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    I finally found my error in the directory name containing the allrepos/jira.conf... sorry for the inconvience... It works now ! Stéphane
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    Hi, If you explicitly deny the permissions for all the repos at the server level, you need to use: 4. Override both, check allowed and uncheck denied (example view) NOTE: If the permissions are denied, it will always prevail. If the permissions are not explicitly allowed, the operation won't be allowed. What you can also do is: - Neither allow nor deny the permissions at the server level and then allow the permissions at the repo level (only for the desired repos). This way, you won't need to overwrite permissions and the result will be the same. Regards, Carlos.
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    Hi, By default, the permissions defined at the server level are inheritted to the repos. This way, you can define a template to be applyed in all of them. If any specific repo require custom permissions, you will need to manually configure the permissions in these repos one by one. In the security guide we explain some user cases: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/security/plastic-scm-version-control-security-guide Note that you can set the permissions neither allowed nor denied at the server level and then explicitly allow them in the repository level for some specific repos. Regards, Carlos.
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    Hi, Finally I resolved the issue I've created a plastic workspace on the server that manage all trigger's scripts The problem was, that in the same folder the script run (and tried to do cm branch delete) there is the .plastic folder of the workspace, and it was not owned by plasticscm user, which run the scripts, thus the scripts kept failing. Once I changed the ownership of .plastic directory, script is working like a magic. .plastic is a hidden folder, so it took some time to figure that out.
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    Thanks Carlos. For the sake of Linux users (we are in Linux topic 😉 ) need to copy the client.conf to: /opt/plasticscm5/client/client.conf Ofir
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    (quote trimmed) This does help, and I thank you. I think I have the information I need to move forward, and I'll take the legal discussion to the other venue as requested by Francisco. You've answered all the technical/account questions I had, and I appreciate the thorough coverage of the issues. The command line account-switching technique you use will probably work for me as well, and I will go re-read the applicable documentation now that you've given me a better contextual framework to interpret what I'm reading. I am not at all averse to RTFMing, but sometimes "the documentation makes more sense once you understand the software", as they say. Have an excellent day!
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    A new coworker of mine had this problem too. They had the wrong encryption key. Everything is starting to work correctly after we entered the correct encryption key.
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    This is one of most missed features in Plastic. I need to know when a particular version arrives in a specific branch. It is often not important, when it was changed originally, but is vital to know if that very change is part of a given release changeset. And sorry - pointing to the 2d graph is not a solution. It is "PITA" to follow dozends of merges until to find if the merges might have hit my branch or not.
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