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  1. When I click configuration, it reports "The client configuration file "client.conf" contains errors: ". Because it reads the configuration for PlasticSCM. And it doesn't read the client.conf of PlasticSCM.
  2. No way to switch workspace to specified changeset with changes? With git, I can reset current branch to specified commit with hard mode. Yet, I can't find any way to do that in Plastic. I have to undo changes first. And also, undo changes is really slow.
  3. I found VesionOne release a feature called CommitStream. It's deeply integrated with GitHub and GitHub Enterprise showing the commit records. Yet, the current VersionOne integration is not available to that tier. https://ideaspace.versionone.com/default/Idea/Detail/2248 And I found someone ask for PlasticSCM integration in VersionOne Idea Space. It would be great to see similar stuffs from PlasticSCM. Both PlasticSCM and VersionOne are based on .Net. I think it should be easy to integrate together. Please make it available。
  4. Seto

    Freeze when adding profiles

    It's fixed in the latest version. Thanks.
  5. Is it possible to gitsync in sync view? My project is using xlinks and submodules. I have to synchronize both. It's inconvenient to gitsync in branch explorer. It would be great if it can be treated as the builtin replication in the sync view.
  6. Seto

    Freeze when adding profiles

    And the default host too.
  7. Seto

    Freeze when adding profiles

    Don't you see the log from previous post? The first line is the correct connection when I open the workspace. The second one is the wrong connection when I try to add profiles.
  8. Seto

    Freeze when adding profiles

    No. You can't connect any other server to reproduce. I can tell you how to reproduce. Download the goagent. It's a proxy. https://github.com/goagent/goagent You can use it to reproduce directly. It will run a service on 8087. Run goagent.exe directly. And then setup plastic on the same machine on 9087. And then just open the client and connect the server 9087. Add profile, then you will find the freezing. The key to reproduce is the client, server and goagent on the same machine. Plastic on 9087. Goagent on 8087. From the log, you can see it connect 8087 incorrectly. The freezing will be gone after you close Goagent.
  9. Seto

    Freeze when adding profiles

    Hi. Here is it. You can see the last line is printed after I input the profile name and click next. Then it freezes. Even without server inputted. But from the lines before you can see the actual is seto-pc:9087. The freezing will only occur when your Plastic SCM is running on another port. And you're with a service serving 8087. And also maybe the 8087 service will neither disconnect nor send something. It shouldn't connect to plastic://localhost:8087 while adding profile only with name inputted. And the freezing is gone after I shutdown the 8087 service on localhost. The conf file exist and I can modify it. It's not the problem certainly.
  10. Seto

    Freeze when adding profiles

    This bug still exists in 654.
  11. Seto

    questions about gitsync

    Is it possible to automatically gitsync after one check-in changes? Or should I use trigger with a cm command? If when replicating instead of check-in changes? Will the check-in trigger trigger? And also, what if one check-in changes trigger the gitsync. But another check-in changes comes while the previous gitsync is not finished? Because we previously using hipchat with stash for internal notification and similar stuffs. It would be great for gitsync automation.
  12. Seto

    Freeze when adding profiles

    And also, is it possible to specified the log file path. The default path is the same folder with plastic.exe. But it's in Program Files folder. It won't with permission with administrator. The default plastic scm running mode isn't administrator.
  13. Seto

    Freeze when adding profiles

    After enabling the log, I thought I found the problem it's a bug of it. As I mention before, I'm with a service on 8087 port. So I change it to 9087. So I change the port at Client configuration wizard. And the general in Preferences is the same with Client configuration wizard. But it still connects to 8087 when I add profiles. And also the hostname is wrong. Mine is SETO-PC. It connects to localhost. However, SETO-PC is localhost in my situation.
  14. Seto

    Freeze when adding profiles

    It even doesn't care about reachable or not. Click next after input the name. Then it freezes. I used win 8.1 x64. I can reproduce it in another computer with older version, 650.