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  1. Well this certainly would have helped!
  2. This is still an issue in Is this going to be addressed?? I cannot comment on new code.
  3. Hi @psantosl, I agree that there are lots of circles, but that's the portion which doesn't bother me so much. The one that bothers me is that the color of merge links have changed to a pastel cyan which is much more difficult to see. Ideally you guys would add this stuff to preferences, and we could customize the colors ourselves (like we can for 3-way merge highlighting). On a related note, I have changesets colored by team, and branches by deployment stage. For both of these cases when I highlight a branch or changeset it turns green. This interrupts my actual decision to color the
  4. @Smirov Are you using Active Directory authentication by chance? I tried to get our TFS to sync with Git a couldn't even get the cm sync command to run.
  5. Any ideas when it will get fixed? I have to currently disable triggers in order to allow users to approve code reviews without any comments (because it cannot be commented) This is an issue for our security audit, but is the only workaround I know of. I can also send a support request (we're an enterprise client) if that helps raise the priority at all.
  6. @manuThis feature has been voted all the way up to the first page on your UserVoice. It's time to get started!! ;-)
  7. Thanks for the reply Manu, the "cm ls" workaround might be another option we could use. We have a system which automatically applies the scripts and dynamically generates the file names. When the developer does not use the exact casing the cm getfile obviously can't find it. I also have to correct my statement that it was permanently broken, as I was able to rename the file through the Plastic UI, changing the casing of the file to match the filename exactly, and Plastic did pick this up as a Move and allowed me to check it in. So, it is at least fixable if/when this happens again,
  8. # Works :: cm getfile 'C:\build\scripts\Script\SqlScript_1.sql' # Works :: cm getfile 'C:\build\Scripts\Script\SqlScript_1.sql' # Broken :: cm getfile 'serverpath:/scripts/Script/SqlScript_1.sql#br:/main/ATO 1' # Broken :: cm getfile 'serverpath:/Scripts/Script/SQLScript_1.sql#br:/main/ATO 1' # Works :: cm getfile 'serverpath:/scripts/Script/SQLScript_1.sql#br:/main/ATO 1' PlasticSCM- In a Windows system using "cm getfile serverpath:/path/to/the.file" work only if the path is precisely that case. On a windows system both folder and file names are not case-sensitive, but this is not
  9. I have a personal license which just expired, so I logged into try and renew it, but there is nowhere in the "my licenses" area to request a new one, they just say "expired." I clicked through the "Buy a new license -> Free & Community" but I can only apply for a new one, which doesn't make sense since I've had one for ages. I guess I'm just saying, there's no apparent way to request a renewed license so I'm stuck! It's really a bummer too because I'm right in the middle of something at work, and can't sync with my home machine (we use Plastic at work) to get stuff done! Bah!
  10. Hi Manu, You know what would be another slick URL path, would be a showcodereview, but I don't know how you would specify it... There nothing obvious displayed in the UI. :-( Thanks, Ryan
  11. It's very handy for us to be able to send links to each other at my work which lead to a particular diff. Based on some old blog posts I tried to implement this the best I could but was having issues using the syntax indicated. (see this post: http://www.plasticscm.net/index.php?/topic/2491-jira-interactive-link-to-changeset/?hl=%2Bjira+%2Bplastic) To launch a diff use the following URLs (On Windows) Branch Diff: plastic://showbranch=br:<BranchPath>@<RepoName>@<Server:Port> Changeset Diff: plastic://showchangeset=cs:<Cset Number>@br:<Branch Path>
  12. Added this to UserVoice here: https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general/suggestions/7072603-improve-checkin-trigger-information-to-include-pen Thanks, Ryan
  13. What we want to do is know where a commit came from (when merging). To say it another way, we want to know what the pending merge links are. We can't use the cset_id because this is not necessarily from the branch which was the source of the merge. I've read this post, but would prefer not to do this (partly because this would be a client-side trigger): http://www.plasticscm.net/index.php?/topic/1132-permissions-to-enforce-integration-rules/?hl=%2Bpending+%2Bmerge#entry6608 An alternative would be to use something like "cm status" to get the (Merge from 1234) and parse this, but ag
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