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  1. Hi, I checked your case (using your versions) but I couldn't reproduce it. A merge-to can be done without any problem without the permission 'replicationwrite'. I reviewed the code and as far as I see the ' replicationwrite ' permission is not checked during the merge-to operation. This permission is only used by the replication and the tube. Could you attach the client and the server log with the error? Maybe we can see anything on them. Best regards Borja
  2. Borja

    CLI - Solving conflicts before merge

    Sorry, Rubén. I put it wrong before. The index starts at 1 and not at 0. My fault. I edited the previous post with the right info.
  3. Borja

    CLI - Solving conflicts before merge

    Hi Rubén, Well, in that case, you will need to use these hack options. As far as you don't have xlinks in the repository they will work. Anyway, we will try to fix them soon. I will try to explain them to you: --mergeresultfile & --solvedconflictsfile, are both used to store the merge info between different calls. You need to pass a path for each one, this path will be created on the first call and updated on each next call. After the last call, you need to delete both files. All the calls that you perform to do a merge need to use the same files. To solve a directory conflict you need to use the following options: --resolveconflict -> A flat to indicate that the call is to solve a directory conflict --conflict -> The index of the conflict that you want to solve. Starting at 1. --resolutionoption -> Indicate the conflict resolution it can be: "src" to keep the source change and discard the destination change. "dst" to keep the destination change and discard the source change "rename", only if the conflict type support this resolution, to rename the destination to the given name provided on the option "--resolutioninfo" -- resolutioninfo -> To provide the name to use on a rename resolution --nointeractiveresolution -> A flag to make the command file when the user intervention is required to solve a directory or file conflict. To print the output on a machine-readable way (much more easy to parse): --machinereadable -> A flag to print the output in a machine-readable format --startlineseparator -> Prefix for each output line. By default, it's a string empty --endlineseparator -> Suffix for each output line. By default, it's a string empty. --fieldseparator -> Field separator. By default, it's a space(' '). Command sample: cm merge --machinereadable --startlineseparator=start@_@line --endlineseparator=new@_@line --fieldseparator=def#_#sep --mergeresultfile=C:\Users\Borja\AppData\Local\Temp\2tmp4D6C.tmp --solvedconflictsfile=C:\Users\Borja\AppData\Local\Temp\2tmp4D6D.tmp --resolveconflict --conflict =0 --resolutionoption=rename -- resolutioninfo=bin_dst br:/main/task --merge Anyway, I recommend you to take a look at: * Server-side merge, a workspace less merge -> http://blog.plasticscm.com/2018/03/workspace-less-merge-to.html * Devops, how to automatize a DevOps cycle including plugin code sample for some CI -> https://www.plasticscm.com/devops I think that they could be interesting for you and what you are doing. Best regards, Borja
  4. Borja

    CLI - Solving conflicts before merge

    Hi Rubén, The option equivalent to "Merge keeping source changes" is "--keepsource" and the option equivalent to "Merge keeping workspace changes" is "--keepdestination". To solve only some file conflicts and not all, you can give specify the paths of the file conflicts to solve. Like this: cm merge br:/main/task --merge --keepsource /fichero This command and the "Merge selected files" or "Merge selected files choosing method" only allows leaving the other file conflicts pending to be resolved on a next call. But all the directory conflicts must be resolved first and all the changes to apply (added, deleted, moved & modified only on source) are applied before solve any file conflict. One question, why do you solve the directory conflict using all these hack options? Why don't you solve it using the interactive resolution of the default command? cm merge br:/main/task --merge You can also solve the directory conflicts using the default resolution and keep the source changes for the file conflict. Even more, as you have only one conflict you don't need to specify the path. cm merge br:/main/task --merge --keepsource The hack options that you are using are internal options using by our plugins and the merge resolution using them is much more complicated. You are missing the option "--mergeresultfile" that is also needed when " --solvedconflictsfile" is used. Anyway, they are not public because they have some known issues (when they are not used with care) and I will recommend you to not use them. Best regards, Borja
  5. Hi, The left content should not be empty, isn't it? The left and right content should be always loaded. The encoding changed message doesn't change this. If the left content should not be empty, the issue will be downloading or reading the left content. Please, could you confirm if this is your situation? Could you send us the client logs? They should be located at C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Local\plastic4\logs Best regards, Borja
  6. Borja

    Problems with VS Add-in

    Hi, The error with the checkout, that has been moved locally, has been fixed. The fix will be available on the following release. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Borja

    Moved detection

    Hi Søren, I have checked it with a similar case and it works correctly, as you can see: Xdiff example with just one move Xdiff example with several moves Can you send to us your files in order to try to reproduce your problem locally? We already use a variant of the Levensthein distance in order to detect the lines that have been moved. Regards
  8. Borja

    Linux sym links

    Hi, By default the operations are applied to the link target and not to the link itself. You can apply the operation to the link using the --symlink option on the command line. For example: cm ci /home/user/Pilot2.6/int/3rdParty/classpath-0.98/include/jni_md.h --symlink We are working on the symbolic links behaviour under Plastic SCM to make them easier to use. This new functionality will be published in a future release. The current public version does not support symbolic link officially. Regards Borja
  9. Borja

    Contributors = "None" ???

    The contributors "None" implies that source and destination have the same content than the common ancestor. This case may happen on different situations, such as: * You make a co on a branch and a ci forced, after that you merge the branch. In this case, the destination and the ancestor are the same revision, whereas the source and the ancestor has the same content because of ci forced. * You make a change on a branch and confirm it, after that you make another change to leave it with the same content of the beginning. In this case the destination and the ancestor are the same revision, whereas the source and the ancestor has the same content because you left the same content on it. There are other more complex situations where it can also happen, but at the end they can be reduced to these two cases. We are studding to change this behavior on next releases, to remove this kind of merge conflicts.
  10. Borja

    Security issues

    We have changed this extension for a new secured communication channel, that can be used as unique channel or at same time that the normal channel (unsecured channel). The channel is being using internally but it's not "officially released" yet, but it will be soon. Sorry for the inconveniences.
  11. Borja

    Filtering/Hidding branches

    Yes, it can be easily done using the attributes, which is a new feature included in Plastic SCM version 2.0. What you would have to do is create a new attribute named for example status: cm setattribute att:status br:/main/task1 closed Now, if you want to hide the old closed branches, you would only have to filter depending on the attribute status, asking for the
  12. Borja

    Evaluation / SQL Server

    Hi again Simon, Yes, sure. You can take a look at the user guide, which should give you a good overview on the system. Also consider the following papers: http://www.plasticscm.com/opsupport2.aspx The evaluation lasts for 30 days and 5 users. If you need an extended period just let me know. Also, what's your team size? Your development environment? Of course, don't hesitate to write us if you have any questions.
  13. Borja

    Evaluation / SQL Server

    Well, actually each repository is in a single database. The point is that Plastic keeps a list of all the existing repositories (which is another database) and also keeps track of the files you have on your local machine, which is the workspace database... Hope it is not a problem for you.
  14. Borja

    Evaluation / SQL Server

    Hi again Simon, Yes, it creates one database per repository plus one for workspaces plus one for the "repositories" database. So it will create at least 3 databases. Is it a problem? Regards,
  15. Borja

    Evaluation / SQL Server

    Hi Simon, I don't really understand your question. You can remove them if they're not going to be used and restart from a blank situation... Please let me know.