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  1. Here's what I'm seeing, does anything look wrong? I made sure I didn't have files checked out, I shut down the Plastic service, edited lock.config, started the service back up, then checked out the files using the Plastic SCM app by right-clicking the file and choosing "Checkout" , then ran cm listlocks.
  2. rep:default lockserver:localhost:8087 *.unity *.prefab I've also tried the actual IP address rather than localhost, makes no difference: rep:default lockserver: *.unity *.prefab (in this case, the server is running on the same computer as the clients, since I'm testing it out). Adding the server:port to cm listlocks didn't do anything, no message. Maybe the locks don't apply to files already in the repository? Another SCM I tried was like that, setting the flag only applied to new files added to the repository, not preexisting files.
  3. Everywhere I can find that references lock.config says to put it "in the server folder". Which folder is that? Is it (in Windows) the Program Files/PlasticSCM5/server folder? I tried putting lock.config there, restarting the service, then checking out a file, but after that "cm listlocks" shows nothing, and doing "cm fileinfo <file> --format={IsLocked}" returns False. Also, do these Exclusive Checkout files show up as locked within Unity (ie, with the lock icon)?
  4. If we use the Team License, can we have more than 15 workspaces? We've got two projects going simultaneously, and some users are working on both projects so would need two workspaces. So I'm wondering if the limit is only per-user, or if it's also per-workspace. Thanks!
  5. Hi, we're just getting started with Plastic; one of the big bullet points is how nicely integrated Plastic is with Unity, but I can't find any instructions for setting it up in Monodevelop. Is it unsupported? If not, how do you set it up? It does seem to work fine with Unity itself, although it doesn't seem to notice when I change source files. I did see a blog post from I think 2012 where Monodevelop support was mentioned as being worked on, that's all I can find.
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