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  1. Hi @manu Any news about MultiBranch Pipeline? It's already been around 2 months since last info
  2. Misieq

    New WebUI

    Hi Just checked new features in WebUI FileExplorer is great - but please add an option to download at least single file (or whole directory content or whole tree structure starting from current directory ). Regards PS. FileExplorer always starts from /main branch - even if one was renamed (in such case there is following info displayed: There are no items to display with the current filter).
  3. Misieq

    New WebUI

    Hello It's great that you have decided to redesign WebUI and build-in http server into PlasticSCM (previously installation and maintenance were pretty painful). With current approach there is one feature which I miss - repository browser. It is definitely something what could be useful when non-developer needs to access released library in simplest way. Do you plan to add repository browser in WeUI? Is there any schedule available? Regards and keep doing good work
  4. I will Just one option which I am missing in Multibranch for Git. In contrary to GIT in PlasticSCM finished task branches are not deleted (it is not even possible to delete them). So it should be possible to define additional condition for Multibranch (e.g. last commit date) which will allow Jenkins branch indexer remove finished branches. Additional observation which I have is that GIT plugin always executes builds for each commits in the branch. So if 3 commits are added during build (and concurrent builds are disabled) than three builds in row are quued. In case of longer builds (in my projects it usually takes around 15-20 minutes) I would prefer to just jump to last commit/changset - skipping up to 5 builds is not an issue for me (even if one these commits introduced a bug - it is pretty limited set to investigate).
  5. After deeper investigation I have spotted and issue in my Jenkinsfile (I tried to use the same as the one for Multibranch Pipeline at Git) - it was not an issue with PlasticSCM. After corrections of groovy script it looks to be working fine. Perfect. BTW what is a location of lightweight Jenkinsfile checkout? Could be helpful for debug You made me very curious with your last post. I am very interested in Multibranch support you mentioned. Hopefully this will be closer to "one month" rather than to "so"
  6. Hello Generally repository is not used for development but for storage of deliveries of external suppliers. Idea was to have single repository (easier to locate and manage) with dedicated top-level branch for each library. Project repositories which need to use one of libraries just xlink to proper branch (in fact label) in this central libraries repo. So your proposal is to add Group (e.g. GroupLibA) at repository level. Which permission should be allowed - supose read and view? Or there is other permission which will allow user to see and access repository? But this will grant view/read permission to all branches (inherited). So on all non-LibA branches permissions should be override and view/read should be unchecked. Am I right? Prefer result should be that user from GroupA can access repository and see only branch LibA... (of cource if user is in GroupLibA and GroupLibB he/she should see branch /libA and /libB but not /libC). Is it achivable?
  7. Hello I'm looking for some hints how to set-up correctly following scenario. I have repository with several branches which contain different libraries (each specific branch is dedicated for library). For LibAGroup I want to grant read access to branch /LibA only For LibBGroup I want to grant read access to branch /LibB only How to properly set-up permissions (at repository level and branch level) to properly reach target? From what I recall branches "inherit" permissions from repository. I supose that granting access to branch but no access to repo will also not work. Thanks for hints.
  8. Honestly speaking I performed two tests: 1) I have Pipeline which is working fine but it's configured with "Pipeline script" option. I stored script in repository and tried to reconfigure it to "Pipeline script from SCM" 2) Created fresh Pipeline and tried to configure it as "Pipeline script from SCM". Please provide me your e-mail. I will send your screenshots - just tell me which parts of configuration you are interested in. I also confirm that latest version of PlasticSCM client and PlasticSCM plugin are used.
  9. Not working for me :( Fresh pipeline Single workspace configuration. No PlasticSCM workspace yet. In Console Output log I can see: In Jenkins command line following info is displayed: I tried to create PlasticSCM workspace manually but result is the same (directly in Jenkins Workspace folder) When I checked Multiworkspace checkbox, added only one workspace result is different and manually created PlasticSCM workspace (as subdirectory in Jenkins workspace)
  10. Just noticed that it's released. Will test and let you know in next few days
  11. @calbzam do you plan also to implement "light check-out" of only Jenkinsfile instead of creation whole workspace? I think that it should be enough to just use "cm cat" command to retrieve Jenkinsfile into temporary workspace, shouldn't it?
  12. Perfect. Looking forward to see it released. Thank you.
  13. Is it possible to reference changeset but UID instead of changeset number? In case of distributed workflow cases when changeset numer in local repository is equal to the one in central are very rare.
  14. Hello Is there a way to install client without deinstallation of previous version of PlasticSCM server? For now I noticed that setup always deinstall previous versions of both components (client and server) - even if you select only "client" during setup. Regards
  15. As far as I recall when switching workspace from changset which does not have xLink to changset which contains xLink (or between changsets where xLink was modified) there was an error message and workspace switch failed. But I may be wrong
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