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  1. jakeslack27

    Plastic Drive filecache

    Hi, I'm looking to clear up space on my C drive and noticed plasticdrive filecache is taking up a good 17GB. Is it possible to move this location or safe to delete? Thanks, Jake
  2. Hi Carlos, Attempting to delete the changeset yields the same result. I'll send a mail to support. Thanks, Jake
  3. Hey Manu, Sorry just getting back to you, was away on holiday for a week. So I'm back trying to solve this again. This is what cmd spits out: I've attached my log from the 21/06 which is when the check-in was made (I also included 22/06 in case anything useful there). I'm not sure on the timestamp as the properties aren't rendered in the GUI due to the error. Thanks! Jake plastic.debug.log.txt.20180621 plastic.debug.log.txt.20180622
  4. Hi Manu, Thanks for the help. When I try to click on changeset 362 (to inspect and change the comment), the error is thrown continuously so I'm unable to inspect and change the comment. My comments, however, are never more than about 100 characters. Could there possibly be another reason for the this? Thanks, Jake plastic.debug.log.txt
  5. Hi, I went to sync my workspace to my cloud repo but I'm encountering this error message when pushing in the sync view: At the moment, I can't get updates to team so some help with this would be appreciated! Server log attached. Thanks, Jake plastic.errors.log.txt
  6. Sorry I have just seen this. I'm available from now. PM Sent.
  7. No worries. I'm UK and available all day tomorrow. Thanks!
  8. It looks like I get the same error with the new info.dat_repositories file:
  9. Thank you for the help! Unfortunately up to 3) didn't solve and service doesn't start but generates a new error: Looking at the log file I get: So this looks like a different error? Thanks, Jake
  10. Hi, I seem to be having the same issue. Everything has been running fine but today I had a power outage and now can't seem to start the Plastic service: Hitting both plasticd.exe --console && plasticd.exe --tray results in no change. I've tried refreshing the info.dat file but no joy there. Debuglog is attached. Any ideas on what to try next? Thanks, Jake plastic.debug.log.txt
  11. Awesome! Thanks Manu that was it. I just deleted my old workspaces and recreated pointing at 'local'. Thanks!
  12. Hey, thanks for the help! Hmmm, ok then I should all be good to go. However, when I try to check my pending changes for my local server I get: If I check my services I can see that Plastic Server 6 is running. It looks like I've lost my Server Configuration Tool I was used to having before I installed the Cloud Edition of the GUI. Thanks! Jake
  13. Hi, I've been running Plastic SCM locally for awhile now and all has been good. I've just joined a new project and we are setting up Plastic to use the Cloud Edition. I want to use the Cloud version of the GUI so I can push to the new repo but it looks like I can no longer access my local server? Can you run both simultaneously? When I try to install both editions of the GUI it looks like it requires an overwrite? Thanks! Jake
  14. jakeslack27

    Unity 5.3.1f1 Freezing

    Hi Manu, You got it! I can now open the Plastic GUI and Unity doesn't seem to be freezing I don't fully understand what happened and why the ignores fix it but I'm happy! If you don't hear from me then Unity is a-ok. Thanks man
  15. jakeslack27

    Unity 5.3.1f1 Freezing

    Ok, I closed the CMD before reading your comment. Next time I ran it seemed to complete pretty fast. Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49858553/PrivateEye/Results.zip I'm still having issues opening the Plastic GUI though.