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  2. If some reverts a file it only shows the CL number in bold that it's been reverted to in the file history. This is confusing and it should dhow the CL number as the operation does have a CL which you can see in the branch view. This makes it difficult to look through the history and see someone has done a reversion. It is also not entirely obvious that the reversion is going to stick when merged in from another branch. The same can be said for a subtractive merge. We have just had a case where so changes were being reverted when merging from main and we couldn't understand why. It turns out that someone had done an accidental subtractive merge in another branch and subbed it to main. When looking in the file in questions history that operation wasn't visible so it was really hard to track. Please can subtractive merges and revertions be listed with a CL number just like any other operation to make tracking down this sort of thing easier. Thanks, Stephen.
  3. Hi. I tried this, too, but now I am getting the error "Workspace info cannot be null" when I open the workspace in plastic UI (Saxon). How can I solve this? Update: I just found another info in this forum which outlines just the opposite approach (don't move the .plastic folder) Which guideline is correct and failsafe? Regards Frank
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  5. I run my Ubuntu screen at 200% because its a very hidpi screen. The plastic dialogs dont lay out properly in this mode. Example attached.
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  7. Nice. I never had an occasion to create a subrepo, that makes sense. Thanks! Regarding Jet...it sounds great for speed but I like the transparency and accessibility of SQL Server (being able to use TSQL). I've had minor issues in the past (regarding dangling workspaces when clients were removed without removing their workspaces) where directly modifying the data for a workspace in the SQL table fixed the problem (this was a few years ago). Not having the ability to query/modify Jet data could be an issue. At least with SQL I know that I have an extra layer of visibility into the underling storage system so that if anything goes wrong (corruption for example) and I don't have a recent enough backup for some reason (or a backup wouldn't help, like in my above problem) then I still can potentially fix the issue. The completely closed nature of Jet keeps me relying on my trusted SQL server. Do you have Jet tools (even command line would be fine) that allow for query/update capability if needed? Or do you publish the Jet structure/standard anywhere?
  8. Good day, I removed all permissions on one of my main branches by... stupidity. Including VIEW. On ALL USERS. This creates major problems in our project and I am at a loss on how to revert this. Is there any way to impose a high-level override on a repo in order to re-enable view on said branch? Thank you very much for the help. Edit: Found the solution. Made myself the owner instead of "ALL USERS" and then I could see the branch and reset the permissions. OUF.
  9. I see what you mean, but without "comment" in the format/output field, I have no way to either read the comments' contents or compare to any previous state.
  10. Hi, The problem may be that you need to re-run the merge operation from the "branch explorer" view in order top finish solving the merge conflicts and only at this point to you will be able to checkin your changes. If you do not find a workaround, please reach us at support@codicesoftware.com and we could arrange a GoToMeeting with you. Regards, Carlos.
  11. Hello Donald, We have a few resources where we explain this scenario and how and why Plastic is handling it this way: - "Conflicts during checkin – working on a single branch" section where we explain detail what is an update-merge operation in Plastic: https://www.plasticscm.com/book/#_conflicts_during_checkin_working_on_a_single_branch - Why checkin asks to update first? --> In this blog post, we start explaining what is merge tracking and why Plastic uses by default per-changeset merge tracking. It's very important you review the "Conflicts on main – why does new files come to my workspace?" section to properly understand this behavior http://blog.plasticscm.com/2018/02/why-checkin-asks-to-update-first.html Note that is blog post is a bit old and still mentions that Gluon is not able to handle merges. Please avoid this part as some months ago we improved Gluon to solve file conflicts. - What is the recommended workflow for binary files in conflict? If you are using Gluon, we recommend using locks. This way, you can avoid conflicts with not mergeable files (binary). https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide#Chapter7:Configuringexclusivecheckout(Lock) I know that some of these Plastic concepts are not trivial and I would like to offer you a GoToMeeting session where we can review and focus on your specific cases. You can reach us at support@codicesoftware.com to schedule it. Regards, Carlos.
  12. Hi Tomar, Checking the "cm find" guide: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/cmfind/plastic-scm-version-control-query-system-guide#Codereviews You can use "comment" in the filtering options for the query. Is this what you need, right? Regards, Carlos.
  13. Hi Carlos, The problem is, that this error also appears when I try to check all the changes I've made, not only a part of it. So, I don't know how to solve this, in the Branch Explorer the only option I have is to checkin the pending changes or undo te pending changes. Regards, Juan.
  14. Hi, We use Plastic SCM and Gluon with mostly binary Unreal Engine files: one machine in the studio runs SCM and the rest run Gluon. Several times we've had the same problem come up: SCM will claim that a merge (or branch) is required when checking in files, even when the changed files are not in any of the chagesets in the repository: On Monday, Machine A and machine B were in sync. On Tuesday, Machine A checks in a new version of file X using Gluon. On Wednesday, Machine B attempts to check in new versions of files Y and Z in SCM and we get a message that we need to merge files or make a new branch before we can check in! I have resorted to manually copying the changed files out of the project on the machine running SCM, doing an "undo", syncing the project and then copying the files back into the project!??? It seems inexplicable that Plastic SCM does not say which files are causing the conflicts when these message pop up or offer a simple way to resolve them (when in doubt, the files on machine B should take precedence, etc) -- I must be missing something obvious. Why would SCM be requiring a merge when there are no files in conflict as far as we know? (it would be super great if, when the "merge?" prompt comes up, Plastic listed the files that it thinks are out of sync. The last time I clicked "merge" to see what happens, it was super slow (binary files), file by file (no "skip all", etc) and gave me no better idea of why the merge was required in the first place. When it happened this evening, I made a new branch, which might be fine except now everyone in the studio using Gluon has to find the branch or I need to figure out how to make the merge work before they get to work... What is the recommended workflow for binary files in conflict? Should we branch and then merge the branch using "cherry pick"? Thanks for your help! -Donald Newlands
  15. Hey all, Been building a fun little tool to keep our small dev team apprised of code review events in on our discord server. Currently it's able to identify newly created code reviews, changes in status and changes in assignee. The one remaining function I'd really like to add is the addition of code review comments, but I cannot find any way to access these outside the full PlasticSCM GUI. Pretty much all the other functionality works using cm find review where ... Nothing in the "cm find" documentation suggests that looking up review comments is possible, but I'm wondering if anyone here has any ideas or knows anything that I don't. Also, this is on Plastic Cloud, so server-side triggers are not currently an option as far as I know.
  16. This is totally possible if you create "submodules" or simply repos inside repos. Try creating repo main, then main/subrepo and this will happen by default. That being said: we are recommending all our customers to move away from SQL-xxx into Jet, our ad-hoc highly optimized backend.
  17. At some point years ago in an early version of Plastic I seem to vaguely remember discussion of an undocumented ability to configure Plastic to use a single database on a server and use multiple schemas within that database for repository objects. But I can't seem to find any of that discussion in the forums anywhere. Is this possible? Could I, for example, have three separate repositories all using one SQL Server database but each using a different schema name in that database? This would greatly simplify database backup management for large numbers of repositories.
  18. I want to merge two repositories (or more) into a single repository without losing history of either repository, but have the full history of both available in the new repo. I have project1 and project2, each in their own repo (repo1 and repo2). Each project’s folder structure is set up the same—i.e. there’s a “/src” folder, a “/build” folder, etc in each. I want to bring each project (along with history) into a new repo where the /main will eventually (after some tweaking) have a folder structure such as: /project1/src /project1/build /project2/src /project2/build So, in Plastic I imagine doing this as follows: I’d like to have a new repo with a /main branch. And then create two child branches off that (called say “/main/repo1” and “/main/repo2”). And then on each of those child branches import the “/main” branch of each of the two repositories. This would let me have the full history of both on their own branches and then I could merge those two branches together after making changes to the folder structure in each so I could merge as above. However I can’t figure out how to do this in plastic. Attempting to “pull remote branch” or replicate a repo doesn’t work as desired in this case (I can’t sync a src repo to a specific branch in a target repo, at least not I am aware of). So first question, is there a way to synchronize an entire source repository to a specific child branch in a destination repository that I want to map as the main for the source repo? If so, how do I do that? Second question, if there’s no way to do that, then is there any other way to do what I want? I’m sure others have wanted to combine or split repositories over the years, how have you preserved history in that case?
  19. Hi, This message appears when you are trying to commit some changes but a merge operation is not finished. You can re-run the merge operation from the branch explorer to finish solving the conflicts or you can just undo the changes. If your pending to commit changes involve merge changes, you need to checkin all of them. You cannot partially only checkin some merge changes. Regards, Carlos.
  20. Hi, Thanks for reporting. Let me share with the team. I can also reproduce the issue. Regards, Carlos.
  21. Hi, I will try to push the task but I'm afraid it's not yet scheduled. Good to know that you at least found a workaround via GitServer. Regards, Carlos.
  22. Hello, this recalculation is somehow related to the Plastic plugin? I mean if you disable the Plastic integration, isn't it still happening? I think this hash recalculation... is directly handled by Unity when it considers necessary. We could open also a thread involving them to clarify. I think we haven't been reported a similar issue before. Are you evaluating Plastic? Regards, Carlos.
  23. Hi everyone! I´ve just started using plastic withe the integration for Unity and I´m having some issues. For some reason it takes 2 or 3 times longer when I open the project after a workspace update; I believe it's because it recalculates hashes and meta files, which should only occur during the first time someone opens the project. We also had some serious hangups and crashes with Substance textures. We´ve removed the ones we had (as we already were doing that for unrelated reasons) but some in our team have taken WAY TOO LONG discarding differences, updating their project to the last step of the project and starting Unity. Does anyone have any clue as to why this keeps happening? What might we be doing wrong?
  24. Sorry for this, I'll try to get this configured properly.
  25. Hi, When tried to update the workspace with new branch created, its showing me error "Could not find the part of the path C:\Users\xyz\AppData\Local\plastic4\issuetracker\hostname:8087\allrepos". The AppData folder was not present in the system when I looked into that path.
  26. Never mind. It works now using the version "master" Never the less a direct solution using the plastic plugin would be preferable since the git server would then be unessesary
  27. Performing extra refreshes (F5 or Shift-F5) does not make the chatbot re-appear. I will check again in a day or two, from the same workstation.
  28. This fellow keeps appearing for me, even though I dismiss it: Yesterday, the chatbot appeared when I visited both www.plasticscm.com and forum.plasticscm.com. I dismissed the chatbot by clicking the (X) symbol that appears when hovering over it. This replaced the chatbot with a conversation-bubble icon instead (both on www.plasticscm.com and forum.plasticscm.com). Today, when I arrived to work, I still had a browser tab open pointing to forum.plasticscm.com. I was still logged in since yesterday with my current forum user. When I clicked F5 to refresh the page, the chatbot re-appeared. Since the chatbot re-appears, it contributes negatively to my forum browsing experience. I will now dismiss the chatbot again.
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