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  2. Thanks Santos, Unfortunately, closing the GUI by script will probably make users complain Plastic is constantly "crashing ". Could you suggest other method for sharing a computer and Windows account between several users, assuming users may forget logging out their Plastic account after committing changes?
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  4. Hi, As you comment, I'm afraid the users will need to manually upgrade. The auto-upgrade feature will only work if the client and server version are not actually compatible. If they are compatible (7.0.16.X), I'm afraid that the auto-upgrade feature will not work. Regards, Carlos.
  5. Hi again, In order to restart your local macOS server: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide#Serverstartup sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.codicesoftware.plasticscm.server.plist sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.codicesoftware.plasticscm.server.plist After that, the lock should be released. Regards, Carlos.
  6. Helo, I have the same problem. I'd like to ask what is the purpose of this parameter "´╗┐ForceBuildNumberMatch" if it only blocks client from accessing and not starting the upgrade script? I suggest that the upgrade script will be started if the versions are different. In other case it make no sense to set this. User must then manually search for correct version and install it on his own. Mariusz
  7. Hello Carlos, I deleted the git configuration from my plastic4 directory and was able to get the https link to my repository working with BitBucket using my normal Atlassian credentials. I must have had something wrong in my previous configuration. Thank you for the help!
  8. Hi Carlos, thanks for the follow-up. Unfortunately the operation still fails with the same error today. I'm on OSX so I don't know what the equivalent of restarting the server would be. But I am using the cloud edition. (As a suggestion, would it be possible in a future version to warn the user on quit when an operation is pending? Or even better, finish up / cancel and release the locks before quitting? I did a normal Quit operation, not a Force Quit, so from a UX point of view, I didn't expect to be causing any issue).
  9. Hi, We were not reported false positive issues specifically with Bitdefender in the past. We are going to report it to Bitdefender guys. We would appreciate if you do the same in the following link: https://www.bitdefender.com/support/what-to-do-when-bitdefender-detected-a-clean-file-as-infected-(false-positive)-851.html Regards, Carlos.
  10. Hi, We don't allow to do that, but it is certainly doable removing the creds entry from client.conf. Maybe you can create a small script that removes that config part every few minutes. BUT, you'd have to close the GUI. Makes sense?
  11. Hi, so I copied all data from E:\ to E:\jet and changed the jet.conf file. No Plastic starts without problems. So it seems like only Drive Letter as path is not working with newer Plastic versions. Can an admin mark this thread as solved, please? Thanks for your help! Thomas
  12. Is there a a way to force user/password check on every check-in (or even better, on every operation)? Alternatively, is there a way to set a timeout on user/password check, so it will be required to log in again every 5 minutes? We've got a common computer in our lab used by several people and we need a way to automatically ensure each user uses its own account for check-in operation.
  13. Sorry for the delay. I haven't used Plastic with Visual Studio nor upgraded since I installed Plastic. I haven't been getting this issue in the past 2 months, but I didn't do anything of note to fix it. One thing that has changed is the team's server was apparently locked by Plastic at one point for some reason, and we got it lifted. I'm not sure if that is related or not.
  14. Hi all. I'm using Bitdefender Total Security on my Windows 10 PC. In the last few weeks it kept on detecting Plastic components as virus or malware and in the progress of "cleaning" my pc, broke the installation. I even downgraded to an older version of Plastic, which helped for a short while, but now it's detecting other components. I'm using Plastic Cloud version. Has someone else encountered the same problem? Maybe even with other antivirus software. And can someone please help me resolve this issue? Right now this seriously impacts my work. I can't just add the whole installation folder to the ignore list of bitdefender. Detected files: Detected as "Atc4.Detection": [In version] - [InstalDir]\server\plasticd.exe - [InstalDir]\server\sql2jet-blobs-migrator.exe - [InstalDir]\server\servercommon.dll - [InstalDir]\server\repositoryserver.dll Detected as "Gen:Variant.Ursu.528304": [In version] - [InstalDir]\client\gtkgluon.exe Best regards Jasper E.
  15. Hi, If you restart your local Plastic server ("Plastic Server 6" under Windows services), is the issue still reproducible?The items may be locked for a few minutes due to this uncontrolled quit operation. Is the issue still reproducible today? In that case, we can try to manually release the lock in the cloud server. Regards, Carlos.
  16. Hi, thank you for your fast answer. Yes, we are paying customers, but at this point the issue is not urgent, because our current setup is running. Our jet.config contains this: basepath=E:\ prefix= suffix= maxcachedtrees=50 datafilesize=4 I thought about the "short" path with only the driveletter could be the problem, but wanted to wait for you answer. I will try to move the repository files. Regards Thomas
  17. Hi, I'm stuck and unable to pull a branch from the cloud. What happened: Tried to pull all branches At introducing data stage, Plastic seemingly got stuck at 96% (even though it was a minor changeset) Quit Plastic (Cmd+Q) Reopened Plastic Tried to pull from the branch that never finished I now get the error message in the title: An error occurred during the replication: The object is currently locked. Try later. RepId: 2 CsetInReplica:0db59347-726b-422c-bf68-c416c78ebc8c. I can't seem to find any way to recover from this. Recreating the entire project from scratch is something I'd want to avoid, as it's multiple GB in terms of size. Please advise!
  18. Hi, are you paying customer? In that case, please reach us at support@codicesoftware.com so we can always assist you faster and even arrange a meeting session.Could you attach your "jet.conf"?Are your Jet databases stored at E:\? Could you create an "e:\jet" folder, move all the databases ("repositories", "rep_1", "rep_2"...) to the new location and edit the basepath in the "jet.conf" to the new location? You can check in the following link how to edit the jet database path: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide#ConfigurePlasticSCMwithJet Finally, after editing the basepath, restart the Plastic server service and check if the issue persist.According to the error, it seems to be a problem with the path when the server tries to reach the databases. PD: If the issue is urgent, you can reach us at support@codicesoftware.comRegards,Carlos.
  19. We are using Plastic SCM Server at the moment but we want to upgrade to a newer version. But after every version that we install (tried and multiple 8.0.X releases, the last one I tried was the plastic server service can't be started. The plastic.debu.log.txt says: 2019-07-12 17:32:55,536 Main-1 INFO Daemon - Initialize Datalayer 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - JET SETTINGS: 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - basepath=E:\ 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - prefix= 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - suffix= 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - maxcachedtrees=50 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - datafilesize=4294967296 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - highperf=True 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 INFO DatalayerFs.FsConfParser - cleaningtemppath=C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 FATAL Daemon - Value cannot be null. Parameter name: path1 2019-07-12 17:32:55,552 Main-1 DEBUG Daemon - Value cannot be null. Parameter name: path1 at System.IO.Path.Combine(String path1, String path2) at Codice.CM.Server.ShareFolder.BuildFromJetPath(String jetPath, String prefix, String suffix) at DatalayerFs.FsDatalayer.Build(FsConf config) at Codice.CM.Data.Datalayer.Initialize() at akn.a(aas A_0) at akn.a(String[] A_0) I'm not really sure what's the problem here. As you can see the basepath is set (and all these settings are working with version Do you have any idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance! Thomas
  20. I deleted the client.conf file from this folder: PlasticSCM5\client\config_samples, but when I try open plasticSCM unfortunately I get the same error.
  21. You can remove/backup the file and when re-opening the GUI, a new clean "client.conf" will be created. Regards, Carlos.
  22. Thank you for the answer, I attach client.conf file. How can I re-configure the client? client.conf
  23. this issue is normally triggered by a lack of disk space when saving some changes. If you attach your file, we can try to fix it. Otherwise, you can remove/backup the file and re-configure the client again. It will automatically create a new "client.conf". Regards, Carlos.
  24. I have the same error, maybe someone know how to solve this problem?
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