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    Hi David, First, thank you for taking the time to compile all this great feedback. I'm the CTO here at Plastic, so let me share with you some of the designs we have for the upcoming Code Review system. Our plan was to implement it last year, but we got swamped by a ton of other smaller but still important things. First let me share what we consider the keys of the new code review system: I'm copy/pasting from internal docu :-) And this is how the overall design of the review window and its elements look like. The key elements for Code Review are: Comments are now together with the diff (on a side panel). Comments have replies, so you can handle threads there. The key is that you can "ask questions" and "ask for changes". And then it is very easy to track if those questions were answered or if the actual changes where made, which is one of the things you wanted to see. How? You'll type a special comment with a mark saying it is a change request. Then it will be very easy to track if the change or question was answered, and double clicking will show you the right diff: When you checkin, you'll be able to select (or using a comment) the "change" you are addressing: Finally, we'll have a conversation tab, to discuss general things outside the diffs themselves: And you can review changeset by changeset too, not only entire branches, which is great IMO: The last thing will be "review scripts": And that's just the beginning. So, in summary: we have put together a bunch of ideas thanks to all the feedback we got and our own practice of code reviews. Now it is a matter of finding the time to implement this in an incremental way. We want to finish some key changes on the server, which will enable the next Cloud version (and also key for some huge customers we have with 3000+ seats). And we also have to improve the single branch workflow for developers on game teams... so it is not yet decided when Reviews are going to happen. pablo
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    Hi Joseph,- There is a "/Users/YourUsers/.plastic4/cryptedservers.conf" file where the encryption is configured in the client side.If you rename/remove this file, the next time you run an update pointing to an encrypted repo, you should be requested to enter the key again.- There is a "/Application/PlasticSCMServer.app/Contents/MonoBundle/cryptedservers.conf" where the encryption is configured in the server side (for replica operations).If you rename/remove this file, the next time you run a replica from an encrypted repo, you should be requested to enter the key again.Note: If you encrypted some data with a specific password in the past, you will need to use the same password to decrypt the data now.Regards,Carlos.