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  1. Hi Miryam! Thanks for the suggestion. Here is the UV entry: http://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/196398-mergebegins/suggestions/5028276-semantic-diff-window-option-to-view-source-and-d Best regards, Michael
  2. Michael.R

    Unlimited License

    Hi Míryam! Thanks for die information. Best regards, Michael
  3. Hi! Is there a way to enable the text-diff view right in place with the Semantic Diff Window? Right now, I always have to click "run text diff" every time I want to compare the changes.It would be much easier if I could click on a class or method and it would show me the changes right there on the left side, in two neat windows. Best regards, Michael
  4. Michael.R

    Unlimited License

    Hello SCM Team! Does the Unlimited License mean I get I also get perpetual updates, or do I need the subscription for those? Best regards, Michael