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    2D Revision Tree and 'filter only parents'

    Hi @Ramz-UK! the fix is now out :) Bug Plastic for windows: The option "Filter only parents" in the Version tree 2D was not correctly saved/restored. Now it's fixed. Further details here: https://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes/
  2. Hi! Can you share how do you have it configured in the "client.conf" file (by default at "C:\Users\<your_user>\AppData\Local\plastic4")? My configuration that works fine is: <MergeToolData> <FileExtensions>.scene</FileExtensions> <Tools> <string>"C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Data\Tools\UnityYAMLMerge.exe" merge -p "@basefile" "@sourcefile" "@destinationfile" "@output"</string> </Tools> </MergeToolData> <MergeToolData> <FileExtensions>.prefab</FileExtensions> <Tools> <string>"C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\Data\Tools\UnityYAMLMerge.exe" merge -p "@basefile" "@sourcefile" "@destinationfile" "@output"</string> </Tools> </MergeToolData> Best, Manu.
  3. Thank your feedback and for using Plastic SCM!
  4. I'm afraid we didn't do something to improve it But we are going to add a help card to allow you to resume the merge. Something like you see at the screenshot saying "You have a merge ready to checkin" but customized to help you to finish the merge.
  5. Hi @Earthchrome, yes, you have to go to the branch explorer or the changesets view and re-launch the merge to finish it. The error message will tell you the changeset number you need to merge from:
  6. manu

    Cannot connect to version control

    Hi Chris! here you can learn how to enable the Plastic SCM plugin for Unity log: Please share with us the log generated and we will try to understand where the problem is. BTW, do you see extra information about the issue at the Window -> General -> Console panel? Best, Manu.
  7. manu

    cm find with multiple attributes

    Sorry for the long delay! @omris Revealed the unanswered topic.
  8. Hi @wayneh the Plastic SCM Step by Step tutorial will guide you through the creation of a new repository and a new workspace, it also explains how to import already existing content from git: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/labs/main If you don't want to import the code from git and you just want to add existing code to an empty repo you will need to copy or move the existing source code to the workspace path location. Then use the "add" operation to start tracking them and finally the checkin operation to confirm the changes. This guide perfectly illustrates what I'm explaining: https://www.plasticscm.com/branch-per-task-guide/gui/add-code-under-source-control Hope it helps!
  9. manu

    WebUI Code Review Issues

  10. manu

    Trying to make Jenkins work with the Mergebots

    @Bastienre4 No problem! Happy to know it's working now! BTW, what do you think of mergebots? How do you plan to use it?
  11. Hey @Matt, thank you very much for sharing with us the migration steps! We really appreciate it. One question, would you switch to Plastic if we offer you free licenses for an on-premise server? I know how P4 works and I think your daily work would be better and faster if you use Plastic instead. Then, once you make money from your game (hopefully soon!!! ) you can finally purchase Plastic. What do you think?
  12. manu

    Trying to make Jenkins work with the Mergebots

    Hi @Bastienre4! sorry about not replying sooner I can see a clear issue at the command output: [Test] $ cm switch sh:10@Test@http://localhost:8087 --silent --workspace="D:\CI\Jenkins\workspace\Test" The "http" protocol is not supported. Can you check both your client and mergebot configuration to check where the "http" protocol has been configured? You should remove it. You should use an IP:PORT format for regular TCP connections and ssl://IP:PORTfor SSL connections. Hope it helps! If you keep getting the error and you don't manage to fix it I'll be more than happy to get connected with you and review it.
  13. manu

    WebUI Code Review Issues

    BTW @rodgeralley I can't reproduce what you said about the comments, can you share a way to get if failing? Thanks!
  14. manu

    WebUI Code Review Issues

    Hi @rodgeralley, let me share your feedback with the WebUI guys! Thank you!
  15. manu

    "View Shelve" analog in cli

    You are very welcome!
  16. We got it! Check our latest feedback
  17. manu

    upgrade server version

    Hi @omris Remember you can use the new webadmin to migrate the backend! You should notice a great performance improvement!! Check this for further info: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2017/10/webadmin-introducing-new-server-admin.html Yes, you can do it like this: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide#HowtobackupandrestoretheJetbackend Basically every single file and directory at the Jet database directory. You have a backup script available here: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide#Backup-Restore-Jet-backend-Tools-Example-rdiff-hot-backup
  18. manu

    "View Shelve" analog in cli

    Hi @Ashot Vantsyan! a shelve is a virtual changeset so most of the changeset operations will apply for the shelve. "View shelve" is a diff operation so run a diff to get the same result: >cm find shelve 491 2 21/11/2018 17:14:18 manu LocalBoatGameTest1 Test shelve Total: 1 >cm diff sh:2 C "samples\Game.cs"
  19. manu

    cm find with multiple attributes

    Hi @nqramjets! (OMG so sorry about the 4 years delay!) Hi @omris! (and welcome) My attributes: >cm find attributes objid:6@repid:490@repserver:localhost:8087 -- git-repo-sync --> 1ead4e7c-2305-411e-a36a-08283ad7eb50|Test1@catacroquer@cloud|https://github.com/PlasticSCM/plastic-cmdrunner.git objid:4@repid:490@repserver:localhost:8087 -- BUILD --> OK objid:4@repid:490@repserver:localhost:8087 -- STAGE --> B objid:496@repid:490@repserver:localhost:8087 -- BUILD --> NOK objid:496@repid:490@repserver:localhost:8087 -- STAGE --> B Total: 5 Combined query example #1: >cm find "branch where (attribute='BUILD' and attrvalue='OK') and (attribute='STAGE' and attrvalue='B')" --nototal 4 11/07/2013 12:42:36 /main manu LocalBoatGameTest1 T Combined query example #2: >cm find "branch where (attribute='BUILD' and attrvalue='NOK') and (attribute='STAGE' and attrvalue='B')" --nototal 496 23/11/2018 10:37:49 /main/task002 manu LocalBoatGameTest1 T Hope it helps!
  20. manu

    Mojave Error

    Hi @rspoerri, Can you try to find another "machine.config" at any subpath of "'/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/" and try to paste it at the required location? You can also try to install a new mono version to check if it solves the problem as well. Keep us posted!
  21. This was done looooong time ago. And we recently did this: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2018/11/unified-diff-of-branch.html
  22. manu

    Merge To( from ) fails in cm but not in gui

    Hi @karmakat, sorry for the long delay answering, I totally missed this post. Which Plastic SCM version do you use? Make sure your client.conf has the following entry: <ServerSideMergeEnabled>yes</ServerSideMergeEnabled> With the "" release (and higher) the Plastic SCM server is able to solve merge-to conflicts even if they are inside an xlink. Give it a try!
  23. Hi @Fleer, Unity is probably just changing the time stamp of the file but its content remains unchanged. I recommend you to use the following preference. Open the pending changes view, click options. Enable the "Check the content to determine files as changed, not only timestamp." option. This will vary the way a file is recognized as changed. The option explanation can't say it better Hope it helps!
  24. You decide the limits! Plastic will perform great. We have customers with thousands of teeny repositories (500-900MB) and we have customers with a single Jet database of 4-5TB. If the server drive is great, if the network is great and the client drives are great you really don't need to bother about how Plastic SCM is going to handle it. The same applies to the number of files in your project. How big is your project?
  25. manu

    Plastic Service Won't Start Error 1053

    I spoke with the Forum support and the issue has been resolved, can you confirm? Thank you again for reporting the problem. Best, Manu.