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  1. Semantic Merge starts when I double click on a conflicted file in SmartGit. That's cool, but I want it to also be used in the git pipeline during its own auto-merge to avoid the conflict in the first place (e.g. Semantic Merge can auto-resolve conflicts that normal text-merge can't). Is that possible?
  2. Maybe I am misunderstanding something though. When configured in .gitconfig isn't SemanticMerge supposed to replace the default merge functionality and use semantic for C#/Java files, so that I end up with less conflicts and then I can use the GUI Tool for manual resolve where the SemanticMerge can't auto-resolve?
  3. Just installed and configured Semantic Merge both in .gitconfig as the default merge and diff tool, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. The Git GUI client (SmartGit) I am using is invoking git merge in a rebase scenario like this: and that doesn't seem to trigger Semantic Merge at all, since I end up with 2 C# file conflicted which when I open for conflict resolving get auto-merged (no conflicts) by Semantic Merge, so I just literally need to click on Save and that's it. Here is my git config (I used your configuration docs). My git version is : P.S: Also Semantic Merge is soooo slow to start-up here every time I have to trigger it (as external tool)