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  1. Yes we have a license for 8.0 Enterprise. Thank you.
  2. Good day, We are in the process of planning a well-due upgrade from running MySQL We intend to upgrade up to latest version and switch to JET. Is there a recommended path? Because we are already running the 16 compatibility version, are there any limitations we should be aware before going straight to Thank you.
  3. Good day, I removed all permissions on one of my main branches by... stupidity. Including VIEW. On ALL USERS. This creates major problems in our project and I am at a loss on how to revert this. Is there any way to impose a high-level override on a repo in order to re-enable view on said branch? Thank you very much for the help. Edit: Found the solution. Made myself the owner instead of "ALL USERS" and then I could see the branch and reset the permissions. OUF.
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