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  1. Hi, when dark theme is used in Visual Studio, the text in the dialog disappears, and I have to switch the theme to see the actual options. Plastic version I use is
  2. Hello again, we are marking RO xlink directories and files as read-only to avoid this problem. Maybe you could make them as readonly by default?
  3. Hi, when I have readonly xlink attached and modify a file there (accidentally) then it's not possible to undo the change in a normal way. I have to rebuild the workspace to repair it.
  4. Just made full uninstall and install and that fixed the issue.
  5. Hi, I have updated Plastic client to version On installation I checked Visual Studio 2012 integration (haven't try it before). But on loading Visual Studio project exception windows started to pop up. And I cannot close these windows no matter how many times I click OK! here is the funny video http://screencast.com/t/a7eGPEMoFORR Some entries from ActivityLog.xml file <entry> <record>88</record> <time>2013/04/05 07:37:24.478</time> <type>Information</type> <source>VisualStudio</source>
  6. Hi, just wanted to update my plastic from to and problems started to appear during installation. 1. could not install Visual Studio extension. Some error appeared about missing dll or something. Can not to reproduce due to the next error. 2. on starting installation for the second time installer just fails on explorer restart. http://screencast.com/t/isNorImQ And I cannot find install.log file in %TMP% folder. Any ideas? Complete uninstall and install?
  7. Log started 09/03/2012 at 16:51:04 Preferred installation mode : win32 Trying to init installer in mode win32 Mode win32 successfully initialized Setting variable previous_version from cm version Script exit code: 1 Script output: Plastic SCM client is not correctly configured for current user: Client config file C:\Users\mind\AppData\Local\plastic4\client.conf not found. Please, execute 'clconfigureclient' to perform a text mode configuration or 'plastic --configure' for graphical mode. Script stderr: Program ended with an error exit code Error running cm version : Program ended w
  8. Hi manu, no. Only after the installation I go there to check if it is running or not.
  9. Hi, I receive this message every time I upgrade my server. I run the setup with elevated rights. Although I get this message, upgrade completes without some visible problems. Only the plastic service is stopped and I need to start it manually. Server version is Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64.
  10. mipi3

    Merge to parent

    Hi manu, it's easy to reproduce this error if you will use xlinks. I have version installed.
  11. mipi3

    Merge to parent

    Hello, I receive this message too. Merge passes with no problems when merging from the parent branch.
  12. Hi, no problem http://screencast.com/t/KM7Dbeo7r
  13. Hello just noticed, when in Branch Explorer you try to scroll horizontally and "click and hold" mousebutton slightly beneath scrollbar, then the tab is moving instead.
  14. Hmmm there is another problem. Maybe it is interconnected with this one somehow. When I open changesets I do not see all changesets but some last ones. I see all changesets in branch explorer. For example xlink references cs1 but I see only 17 and 16 cs from changesets list. Branch explorer however shows all changesets.... Something strange is going on here...
  15. I see that the workspace corrupts at some point. We had some problems with checking in some xlinked file recently from another machine (error about revision that could not be found. version there). We recreated workspace and the problem was solved. It seems that it would be good to have some tool maybe (command line?) to check workspace or fix it or recreate it...
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