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  1. You rocks ! Thanks a lot Carlos !
  2. Hi, After an update to MacOS Catalina, all my workspaces have been moved by the Apple updater for "absurde" security reasons (root of MacHD is now Read-Only !). As I can't imagine today to check my workspaces 1 by 1, I'm just trying to tell plastic where to find his beloved workspaces. I juste when to do the same thing you adviced on Windows, but I don't find the plastic.workspaces file on a Mac. Can you tell me where this file is stored on a Mac ? Thanks a lot
  3. It is now in 'Developer settings' (settings -> developer settings -> personal access token -> generate new token), but the solution is still working 5 years later ;-). Thank a lot ! https://help.github.com/en/github/authenticating-to-github/creating-a-personal-access-token-for-the-command-line
  4. Your certificate is valid, but your issuer's is not, perhaps your issuer stopped its services like our did 3 months ago.
  5. Hi Carlos, I finally deleted all the wrong commits by hand. Hopefully all the changesets numbers were consecutive (even all was mixed up in the timeline) so it was not that hard to detect them. There's a protection against two GitRepos to be synced on one Plastic repo, not against what I did by mystake : two PlasticRepos synced with the same GitRepo, moreover one of the two PlasticRepo was a submodule of the other PlasticRepo. Thanks for help
  6. Hi Carlos, The sub-repo synced with github is OK, but it's the "parent" plastic repo that has been accidentally sinced with github mirror image of its child repo. There is no github image of the parent repository. Perhaps there's a way to detect all the commit that come from gitsync and delete them ? Sincerly Sam T.
  7. Hi everybody, I'm afraid I did a big mistake on one of my repo. I have a repo called "My_repo_A" which has a XLinked sub repo called "My_repo_A_shares". This sub repo "My_repo_A_shares" is synced with a repo on github. But tonight, after a hard work week, I synced by mistake the parent repo "My_repo_A" with the same repo on github. That resulted in a warning like "the branches have to be merged before being able to push with gitsync again ...". Hopefully there are no problems on github, but in plastic a lot of commits are duplicated with different guid, and branches have two heads ... So ... the winner is me ! I know ... but is there a way to cancel a gitsync ? Thanks a lot for your help.
  8. We finally found the problem : the issuer of our certificate does not exists anymore, and its own certificate (that certify it was a trusted CA) was no more valid. I use the command : openssl s_client -connect dyn.my-sample-domain.com :8088 -showcerts That resulted on : verify error:num=20:unable to get local issuer certificate So we just regenerated a new certificate from another CA ( https://www.sslforfree.com/ that uses Let's Encrypt) and the problem was solved A huge thanks to Carlos from Plastic SCM support team, who gave me the keys to locate and solve this (not-Plastic) issue.
  9. I confirm that the problem is also present out of office, directly without the host redirection. I will send a message to the support I'll keep you in touch
  10. Thanks for the precisions, perhaps this could help someone else on this forum. The "check connection" produces the same error message. I connect to my server with the domain name as I always did : ssl://dyn.my-sample-domain.com:8088 I will make another test out of my office (without the line in host file). At the moment the line is present, and ... the problem too ! I'll keep you in touch with the result of test. And, if there is no good news, I'll send the log file to support. Sincerly Samuel T.
  11. Hello, Sorry to be a little bit insistant, but I really need a solution. My small company is really impacted by this problem as we can't commit/checkout on one of our most used computer. Thanks a lot for help
  12. Hello everybody, I suddently have a problem with one of my Plastic SCM client on Windows. Everything worked well, but since last week I can't connect to my Plastic server anymore. Nothing changes in server config nor in my client config, but now I've got this message "The remote certificate is not valid according to the validation procedure" (see attached picture). The server has an attached domain with a valid, not expirated, certificate. But, as my client is on the same network as the server and as my box can't do loopback (domain name pointing to itself) I have an entry in my client host file to redirect domain name to local server IP address. This worked for more than 3 years without problem. The only thing that happened last week is that I used my PC out of office, so I removed the redirect line in my client host file in order to do my commit through "real" internet. This also worked properly. But a few hours later when I restarted Plastic from my office again (with local host redirection), it began to display the error message. Server and clients were in version, I updated my Windows client to but the problem did not disappear. Two other clients (on Mac) don't suffer from the problem and continu to reach the server without problem, locally or through internet. So my question is : is there a kind of certificate cache on Windows client ? ... Perhaps wrong data was cached when I came back to my office. I tried to clear windows ssl state in "internet options" but it had no effect. Any idea ?
  13. Not first try, at least we try (not a Moby old song) three times. We can't switch to Jet because we worked for almost 4 years with Plastic over MySQL backend with daily backups and all security services you can imagine and my company has about 500-800Go of projects managed via plastic. Any solution with MySQL ?
  14. Hi everybody, I'm trying to sync with https://boringssl.googlesource.com/boringssl but I'm getting the following error : Incorrect string value : '\xF0\x9D\x91\xA5 n...' for column 'scomment' at row 1 Is there a known solution ? Thanks a lot Samuel T.
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