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  1. Hello, I have a question again After, semantic merge is default merge tool for .cs files. However, sometimes semantic merge worked very weired with some auto generated cs files. (Those .cs files were conflcted in semantic merge tool, but not conflicted in legacy text merge tool) So, I like to use old legacy text merge as default merge tool, but I can't find any option about that. Currently, I always run text merge after semantic merge runs first, and it was very cumbersome. I hope there is a good way to solve this problem. Thanks for reading my question.
  2. Hello, I'm using plasticscm version. I have a question about the before-clientcheckout trigger. When I undo changed files (which is not explictly checked out, they are automatically detected as changed) before-clientcheckout trigger is always invoked. All I want to do is just undo changed files, why that trigger is invoked? It seems to be a programmatic issue, but it's very strange invoking before-clientcheckout trigger by undo changed files. (Actually before-clientcheckout trigger is not invoked when I undo explictly checked out files.) So I wonder if there is a way around this issue. Thank you for reading my question.
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