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    Where can I download osx 5.4 x11 version

    That would work in this case as all the new files are under a common directory. In the general case though I'm sure you'll agree that being able to select files and toggle their status is fairly important. Another issue that was preventing me from using MacPlastic as my primary client was the lack of the "update to latest version" button on the pending changes screen. I would assume that it is on the agenda to be implemented, in the meantime is there a workaround for that feature?
  2. dkoontz

    Where can I download osx 5.4 x11 version

    I would use MacPlastic but it's missing some basic features that leave it pretty much unusable. For example, I import some asset in Unity that adds 200+ files to the project. I want to add just those files and do a commit while I am working on other changes. In the pending files view, I cannot select the files I want and press space or click on one of them to select the rest as you can do in the X11 client and also the Windows client.
  3. I am looking for a download of the x11 version of the OSX 5.4 plastic client but I cannot find a download link anywhere, can someone point me to where this might be?
  4. dkoontz

    Pending changes gets really really slow

    Is there a way to get detailed timing of each file checked when doing cm status --all? I see "DiskChangesSearcher - Process changes: 4597" and "DiskChangesSearcher - timerGetChangeTypes 3075 ms, 43773 times" so I know scanning the folders is taking ~7.5 seconds, perhaps this is just a function of how many files we have in our project?
  5. dkoontz

    Access denied error for certain files

    I tried with the Hidden status removed. We also tried with antivirus disabled. This does not happen frequently, but it does happen persistently, about once a month. I have verified that the user is the owner of the file, has full permissions for the file and its parent directories. I can delete / rename / edit the file directly if I access it via Windows Explorer but Plastic continuously gives me the error I posted above.
  6. We have an after-checkin trigger that announces changes to our internal messaging app so everyone can stay informed. This works fine for most developers, but artists that are using Gluon do not have their check-ins announced. It seems the after-checkin trigger is not being fired when Gluon is done committing.
  7. When attempting to check in I received an error regarding several files. These files were not read-only and in the security tab were owned by the account I was logged in as. I can easily open them in Sublime Text or Notepad++ and modify them but Plastic would not process the commit. Any ideas?
  8. Our artist ran into some problems when reorganizing files for our Unity project. She had moved several folders around and in several places taken the files out of folders and merged them into one new folder. Plastic detected many incorrect moves as seen in this screenshot where it says that the CFX2_Sparks_Rain.prefab was moved to CFX2_Sparks_Star.prefab and then 3 lines down shows that CFX2_Sparks_Star.prefab was moved to CFX2_Sparks_Rain.prefab when in reality neither of these files were moved in this manner. I tried to uncheck all the moves that were not 100% similarity and then I get a dependency error. Somehow moving a file from one directory to another registered a bunch of other files as dependencies which makes no sense to me. Eventually we had to revert back to an older commit and have the artist make small changes, checking in as she went. What is going on here, is this a bug that we could report? I have the original commit and a copy of the repo when it was in this state if that would help.
  9. Seeing this problem only on Windows using Plastic 5. This typically happens for Unity3d meta files. It occurs fairly regularly (several times per week) and is a significant roadblock to using Plastic with Unity. http://imgur.com/2yvG9Au The files in question are not read only, can be freely deleted in Windows explorer with or without Unity running. This problem persists even after a reboot. Currently we have to back up any files we want to save, discard all changes, then put our files back and try to commit again since you can't partial undo if there is a merge link involved.
  10. I'm trying to locate the changeset when a particular file was deleted. I'm trying to use the query system of cm find or the Changesets view in the GUI. I see documentation saying that you can query on a variety of items, but nowhere do I see a list of things that can be searched for (cm find object [where conditions] [on repositories] [options] <-- but what are the valid where conditions?), and the few examples that are given are almost always dates, labels, or users. What I want to do is something like "find changeset where filename='DisplayNameAttribute'", however "filename" is not a valid, nor is file or name.
  11. I tried KDiff3 on my files and it will perform the merge, but while writing the merged file, it too crashes.
  12. The 3 contributors are almost identical, I made 2 copies of the base file and modified about 3 lines in each one. I can send you the files if you'd like to have a test case.
  13. I need to merge some rather large (160+ MB) files. Using mergetool I can diff the files, but trying a 3-way merge fails with an out of memory error. Is there a way to pass a max memory setting to the mergetool?
  14. dkoontz

    How to revert selected files

    I am able to get partially back to the state you are showing in your screenshot. I think my error was that I was trying to revert the entire workspace instead of a specific directory. When I revert the directory directly I do get an empty changeset number, or I get an error saying "The item 59605 can't be copied on path '/Users/Username/Project/foo/bar' because the item 65279 is already loaded on this path", depending on which revision I'm trying to revert to. So I think that will work for reverting the entire directory. Am I correct in thinking there's no way to revert just selected files if they have been deleted?