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  1. Hello, We have licenses for 4 users of the "Enterprise" edition of unity, I have installed the license file in the server, which is reflecting the correct level of "Enterprise Edition" Plastic Client Version:, Plastic Server Version: When attempting to connect to the server from Unity (5.1.1f1, on Mac OS X 10.10.8) we are getting the following error "Version Control: PlasticSCM: The Unity3D plugin is unlicensed in your Plastic SCM server" and "Cannot load PlasticSCM overlays when plugin is not running" I have seen some posts regarding this error and the co
  2. I am getting a similar error through the command line when the prefix and suffix: "Error: AssertFalse has found a positive condition" I did not remove any repositories. It's a fresh installation, I followed the admin guide for installation on a windows server machine. This connection goes through a Barracuda firewall, which is reporting that the connections are being closed by the destination, but being allowed through the firewall. The server is also in Microsoft's Azure cloud. The virtual machine has endpoints listening at 8088 and 8087 over TCP.
  3. If I try and use the "ssl://" prefix when creating the Repo through the GUI I get: "AssertFalse has found a positive condition" When using the command "cm mkrep NewRepo ssl://<address>:8088 If I include the SSL prefix, I receive the error "Repository name cannot contain any character of: @#:"?' I have ensured the repo name does not contain any of those charatcers, it is a simple word. However remove the "ssl://" prefix and the ":8088" suffix from the address I get the following error Error: No channel found trying to connect to [NewRepo]
  4. Okay, so it is an inbound rule, and the rule is being applied to all three profiles, domain, private, and public. I did find something under "Programs and Services" where the connection was being routed to a specific program "<PlasticSCM Path>\client.exe" I have changed this setting to "All programs that meet the specified conditions" The "cm lrep ssl://plasticscms.cloudapp.net:8088" command still runs successfully on the server with a result "There are no repositories in this server" The "cm lrep ssl://plasticscms.cloudapp.net:8088" command now runs successfully from the
  5. I turned off all three firewalls, and ran the command successfully, I turned back on the domain firewall, and ran the command successfully, when I turned on the private firewall, the command failed with the same error. On the private firewall, I copied a replica of the rule you showed with a screenshot, and it is still blocking the connection. Something about the private firewall rule is not configured correctly to allow the connection, are there other settings other than the Protocol/Ports which needs to be set?
  6. Yes, 8088 is the TCP listening port for the SSL connection No antivirus that would be blocking the connection is on the machine.
  7. Confirmed, I have that exact rule in place, and am still receiving the error
  8. After running the command I received: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond <ip address>:8088 Server: ssl://<servername>:8088
  9. Hello, I installed Plastic SCM Enterprise on a WIndows Server 2012. I have confgured it to be able to use SSL, generated a CA certificate for the server, and believe I have opened the necessary ports on the firewall. I can successfully connect to the server using standard TCP. Also when I configure the server to use SSL, and "check connection" it makes it through to the server fine. When I "Check credentials" it reports a connection, and that the credentials are valid. When I try and create a repository, I get the following: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An e
  10. Hello, My group and I are just starting to use PlasticSCM to manage our numerous unity projects. My question is, if we have purchased the required number of Enterprise Licenses for the number of users we wish to have, do we also need to purchase the license from the Unity store? Thanks!
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