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  1. Hello! I have a build script that works with same workspace. Before building it must switch the workspace to latest changeset of a specified branch. This is done with following code (Powershell) cm stb --workspace=$Workspace br:$Branch Unfortunately, if the workspace contains any changes (new files, edited files) this operation will fail. How can I discard all changes in the workspace or switch it to another changeset from any state? (I do not care about losing the changes, this workspace is for script usage only.)
  2. Hello! I have a Unity3d project. The same project is used to build game client and dedicated server. These builds share 99% of files, but some are different. Right now I have two main branches: /client and /server. This works fine with files that are same in both branches. I update one branch and merge to the other. However if I change files that should be different, merge UI does not allow me to exclude them from merge, it says that merge link does not allow that. I can make some sort of merge using shelves (this drops the merge link and I can choose files to check-in). Am I doi
  3. I can not provide you with a project copy, so here is a description. My project has 129 MB of images in 11 120 files and 4 folders. Assets\Sources\Runners\s0\ Assets\Sources\Runners\s0\2x Assets\Sources\Runners\s1\ Assets\Sources\Runners\s1\2x These images are packed to atlases. This results in 7 large images (100 MB total). In addition it has some code assets, prefabs and scenes. Nothing special there. My steps from the post with logs will work right after Unity start.
  4. Unity has finished (maybe almost finished) reimporting images and crashed. I guess 10 000 images is no good anyway =)
  5. Logging to c:\ProgramFiles\PlasticSCM5\client\unity does not work, I switched it to unprotected folder. 1. I have a test project. Committed to plastic. 10 000 images in several folders. Root image folder is TowerSpriteConversion. 2. Checkout folder with images. Takes some time but i get all folders and images inside marked as checked out. 3. Search for textures inside images folder. 4. Select all search results and change import settings. Press Apply. 5. Unity idling, PlasticSCMUnityPlugin.exe eating CPU forever. I killed the plugin process after some time and zipped the logs. See
  6. Hi, Carlos I am using Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1 Plastic - Hawaii Unity 4.3.f1 I did not touch any settings inside plastic. Unity is configured for 2D. In fact it wanted to treat my images as sprites and I was changing them to textures. This should only change .meta files. The images are stored in multiple subfolders so I used search to get the full list and select them.
  7. Hi, I have a Unity3d project with about 10 000 small images in assets. Everything is committed into Plastic SCM server and synchronized with local workspace. I check out the folder with the images, select them all and change their import settings. At this point Unity is working slow but acceptable. After applying the changes Unity freezes forever. In the process list I can see that Unity is idling and plastic unity plugin process is eating one CPU core. This could last 30+ minutes and I have not seen the end, I just killed the darn thing. After the plugin process is killed Unit
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