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    Hey, just thought I'd say thanks to the devs and support team for the good job you guys are doing. Plastic has been easy to use for the most part and the support team has always been quick to reply when I've had questions. Keep up the good work! (This message was not paid for)
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    Thanks Carlos, I think you might be right. I changed the preference and based on a few spot checks, the problem seems to go away. I should have thought of that! I guess checking the hash is slightly slower but it doesn't seem to matter for our repo size.
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    If you are using the console, you should be able to run the following Plastic commamnd: cm undelete --help Undeletes an item using a specific revision. Usage: cm undelete revspec path revspec Specification of the revision whose contents will be loaded in the workspace. path Restore path. Remarks: The item to undelete should not be already loaded in the workspace. The undelete operation is not supported for xlinks. Example: cm undelete revid:756 C:\mywks\src\foo.c cm undelete itemid:68#cs:2 C:\mywks\dir\myfile.pdf cm undelete serverpath:/src#br:/main C:\mywks\Dir Regards, Carlos.
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    Thanks, that was very informative! I really appreciate your response time. I removed some of the temp files and the mappings and I could start the server like this. Works great, thanks a million!
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    This is the first time we see this porblem so far. We will try to schedule a task to protect this scenario but most probably it won't be avilable for the near future. Regards, Carlos.
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    Hello Carlos, Thank you for listening to your customers' feedback! This is great and hopefully makes Plastic better. Cheers, Francois
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    Hi, You can also use the "cm replicate" command to just replicate the specific branch. If you are using the sync view, you can play with the text filter and the exclusing all the branches you don't want to sync. For excluding the branches, you should be able to also manually edit the configuration file (instead of doing it via GUI). Not sure if it helps. Regards, Carlos.
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    bump, I just ran into this for lots of files, quite painful
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