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  2. Hi, This behavior is a core thing. In Plastic 3 (very old Plastic version) the merges were handled per file. It was a pain. In terms of performance and simplicity for the merge tracking the merges are currently handled per changeset (the changeset is the basic unit). I the following thread we also handled this topic: Regards, Carlos.
  3. Yep, it had git-repo-sync. I renamed that and now the sync is proceeding (though it's now complaining about branches with more than one head!), but at least we're past the initial issue, thanks!
  4. Hi, Could you check if the Plastic repository has a gitsync attribute? In that case, please also remove it (assuming you already removed the %appdata%/Local/plastic4/sync/git folder) in your local client machine. Regards, Carlos.
  5. You are right. But the cheapest solution in your scenario is to install the Cloud Edition in your devices and sync them asigned to the same cloud organization. Not exceeding three users, you will only pay for the cloud storage (when you exceed 5 GB)
  6. Hi, We're attempting to synchronise one of our repositories with git (in this case, an empty repo in gitlab). We've already successfully done another, and I've previously synced other plastic repos with git too, we're just having issues with this one. When starting the sync, we see this error: We did indeed originally synchronise a MergeBot repo from the github source, but it's not this repo (and not even this server - we migrated from one plastic server to another a while back). I've seen a similar issue before that essentially said to go to %appdata%/Local/plastic4/sync/git and remove the content there, but I've tried that and still see the same issue. My plastic client was also a bit out of date, but I've just updated to with no luck. Any thoughts on what to try next? Cheers, James
  7. Use cm switch "main/Unity 2020.1.1 Upgrade". This is more a shell thing than plastic command line issue as you probably figured out by now 🙂
  8. GUI will let me name a branch "Unity 2020.2.1 Upgrade", but the command line doesn't understand it. + cm switch main/Unity 2020.2.1 Upgrade [ERROR] main/Unity does not exist. -Edit Ah Nevermind. I think I just need quotes around it. Please delete.
  9. So I guess my only "free" option at this point would be to setup cloud edition on both machines and store my code in three places (one of which being offsite and limited to 5GB). I assume I could purchase a single Enterprise License for $262 a year (and upgrade my existing servers) to continue to work offline (within my own LAN), and of course I could interface that with a free cloud account if I wanted to have offsite repositories.
  10. Hello, Do you have Xlinks? Checking your working branch history, does it make sense that your workspace needs to run these merges and download so many files? The first step is to check where is your workspace pointing and if the update-merge operation actuallly needs to download such amount of files or not. If you have a paying subscription you can reach us at support@codicesoftware.com and we can even arrange a meeting. Regards, Carlos.
  11. I'm having a recurring issue when updating my workspace. The incoming changes show no conflicts, but then all the incoming files seem to get dumped into pending changes. This leaves me with a pending changes tab with tens of thousands of changed files, which should have just been a straight overwrite. I have attached a screen capture of the aftermath of a typical update. There are over 70,000 changes files in these merges - the workspace had three changed files in pending before updating. Attempting to undo changes or otherwise interact with my workspace after this will often break the workspace such that operations spin for a few hours then spontaneously fail. This is obviously a massive workflow issue as it takes me hours or days longer than normal to do any sort of update.
  12. Hi, I can see you are using a bit old Plastic version. Could you upgrade to the latest one and cehck if the issue is still reproducible? Regards, Carlos.
  13. Thank you Carlos! But this is a matter of UX (behind the scenes you can do anything you have to to comply requirements of your server). And it is still not clear why I can introduce new changes to the merge. I mean I can copy-paste old content of a file doing a manual revert, right? Why cannot you allow us to do the same thing in a straight forward way through undo?
  14. Hi Carlos Thanx for your help. so what about the pending changes? how can I make it work better and not miss some files that are modified? Hadar
  15. Hi, Sorry, macplastic is the equivalent for the GUI on macOS. The problem is you have a SSL certificate created for "AppServer". if you connect to the server via this server name instead of the IP, the warning message won't happen again. Regards, Carlos.
  16. Hi Carlos You understand correctly. The command to open the GUI that I use is gtkplastic what is macplastic? the issue appeared few times, I guess it can be reproduced. currently I checked in all the files I needed, and cm status does show correct status. BTW, when doing cm status I get this warning below. how can I avoid it? Thanx WARNING: the secure connection hostname provided in the server certificate doesn't match the server hostname. This means that the certificate was not issued to this hostname or that there is a network configuration problem with this host. - Certificate hostname: AppServer - Server hostname: If you want to continue connecting to this host, choose 'Yes'. The certificate validation will continue (not recommended). If you want to abandon the connection, choose 'No' (recommended). Choose an option (Y)es, (N)o (hitting Enter selects 'No'): Y
  17. Hi, Let me try to understand. The problem is the macplastic GUI is not finding you some pending to commit changes (even clicking on the refresh button)? After reopening the GUi do they appear? Is the issue easy to reproduce? Do this changes have somthing in common? We haven't been reported this issue in the past. I guess if you run the "cm status" command in your workspace, you are able to see all the pending to commit changes. Regards, Carlos.
  18. Hi, I guess you are renaming an Xlinked repository so when Plastic is trying to access to it via the parent repo it's not able to find it? You can delete and create the Xlink again but this time using the new repo name. Not sure if it helps. Regards, Carlos.
  19. Hi, Do you refer to Plastic Cloud authetication? At the moment, the users need to be registered at www.plasticscm.com (you can user your Unity ID) and we are working on supporting multifactor authetication soon. I'm afraid this is not currently supported but your feedback is very welcome. Is this a mandatory requirement in your team? Regards, Carlos.
  20. Hi, I am trying to rename a repository in Plastic SCM . After renaming if I try to access xlinked files I am getting "The specified repository could not be found error". Is there any possibility to get the repository renamed without facing any issue.If yes, how it can be achieved? Thanks, Shruti
  21. Hi, I saw that PlasticSCM is supporting LDAP but I couldn't find indication if you support SSO through SAML for enterprise integration with our IDP (Azure AAD)? Michel
  22. I have many files in pending changes tab.. I check in all of them, but actually there are more modified files. I don’t see them in the list, even after ‘refresh’ Only closing and reopening the GUI will make them seen in ‘pending changes’ list How can tis be fixed? using version on Centos OS. ( I think... uname -a gives: Linux ***************** 2.6.32-696.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Mar 21 19:29:05 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux ) Thanx
  23. Hi, In Plastic, the basic unit is the changeset (not the file). When you are running a merge, you are merging the whole changeset (not a subset of individual files). That's why you can't avoid to merge a specific file change during a merge. We do that to keep the merge tracking. Regards, Carlos.
  24. Why it is allowed to introduce new changes while merging but it is not allowed to undo existing changes from the source branch? Isn't it a non sense? I often want to revert some occasional changes while merging but I am lazy to switch branches for this.
  25. Hi, I'm afraid there is not such a feature in the VS plugin. But there is a "Undo unchanghed" option in the "Pending changes" view. Not sure if it may be useful for your workflow. Regards, Carlos.
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