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  1. hey Manu, i managed to set the max allowed packets to 10 and everything works now! I just finished uploading my entire build without any issues. Thanks very much for the help, im now gonna work and get everyone else in the team set up.
  2. Hey, I managed to get Mysql and get it set up with plastic without any issues. However, I now get the following error in unity: PlasticSCM : There has been an unexpected error "Packets larger than max_allowed_packet are not allowed.". For more information check the server log. i set max_allowed_packet to 10 MB in mysql as the configuration guide says, if thats relevant. Any ideas what i should do? edit: it appears that editing the my.ini file is more complicated then just editing and saving it, atleast thats what im reading now. So i probably didn't edit it properly. Next chanc
  3. Hey, The project is around 15 gb big. With the asset folder itself being around 12 gb. Last night i tried to upload one folder at a time, and noticed that some worked and others didn't. For example, I managed to upload a scene that was in the root asset folder, as well as a very small folder called plugins, however, it failed to upload a folder called Audio that was around 800 mb big, with the same error. Also, im not sure where to find the log file for the server, im quite new to using Plastic, or anything like it. I read that i have to find a loader.log.txt file, except it was not in the fo
  4. Hello, i am currently in the process of getting plastic SCM to work with my unity project, and i've run into a problem. I've been following the youtube video posted by plastic SCM, and managed to get everything working, and even got the project settings submitted to the server. The issue that i am having is, although i can submit the project setting, trying to sync any other file seems to give me the following error in unity: PlasticSCM : Type 'System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeErrorCollection' in Assembly 'System.Data.SqlServerCe, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=89845dcd808
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