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  2. Thanks for that link. For future google searches, the exact link to the example is here: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/triggers/plastic-scm-version-control-triggers-guide#Trigger_Sample_Checkin_Comments @Héber, does ruby come installed with PlasticSCM? We can't install ruby on client machines, I'm not sure if that example would actually work on all the machines. Is there a generic variant or does ruby work with all Plastic installs? We can install ruby on our server if there is a server-trigger that would work for the same purposes.
  3. Does PlasticSCM have an option to enforce, require, or auto-convert line endings upon checkin? We have non-technical folks using tools that generate files with mixed line endings that we want to strip out on an automated basis. At the very least, we'd like to block checkins that have mixed line endings.
  4. Hi, It's a bit strange. The files should have a different hash to appear in the list. Is it possible that you have some configuration in the editor (eg: Ignore whitespaces...) so the changes are not appearing even when the files are different. Regards, Carlos.
  5. Hi @gweronimo Please let us know if you are still having problems with your script output, or if Carlos's workaround helped you out. Thanks, Gwyn
  6. Hello I'm working on a unity project that tends to update files without changing them. For this reason I always work with "Check the content to determine files as changed, not just timestamp". For the most part it is working as intended, but sometime some file will still be added to the pending changes, as seen in the picture below. Is it a bug or is there more to it? Thanks
  7. Hello @manu, just curious on any update for this? We had very useful server side commit triggers for our local plastic server. We moved to the cloud repo a couple of months ago and are missing those utilities. We would love to see server side triggers (even just the server side commit triggers) in the cloud! Or an equivalent to allow for emails/slack posts/etc upon commit. Thanks!
  8. Hi, you should be aware that GitSync (synchronization directly between a Git repo and a Plastic repo) has some surprising limitations: , For your use case, GitServer (allows you to use a Git client to work against a Plastic repo) sounds more like what you want to use. I haven't tried it myself. You may however find that you are happy working directly with the Plastic SCM client. You get light-weight branches, you get a reasonable GUI client, you get good diff views, you get a good history view. People who want to rewrite their commit history before pushing may find Plastic limiting. Personally I'm happy with Plastic's model; strong GUI client + lightweight branches covers most of my (and my colleagues') needs. There are indeed locks. Be aware that Plastic doesn't support travelling locks yet ( https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general/suggestions/37148053-go-ahead-and-implement-traveling-locks ) but as long as your artists stay on /main all the time and work "mostly like P4" they should be good. Our art staff use branches, do not use locking, and manage to avoid stepping on each others toes for the most part... but it is not for everyone. We keep dumping stuff into Plastic Cloud perpetually, and haven't really considered doing anything else, because the pricing for extra GBs of cloud storage (https://www.plasticscm.com/cloud/pricing) is relatively cheap for a commercial operation. How much space do we use? I don't know, 300-500GB I guess?
  9. Hi, - Could you enable the "cm" log and attach it? https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/technical-articles/kb-enabling-logging-for-plastic-scm-part-i - Does the issue persist if you sync your Plastic repo agains a clean new git repo? - Does your Plastic repo incude big binary files? Regards, Carlos.
  10. Hi, It seems to be a problem with your workspace. 1) Undoing the local changes doesn't fix the problem? 2) If you create a clean new workspace, does the issue persist? You can also reach us at support@codicesoftware.com and we can arrange a meeting to review it. Regards, Carlos.
  11. Sorry, the slack link was: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2015/01/integrating-plastic-scm-with-slack.html At the moment, webhooks (or any trigger) are not available for Plastic Clodu but they wil be available very soon. We are working very hard our new cloud2 insfraestructure (most probably availñable in the following weeks). For now, I'm afraid you will need to install an on-premises server to use triggers and the GitSerevr feature. Regards, Carlos.
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  13. Same problem here, trying to GitSync Gitlab project repository with Plastic Cloud...
  14. Hello awesome people, I'm an artist and new to this Plastic Gluon. I recently installed Plastic Gluon to co op with my team around the world. Thing is I'm not able to sync and update the project files with my team. That error keeps coming and don't update files in my local. sorry if that's too much noob question. Please help.
  15. Ooh, that's GREAT to know! I hadn't tried clicking one of them while having them selected. So glad to know this already works! It'll save me a ton of time. Thanks so much for sharing.
  16. How do you configure the plugins without having any access to the remote Plastic Cloud server/repo ?
  17. Hi calbzam, Thanks for your response. You posted the same link twice. I saw the SlackPlug but, I don't quite get it. There is no entry point for Plastic Cloud. It seems impossible to do webhooks or anything like this. I also checked the plastic triggers, but once again, we have no access to Plastic Cloud Server so any manipulation is undoable. Can we use triggers on Plastic Cloud ? Am I wrong or can we access Plastic Cloud server in any way ? Best
  18. Hi, - Plastic includes their own code review system. We have our own plugins for the main CI: TeamCity, Jenkins, Bamboo... and also we have plugins for JIRA and some other issue trackers: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/extensions/plastic-scm-version-control-task-and-issue-tracking-guide - We also have s solution to integrate with slack (but not with Discord): https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/extensions/plastic-scm-version-control-task-and-issue-tracking-guide - We have multple customers that use GitServer feature so they can use all the plugins/integrations available for git also in Plastic: https://www.plasticscm.com/gitserver Every Plastic SCM server can now serve repositories using the Git protocol (git and http supported). This means that every Git client can push/pull to a Plastic SCM server directly. Any tool in the Git ecosystem can now be directly used to connect to Plastic SCM using their native Git functionalities. Teams on Plastic can now benefit from all the DevOps, CI, and project management integrations developed for Git. You can now directly connect the following examples with Plastic: JIRA, Bamboo, FishEye, CodeCollaborator and many more. GitServer is the server side counterpart of GitSync (which allows every Plastic SCM client to push/pull to a git server) and closes the Git interoperability loop. - The problem is GitServer is not currently supported in Plastic Cloud. In order to use it, you would need to use a Plastic on-premises server. Best regards, Carlos.
  19. Hi, My guess is some items may be filtered in your "Pending changes" view so when you were trying to checkin/undo changes you were getting this error. If something similar happens again, you can try via console: cm checkin --all cm unco --all Regards, Carlos.
  20. Hi, I explained how the cherry-pick works. More information in the following link: https://www.plasticscm.com/book/#_cherry_pick_a_changeset But you report this is not the behavior you are seeing, Tha'ts why I was recommending a meeting to evaluate your specific scenario and then we can update the post with the results. regards, Carlos.
  21. Hi, After debugging the issue in detail: We are hitting the stdout buffer limit of 4096 bytes because the output is not being sent anywhere. This can be seen by using this trigger script: @ECHO OFF FOR /L %%n IN (0,1,127) DO (ECHO 123456789012345678901234567890) It writes 32 bytes for each iteration. 127 iterations = 4064 bytes, fine 128 iterations = 4096 bytes -> HANG Redirecting the output to somewhere "solves" the issue. Would it be a workaround for you? Best regards, Carlos.
  22. I solved my problem by deleting all files in ".plastic" folder except "plastic.selector" and "plastic.workspace", then tried to do merge again and everything went as expected and without any issue.
  23. I merged from main branch to task branch, did multiple changes and then tried to merge back to main branch. However if I try to Checkin, I get following error: "Cannot perform the checkin operation. All merge changes must be checked in together to ensure that the merge traceability is correctly stored. Please repeat the operation including all merge changes." If I try to Undo changes, I get following error: "Cannot perform the undo operation. All merge changes must be undone together. Please repeat the operation including all or none of its changes." Currently, I am unable to checkin, undo or even switch branch. All files affected by the merge process are selected to be merged. No files have pending changes. What have I done incorrectly or what should I do to be able to checkin the merge, or revert and do things correctly? Thanks
  24. You can do it with the current UI: First, use click + shift-click to mark a range of files. (You get a blue box type mark over each of the marked files.) Then, click in the checked/unchecked-boxes next to one of the marked files. All files the marked files will change their checked/unchecked-status to match that of the file whose checked/unchecked-box you just changed.
  25. Why can't we solve it here so the solution is visible to other users and gets indexed to be easly find via internet browsers? I see no benefit of connecting since I cannot allow you to review my server anyway. Cheers, Robert
  26. I searched around but couldn't find a solution for this: is there a way to select a range of items in the Pending Changes view and toggle just the selected items on/off (checked/unchecked)? I see the Check All/Uncheck All, but often there is a VERY large number of items (in the hundreds and sometimes thousands), usually added items, some of which I want to include, some of which I want to wait to decide later, and it is EXTREMELY labor intensive to cherry-pick them by selecting individual items. It would be great if I could just select a range, the same as I can do when, say, undoing a bunch of changes, but have an option to toggle on/off just the items currently selected. If checking/unchecking a folder automatically checked/unchecked its child contents, that would be useful too. But probably the easiest thing to both work with and implement would be just toggling the selected items. Thanks!
  27. Carlos, you misunderstand me. What you describe above makes total sense. However, my situation is different: I never change any files that belong to the Xlinked repo, yet Plastic (sometimes, not always) creates commits within the xlinked repo. This seems to happen either in none of the xlinked repos, or in all 5 xlinked repos - never 1,2,3 or 4 of them. I do not have a good repro case for this either; I suspect it is something that happens when many people are working concurrently (and make good use of branches) within the same main repository. Perhaps our main repo and/or sub-repos have ended up in a bad state? I do not know.
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