify? What is your goal? I mean why you don't just run "cm unco --all" to undo all the changes? Regards, Carlos.
  25. Hello, we used the following command to find unchanged change in specific files/directories: cm fc --checkcontent -R %filepath% I know this command is deprecated, but I found no other possibility to do the same per command line. So today I found a problem: I have two binary files in my pending changes. One has changes the other one does not have changes (it's just a checkout). When check the files with the command above, both files have changes according to the output. When I undo unchanged changes in Plastic client, the file without changes is removed from pending changes. Because of this our automated process isn't working any more. I also tried this with a simple checkout of an object wich also gives me the path of the object as if there were changes. Do you have any idea what could be wrong? Thanks! Plastic Client Version:
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