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    Hey, just thought I'd say thanks to the devs and support team for the good job you guys are doing. Plastic has been easy to use for the most part and the support team has always been quick to reply when I've had questions. Keep up the good work! (This message was not paid for)
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    It is now in 'Developer settings' (settings -> developer settings -> personal access token -> generate new token), but the solution is still working 5 years later ;-). Thank a lot ! https://help.github.com/en/github/authenticating-to-github/creating-a-personal-access-token-for-the-command-line
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    Hi, when there will be a plugin for WebStorm? IMHO it can't be much work because WebStorm is based on IntelliJ IDEA. Asking greetings Reiner
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    Hi all, Delphi support is the top 5 request in our User Voice: Delphi support in SemanticMerge. So we're eager to add Object Pascal to the list of supported languages. In order to do so we’ve developed a way to plug-in external parsers, so if you can develop a Delphi language parser it will be very simple to get it invoked from Semantic. If you’re interested on joining our “Delphi Parser” effort, please join this thread and we will send you the required tools. Right now all what plugin a parser requires is: * Create an standalone executable. * Able to receive some data as arguments. * And able to export the "tree" of the file in YAML format. Of course you'll need all the details but this is just an intro of what it takes. We've also developed tools to help testing the parsers, like a "directory parser" which will loop through a code tree parsing (invoking your parser) and then rebuilding the source file making sure the original and the regenerated ones match. We're eager to get this started! pablo
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    I've been using - Brighton as a hermit developer on a single workspace for about a year now and recently had to refactor my PC drives and network mapping. The drives on my PC have changed and I would like to change the location of the workspace path. I searched the knowledge base and the forum and didn't see any posts on this subject, but perhaps I'm not searching for the correct terms. Anyhow, I would like to keep the current changeset history but redirect the workspace path. For example: from - F:\MyApps to - G:\Network\MyApplications Thanks -
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    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me here to relink my repository and possibly explain how this has occurred. The plastic server has been running fine for over a year with no issues. Today however it has lost our main repository, to be clear all other repositories are still listed in the list of Repositories except our main one. I've had a quick nose around the sql databases and the repositories database repository table also has no entry for our missing repository! There is however a rep_2 database which appears to be our repository. So is there a way I can relink this database into plastic? And any idea how this could have occurred? Any logs I should look at etc... Many many thanks for any pointers.... I'm using version of the plastic server with a MySQL backend.
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    Hello, Currently running, I have questions about shelves. Most of the time (but not always), once a shelf is applied, doing a diff on any of the files contained in the shelf (through the "pending changes" window) report "files are identical" - and that's true, since the file hasn't changed since the shelf was applied. However, what I want to see is the changes since the last changeset in the branch. Once in a while, I get "my" expected behavior. I tend to be really quick on undoing changes on non-modified files, and I'm afraid this will bite me really soon. Similarly, once a shelf is applied in my working directory but not yet checked-in, if I delete the shelf, the diff operation will fail ("an error occurred processing your request") which I somehow expect given the previoius observation - but again, not "my" desired behavior. I'va also noticed than when shelves are applied, files are checked-out, altough I'm not using that model. Is this all due to a configuration option I missed? I'll be upgrading to build 426 soon, but I guess that if this is fixed between those two versions, it's a well-known issue, and someone is likely to be able to point me to a recent public discussions. Thanks, Jean-Marc
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    Hi I have coupple of request for client improvements: 1) In the list of repositories it would be nice if there was an indicator of workspaces behind in updates (so are not working on the tip). I'm currently working on two places and using sync to synchronize, but besides syncing i also need to set the workspace to the most recent version before starting to work on it. It would be handy if i could see what project need this kind of attention without opening branch explorers for all of them. 2) Activate a workspace when double clicking them (maybe optional) but right-clicking all the time is not that easy to do. and bad for RSI. 3) I would like to see a view with full comments like typed in in the changeset view or in a report vreated from it with multi-line comments (not flattend to a single line). I normally use a (numbered) bullet style. So i would like to see a kind of changelog with changeset numbers, labels and full multi-line comments. Just a exportable report would be fine too. 4) Have an option for some basic formatting in the chec-in comment dialog (bulltets or numbers). 5) Get a warning if you try to close the check-in dialog without checking-in something when there are changes. The current check-in button is far from intuiitive and the current close button is where i would expect the check-in button. The close button should perhaps be named cancel. regards Wim van der Vegt
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    Hi John, Are you using a WiFi connection? We have seen this error in the past and it comes due to some network issues. Probably using a different network or a wired connection will let you perform the whole checkin. That's why you were able to submit them one by one. Best, Héber.
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    Hi, I have been testing how well Plastic SCM's Jira integration works with Jira Cloud and Jira's Next-Gen projects. Here is what I have so far: * Configuring the Jira integration using the Plastic UI behaved weirdly: If I went into Preferences / Issuetrackers and configured a Jira integration and pressed OK, the configuration would be active, there would be a jira.conf file written to my harddrive, but if I opened up Preferences / Issuetrackers again I would not see the currently-active configuration in the GUI. Solution: Configure once (to get a jira.conf file), then proceed from there by modifying the jira.conf file manually. * For Jira Cloud, the 'username / password' should be an email address / an API token. * It is reasonably straightforward to set up Plastic SCM to be able to create branches from issues. This works fine with Next-Gen projects. * When creating a custom field for Plastic SCM information, it is difficult to find the ID of the custom field in a Next-Gen project. I needed to talk directly to Jira's REST API to find it. * Plastic SCM cannot write information about check-ins to Jira issues in Next-Gen projects. This is because Next-Gen projects do not yet support Text (multi-line) fields; the only text field that is available currently is Text (single-line), which is limited to max 255 chars in length; this is not sufficient for a single entry from Plastic SCM. This is the kind of error that you will see in the log if you try this: ERROR jiraextensionrest - There was a problem putting to '/rest/api/2/issue/JIR-8': The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. ERROR jiraextensionrest - Response from the server: {"errorMessages":[],"errors":{"customfield_10105":"The entered text is too long. It exceeds the allowed limit of 255 characters."}} * Plastic SCM can transition JIRA ticket statuses based on commit message keywords. This is easy to set up and works with Next-Gen projects. * There are some recurring error messages in the logs, but I don't know what impact they have: ERROR jiraextensionrest - There was a problem getting '/rest/api/2/mypreferences': The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. ERROR jiraextensionrest - Response from the server: {"errorMessages":["key not found: 'plastic.diffchangeset.url'"],"errors":{}} ERROR jiraextensionrest - There was a problem getting '/rest/api/2/mypreferences': The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. ERROR jiraextensionrest - Response from the server: {"errorMessages":["key not found: 'plastic.formatdata'"],"errors":{}} Another observation: In the "Create new child branch from task" dialog, the "Mark as open in issue tracker" checkbox is cleared by default, its setting is not remembered between multiple branch creations, and the Plastic admin cannot control this centrally. I'm not sure that this is the default that you want. I also suspect that the default of this setting would be useful to have in <issuetracker>.conf. From here on, we will either transition to Jira Classsic projects (so that we can enable Plastic SCM to write check-in information to the issues), or we will not use the Plastic-Jira integration.
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    Use DateTime.ParseExact.- Converts the specified string representation of a date and time to its DateTime equivalent using the specified format and culture-specific format information. The format of the string representation must match the specified format exactly. ParseExact and TryParseExact allows to use a custom format string. DateTime date = DateTime.ParseExact(strDate, "dd/MM/yyyy", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); The IFormatProvider parameter specifies the culture to use to parse the date. Unless your string comes from the user, you should pass CultureInfo.InvariantCulture. If the string does come from the user, you should pass CultureInfo.CurrentCulture, which will use the settings that the user specified in Regional Options in Control Panel.
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    I shared this request with the team. We already internally commented some improvements about how the user can fine tune the move detections performed by Plastic. It would be a nicefeature but I'm afraid it's not scheduled for the near future. Regards, Carlos.
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    Although you're past your issue, I figure I might as well mention this for anybody else that comes across this thread looking for a solution in a similar situation: in a scenario where you have hundreds of moves, the least-effort solution is probably to check-in the moves that were correct, then turn off auto-detect and check-in the other ones in a separate changeset. While it might sound messy to have two commits where you could have one, ideally, these moves are being performed on a task-branch, so you would still have a single commit on your main-line. Of course, this is still a work-around. While I can understand from a software architecture perspective why Plastic does not allow you to selectively undo auto-moves (because the auto-moves are transient), it would be much better if Plastic SCM allowed auto-moves to be "staged" (or "locked-in"), just like how you can change items from Private to Added.
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    As i said earlier - i solved my problem by defining 2 different libraries in Jenkins Settings. I'm ok with this workaround. So we can close this topic In case, you want to investigate this further: version selection doesn't work as they propose in the previous link for legacy SCM. I tested it with: - Plastic - returns errors in selector - Github (legacy SCM) - just checksout latest changeset (regardless of brunch) I didn't find any references to someone using library versions on legacy SCM and decided that this is a Jenkins bug, but i didn't created issue on their bug tracker
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    Sorry I forgot to mention on the archive command: - I'm afraid there is not currently a way to repack the data to reduce the total Jet database size after archiving the content. So at the moment this feature is not useful reduce the actual size of the Jet databases (it could be helpful with MySQL databases, for instance). - We internally did't run test with symlinks for the Jet databases.I would avoid it if possible. Even with that, I just run a fast test using a Windows junction for the Jet database and it seems to properly work. Regards, Carlos.
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    That worked, thanks! Automated Unity CI is nearly done. Phew.
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    Never mind, i decided not to use this plugin. Shared libraries work fine with Plastic!
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    Thanks Carlos, I think you might be right. I changed the preference and based on a few spot checks, the problem seems to go away. I should have thought of that! I guess checking the hash is slightly slower but it doesn't seem to matter for our repo size.
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    If you are using the console, you should be able to run the following Plastic commamnd: cm undelete --help Undeletes an item using a specific revision. Usage: cm undelete revspec path revspec Specification of the revision whose contents will be loaded in the workspace. path Restore path. Remarks: The item to undelete should not be already loaded in the workspace. The undelete operation is not supported for xlinks. Example: cm undelete revid:756 C:\mywks\src\foo.c cm undelete itemid:68#cs:2 C:\mywks\dir\myfile.pdf cm undelete serverpath:/src#br:/main C:\mywks\Dir Regards, Carlos.
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    This is the first time we see this porblem so far. We will try to schedule a task to protect this scenario but most probably it won't be avilable for the near future. Regards, Carlos.
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    Hello Carlos, Thank you for listening to your customers' feedback! This is great and hopefully makes Plastic better. Cheers, Francois
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    Hi, You can also use the "cm replicate" command to just replicate the specific branch. If you are using the sync view, you can play with the text filter and the exclusing all the branches you don't want to sync. For excluding the branches, you should be able to also manually edit the configuration file (instead of doing it via GUI). Not sure if it helps. Regards, Carlos.
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    My impressions and thoughts for first look... A general comment: With wide screen monitors, horizontal space is easier to give up than vertical space. Vertical space is a premium. Please keep that in mind when adding things to the vertical space. Using more space for the headings and tabs allows you to put more info there, but takes away from the precious limited vertical space for the main part of the screen. At least having an option to put this on the left hand side vs top could be nice. I understand wanting to make the gui more accessible for new users. But you need to also not leave users that are used to the system. Ability to control the interface, to a degree, can be useful in this (e.g. minimal view, vs more info view). I can already see some operation I do taking more click in the new interface than in the old. One thing I do (admittedly more in tool admin role than as a developer) is open up the list of repo, then view a repo (e.g. branch explore a repo w/o a WS). It looks like now I have to first click to create a new tab, then select repo list. I assume the rest of my operation would be the same from there, but still at least one more click. It would be good to have the GUIs more similar across the platforms (for us, esp Windows and Linux). But my first priority would be making features available in one gui available in all. While I could see this consolidating effort a step in that direction, I hope we do not take a step back and see features go missing (e.g that are already in the windows gui today). I would REALLY like to see some missing functions added to the gui as more important than a gui re-design. How long have we now had the ability to create xlinks to a path in a repo, but still have to create it only using the CLI? That (and any other missing functions) need to be added to the gui. I could see more customization of the gui, esp for experienced users. Say, being able to have a custom left hand "new tab" buttons on the left hand side (hidden and empty when you first install the client?) I could also see more customization to right click menu options for experienced users (not only for tabs for for other contexts). Thanks, Todd
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    Carlos, I think this is going to be fixed in BL3799
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    This is the same behavior using Xlinks or not. The "cloaked.conf" rules are applied only if the file is already in the workspace before you run the update. If the "cloaked.conf" file is downloaded during the update from the repo, I'm afraid the rules won't be applied during the initial update (but they will do the next time because the "cloaked.conf" will be already in your workspace). Regards, Carlos.
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    Hi, If I properly understand, C is the parent repo that has Xlinks pointing to repos A and B. I'm able to create some cloaking rules in the C repo applied to the Xlinked content. I can do it via GUI --> right-click --> Add to the cloaked list. Then, If I create a new clean workspace pointing to C and before updating, I copy my previous "cloaked.conf", these files are not downloaded to the workspace. Remember that these cloaking rules apply to Xlinked content. In summary, I'm not able to reproduce your issue. Are you using the Windows Plastic GUI? Could you attach some screenshots and your "cloaked.conf"? Regards, Carlos.
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    Sorry for the delay. I haven't used Plastic with Visual Studio nor upgraded since I installed Plastic. I haven't been getting this issue in the past 2 months, but I didn't do anything of note to fix it. One thing that has changed is the team's server was apparently locked by Plastic at one point for some reason, and we got it lifted. I'm not sure if that is related or not.
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    Serves me right for not keeping on top of the change log. So far it seems to be fine. Thanks!
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    bump, I just ran into this for lots of files, quite painful
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    Hi @tucny, You can create a top-level branch from any changeset using the command line (I don't think you can specify the changeset in the GUI though). This means you could create a new top-level branch from changeset 0, and it would be empty. See this forum post: Obviously being in the same repo means making changes to V2 will increment changeset numbers for V1 (not sure if you care about that). Alternatively, you could do a hybrid approach of what Pablo suggested. Replicate the entire V1 repo into a separate V2 repo. Then use the above approach to create the top-level branch from changeset 0 (inside the new V2 repo, keeping the V1 repo unchanged). Kind regards David PS: I personally label all changesets on main (eg, label M-1, M-2, M-3 etc), which you can automate with triggers. I find this easier than referencing cs:id numbers, which aren't visible in branch explorer and which can also differ across replicated servers when working distributed (meaning you have to refer to them by GUID, which is not easy to read or type). Main downside is it makes things look a bit busier, and if you use labels for releases then those no longer stand out as much (unless the Plastic team also introduce the ability to colour code labels and/or changesets by attribute or custom filter rules *wink wink nudge nudge* @psantosl).
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    Yes, I'm afraid at the moment "comment "is not available in the format field. We could include it as a feature request. Regards, Carlos.
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    Nice. I never had an occasion to create a subrepo, that makes sense. Thanks! Regarding Jet...it sounds great for speed but I like the transparency and accessibility of SQL Server (being able to use TSQL). I've had minor issues in the past (regarding dangling workspaces when clients were removed without removing their workspaces) where directly modifying the data for a workspace in the SQL table fixed the problem (this was a few years ago). Not having the ability to query/modify Jet data could be an issue. At least with SQL I know that I have an extra layer of visibility into the underling storage system so that if anything goes wrong (corruption for example) and I don't have a recent enough backup for some reason (or a backup wouldn't help, like in my above problem) then I still can potentially fix the issue. The completely closed nature of Jet keeps me relying on my trusted SQL server. Do you have Jet tools (even command line would be fine) that allow for query/update capability if needed? Or do you publish the Jet structure/standard anywhere?
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    Sorry, I'm afraid the macOS GUI doesn't include this option in the right-click menu The guide is based on the WIndows GUI. If you are both using macOS, the permissions can be configured by "cm acl --help" command. Please reach us at support@codicesoftware.com and we can arrange a training session with you. Regards, Carlos.
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    Hi, There shouldn't be any problem. Some of our bigger customers are using Linux servers and the clients are using Windows, macOS or Linux. The only problem I can guess is if some clients are using Linux and others using Windows related to the case sensitivity. For intsance, if you commit two folders on a Linux client "MyFolder" and "myfolder", you won't be able to download both to a Windows machine. Regards, Carlos.
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    I think that repro is simple - I've marked this toggle in options few days ago and pending changes get destroyed. Maybe that when pending changes are "destroyed" Options window values overrides cfg file or sth like that.
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    Ignored changes was set to false in config file but not in Options! Pending changes now works great! After rechecking cfg file I've checked it in PlasticGUI (Pending changes -> Options). In "What to show" tab "Show ignored changes" was checked. Dunno if it's bug that toggle in options overrides value in cfg but now its working!
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    Hi, I know this has been brought up before but i still haven't heard a good solution to the problem. On our team we use branches for nearly any task, this works really well for us, its great for collaboration and for committing incrementally as the feature progresses. The problem is unmergeable binary files that we really only want one person to work on at a time (With the intent to commit the changes). As far as i can tell its not possible to ensure this via the lockfile setup in plastic, most of the time it is still possible to checkout a file that has other changes checked in on another branch. It has been suggested to only checkin binary files on the main branch and maybe enforcing it with triggers. But this will prevent you from doing incremental checkins which is one of the main reasons we use plastic in the first place. Since binary files can be anything from images, audio, levels or other data stored in binary by the engine, it is often very nice to be able to checkin smaller changes and only merge back to main when everything is working. I understand a workspace wide checkout may has its own problems, but not having it makes working in feature branches a lot less viable. Which is sad because it a really awesome way to work! Am I just missing something? How do other teams handle binary files, branching and locking? Cheers //Jonas
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    I get the following in my log when I attempt to 'sudo plasticd --console' plastic.server.log: I cannot get the Plastic server to run. I used 'ps -ax | grep plast' and it doesn't show up so it appears to not be running. To address the timeout issue: I've added <CommandTimeout>300</CommandTimeout>. It doesn't help. I've also tried adding the "default command timeout 20" line to the connection string. I'm aware my connection string uses "Uid" instead of "User ID". I think this is actually more correct after doing some googling. Changing it back and forth has no bearing on these error messages. The output is the same. As far as the "Address already in use": Investigation into this has yielded an explanation that the port is in use. However, I've tried 8087, 8088, 12345, 51111. All of them produce the same error message and for this reason I suspect this is not the issue. My background: I come from a strong Windows background with some shared hosting web server experience. If I need to run any commands on SSH, please type them out to save me huge amounts of time and lower my learning curve. Any help is appreciated.
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