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  1. Hi @thomas.weltenbauer., Unfortunately, I'm afraid you can't switch your workspace to another branch, changeset or label if you have checked-out items. Generally speaking, any controlled change prevents you from changing the workspace location. The setting you pointed out only applies to items that are locally changed in the workspace. In this scenario, first you need to either check your changes in or undo them, optionally shelving them or backing them up elsewhere. Then you'll be able to switch your workspace as you wish. From then on, you'll be able to perform those switches as long as you have local changes only. Could you please verify that this is what's actually going on in your scenario? Thanks!
  2. Thank you Göran! We'll discuss those enhancements to see how they fit best in our client. Regards, Miguel
  3. Hi Göran, Could you please send me an email to mgonzalez@codicesoftware.com so we can arrange the meeting? Thanks!
  4. Hi @gweronimo, Would you like to discuss your ideas with @S_Luis and me next week? There are some questions we'd like to ask you. We're thinking about next Monday 18 November. What's your timezone? We're UTC+1. Thanks! Regards, Miguel
  5. Hi @Mark Hargreaves, It seems that you moved the client configuration file (client.conf) from your user directory (%LOCALAPPDATA%\plastic4) to the client binaries directory (\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client). Chances are that your user doesn't have permissions to read or write that file. Could you please check that and give the appropriate permissions to your user? Another alternative would be to copy the contents from C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client\client.conf, remove that file and paste the contents in a new file C:\Users\<your-user>\AppData\Local\plastic4\client.conf . That way, the Plastic SCM client will load it from your local configuration directory and you won't have any additional issues.
  6. Hi guys! Thanks for your feedback. The dynamic layout is still in a really early stage, so we're absolutely open to suggestions and it'll probably change in the future. Answering @SWSBB: yes, this functionality is compatible with manual relayout. Regarding the weights system, I'm happy to tell you that we're already weighting branches according to their relevance in the chart. We're just doing it in a basic way at the moment: main > top-level > parents of workspace branch > workspace branch > children of workspace branch > other branches > integrated branches. We'll take good note of your thoughts on the matter for the next iteration of the dynamic BrEx layout 😉 @jwvanderbeck: I'm afraid yes, the /main branch will always be on top using this dynamic layout. That /main branch always has GUID '5fc2d7c8-05e1-4987-9dd9-74eaec7c27eb', and that's what we move to the top. Then you'll have any other top-level branch beneath it, which might still be useful to you: from what I understand, your /develop branch merges into /main eventually, right? I'll let the team know about your setup to see when we can provide you a way to specify your top-most branch! Thank you so much for your feedback!
  7. Hi all! We're going to release a new feature to make the Branch Explorer diagrams more meaningful. The layout will order branches acknowledging your current workspace status, moving to the top the branches you're more likely to use. We'd love to hear your feedback about this, so we're opening this thread to provide a link in the upcoming release notes when the first layout changes are published. We'll post a new message in this thread when the new feature is released. We can't wait to hear your thoughts!
  8. Hi @iniside, I'm using the latest Plastic SCM Version ( and this line in ignore.conf causes all .git directories to be ignored: .git I don't really understand what you mean about the Intermediate line. This should ignore all directories called "Intermediate": Intermediate I notice, however, that you have this in your ignore.conf: Intermediate/ That trailing slash means that you want the contents to be ignored, but not the directory itself. Generally speaking, entering names (e.g. ".git", "Intermediate", "foo.c") as ignore rules will ignore any item (either file or directory) with that exact name and all their children, if it was a directory. Is this helpful? Regards, Miguel
  9. Hi @rodgeralley, Thanks for the feedback! We have to fix the editor layout so it doesn't overflow vertically, as you detected. I'll let the dev team know so we can release a fix ASAP! Regards, Miguel
  10. Hi @Ol' Nick, We released yesterday version, which contains a fix for the issue your co-worker was experiencing. However, if you decide to install it you'll need to apply a temporary workaround to avoid a problem with visual components that we're fixing right now. You'll need to run directly the PlasticSCM app from a Terminal, executing this line:/ /Applications/PlasticSCM.app/Contents/MacOS/PlasticSCM Sorry for the inconveniences. We'll release a fix ASAP. Regards, Miguel
  11. El fix del problema con la vista de cambios pendientes en macOS fue liberado en la versión Sin embargo, aún es preciso un workaround temporal en macOS Mojave para solucionar un problema con componentes visuales en el que estamos trabajando mientras escribo estas líneas. Un saludo, Miguel
  12. Hi heshuimu, As I mentioned in your other thread, PlasticSCM is now operative in macOS using the workaround I detailed to get rid of the missing visual components issue. We'll let you know when this is fixed, but in the meantime that workaround should allow you to work with PlasticSCM for macOS. Regards, Miguel
  13. Hi heshuimu, I'm really sorry about this inconvenience. We detected this a few days back and we're working on it at the moment. As a workaround, you can run the PlasticSCM executable directly from a Terminal instead of double-clicking the app. Execute this at a terminal: /Applications/PlasticSCM.app/Contents/MacOS/PlasticSCM The GUI still doesn't support the Dark Theme, but this workaround will get you working if you turn on the Light Theme. We'll release a fix as soon as possible! Regards, Miguel
  14. Hi @Wolfram, Yes, it seems to be just as you pointed out... We can't do a lot about it from our side ? We'll let you know if we get more info from them regarding this issue. Regards, Miguel
  15. Hi Kris, To achieve the same results, I'd go with these two commands that will probably improve your process performance. First of all, to find out if a file is checked out you can run cm status --checkout path/to/saved/file --short That command will print out the file path if it's checked out, or will return without any output if it's not. Then, if the file isn't checked out, you can list the file locks using cm listlocks and then search the saved file path in the results. Could you please try those out and let us know the results? Thank you! Regards, Miguel
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