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  2. Our organization uses LDAP to authenticate people to PlasticSCM. For our CI/CD servers, I have been looking into using a separate user. Ideally I would like it to be a user local to the PlasticSCM server rather than one from LDAP; since we use a Directory-as-a-Service provider for our LDAP configuration, each new user has an additional cost, so I'd like to not incur that cost if possible. I suspect that one cannot mix authentication modes as I've described, but I would like confirmation either way on this. Thanks for the help!
  3. After doing some testing this is a major issue for us. Our company is dedicated to using Jira.. but will only allow us to use Next-Gen projects. Using Classic projects is not even an option until the end of the year. It would be considerably better if you wrote a plug-in for Jira to accommodate Next-Gen projects.
  4. Hello, Could you let us know your specific needs? You just want to automatize the configuration of the Plastic server with some specific setting? Regards, Carlos.
  5. Sorry for the late response! I actually ended up getting it working - I don't quite remember what I was doing wrong, but I think it was a permissions issue with my groups.conf file. I was also able to roll out the change slowly so that it didn't cause too much of an issue for the other teams. I appreciate the response :).
  6. So my question still remains - how can I prove I can migrate from SQLite to JET when I do not have the facility to do so in the administration console
  7. Great! Thanks so much for sharing Regards, Carlos.
  8. That's not what I'm looking for, but I did eventually find it: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide#Serverconfiguration This section describes steps for using clconfigureserver . https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide#Authenticationconfiguration This section describes steps for using umtool . Unfortunately, some of these commands are interactive, making them unnecessarily difficult to script. It looks like I'll have to just reverse-engineer the HTTP API, or else the XML and other files, and write my own tools for Configuring Plastic Server.
  9. Last week
  10. When half-jokingly asking for HacknPlan support and integration, I was informed that writing issue tracker extensions isn't that complicated for PlasticSCM. I decided to look into it yesterday, and came up with something that I can work with. I was thinking that maybe there are others who could use it, so I put it up on GitHub. https://github.com/zment4/PlasticSCMHacknPlanExtension The code was written quite sloppily and HacknPlan Public API is in beta, so... just count it as "highly experimental" and be ready for things breaking. That said, work item retrieval, pending tasks and mark issue open works at least for me.
  11. Hi Mark, I'm afraid Code Review replication is not fully supported yet for distributed workflows. In order to have the metadata changes pushed to cloud you need to have a new changeset. You can also push/pull the branches without a syncview, and most of the metadata will be pushed with it. You can also create a centralized workspace to perform code reviews changes, as a workaround until replication is available. I understand this is not a great option, but it might solve your issues for the moment. Notice that you would have sort of a "dummy" changeset with just a code review. Best, Héber.
  12. We have plans to perform big changes in our cloud infraestructure and it should lead to a GitServer support for the cloud repos but I don't think it will happen in the near future. For now, I'm afraid you will need to use an o-premises server to use the GitServer feature. Sorry for the inconveniences, Carlos.
  13. Do you have a commertial license? If you reach us at support@codicesoftware.com, we can get connected and take a look. Regards, Carlos.
  14. @psantosl Can you provide an update on this topic? It's still a big drawback on our workflow using Plastic and often creates situations where work gets lost because the changes in another branch are not taken into account and are overwritten.
  15. I'd be very interested in GitServer for use in our cloud repo as well. @calbzam Any high level timeline as to where this feature falls in the roadmap?
  16. We've just started using plasticSCM for unity development with two developers and so far are generally loving it! we've run into an issue where I would make a comment on a code review, push the branch, then get a reply on that question that resolves the issue so after pulling again to see the reply, I want to delete original question, but after I delete it and push the branch, it does not get replciated on the other developers machine. the comment is still there after being deleted? is there any help someone can provide? maybe we've setup something wrong I'm not sure, but it seems like unexpected behaviour cheers
  17. It appears that I am the administrator/owner. All of the commands shown in --help either output the same error as the tube tab in the client does, or said that it failed to log in to my user. Status command says that the plastic scm server is not connected to plastic tube. I believe that the problem occurred when I changed the password for my plastic account, but trying to relogin with new password does nothing. Edit: thought it was worth mentioning that the password field is always filled with 32characters as default (when first opening plastic) for some reason. Erasing and logging in with actual password doesn't help.
  18. Hi again, I'm able to reproduce. Let me share with the team. Regards, Carlos.
  19. Hi! Thank you again for your continued support! I posted about this before but it's still very jarring for our team and is causing a lot of friction with some of our files. Basically, there are some configuration files & libraries etc. that need to be present, but customized/recompiled per-developer. We want to commit them to the repository as they DO need to be present in at least a "default" state, but then once downloaded, we want developers to not have to worry about committing them ever. This feels like a very reasonable and common use case, and one for which "hidden_changes.conf" is made for. However, when we switch branches/changelist (which is very often!), we get the following error-looking dialog for any files we are locally changing but that ARE in "hidden_changes.conf": Ideally, if a file is in "hidden_changes" it wouldn't cause such an error and not put up any dialog. (e.g. I know it's a different use case but files that are cloaked don't put up a dialog) If there are any concerns about communication at the very least it should be a more friendly dialog such as "the following files are marked as HIDDEN CHANGES and have been changed and will NOT be updated to the new change list". Thanks again, I hope that made sense (or if I am missing anything about the intended use case of hidden_changes?) and if a solution like this could be implemented. Francois
  20. I have no option to 'change storage'
  21. You can still use SQLite databases in Plastic v8. Anyway, we recommend you to migrate to Jet. SQLite databases shouldn't be used in production enviroments. If you currently have a Team server, you should be able to migrate to Jet via webadmin. If you are not able to do it, please let us know: https://plasticscmsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020837894-Migrate-to-Jet-backend When you install Plastic Cloud edition, by default your local server is configured to use Jet so if you previously migrated to databases to Jet, you can directly use them in your local Plastic server. Regards, Carlos.
  22. I currently have Team Edition using the legacy community edition licence . I don't really want to continue with our existing licence because a) I want to pay for your product and support its development. b) I want to move to the Cloud based licence. I recently upgraded from v5 to v8 and it looks like I am forced to use the JET backend. My current repositories are SQLite and the admin management console gives me no option to change (or migrate) the backend. My questions are: 1) Can we carry on using SQLite for the cloud based system local repositories? 2) If we have to use JET when using the Cloud then how can I *prove* that I can migrate from SQLite to JET before committing to use the Cloud?
  23. Hi, I just a fast test and the Tube seems to be up and running. Are you the Plastic server administrator? (right-click a repo --> Repository server permissions --> owner) Could you try the "cm tube --help" command? Regards, Carlos.
  24. @calbzam Are you able to reproduce the issue with the above detailed steps?
  25. In case it helps anyone, there's a flag --cutignored that can be combined with --ignored to filter out the contents below ignored directories, thereby simplifying the output. The following command gives a list that can be used directly in a FOR loop : cm status --ignored --cutignored --compact --short
  26. Hi there! This stumped us too. It seems this has still not been added to the documentation? We discovered by experimenting that the client-side triggers are not purely "client-side" but rather "server-provided client-executed trigger". Our first interpretation of the Triggers Guide was that we would need to setup a client-side trigger on each client machine, but we soon discovered that this led to *many* client-side triggers. ;D We then went back to the Triggers Guide and to our surprise we found no mention of this fact. This really has to be explained better! Best regards, Göran W.
  27. Hi, I'd say there is an error in the connection settings. Can you please write an e-mail to support@codicesoftware.com with the details of the issue and attach the server plastic.debug.log.txt ? Best, Héber.
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