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  1. Hi again,

    In order to restart your local macOS server:


    sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.codicesoftware.plasticscm.server.plist

    sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.codicesoftware.plasticscm.server.plist

    After that, the lock should be released.





  2. Hi, are you paying customer? In that case, please reach us at support@codicesoftware.com so we can always assist you faster and even arrange a meeting session.

    Could you attach your "jet.conf"?

    Are your Jet databases stored at E:\? 

    Could you create an "e:\jet" folder, move all the databases ("repositories", "rep_1", "rep_2"...) to the new location and edit the basepath in the "jet.conf" to the new location?

    You can check in the following link how to edit the jet database path:


    Finally, after editing the basepath, restart the Plastic server service and check if the issue persist.
    According to the error, it seems to be a problem with the path when the server tries to reach the databases.

    PD: If the issue is urgent, you can reach us at support@codicesoftware.com

  3. this issue is normally triggered by a lack of disk space when saving some changes. If you attach your file, we can try to fix it.

    Otherwise, you can remove/backup the file and re-configure the client again. It will automatically create a new "client.conf".



  4. Hi,

    I think you may be affected by the following bug already fixed:

    Windows - Visual Studio Package - Cloud Edition: The credentials dialog appeared every time you switch from using any Plastic GUI to Visual Studio plugin in Cloud Edition installations. Now it's fixed.




  5. Hi,

    This is a local client configuration setting (not configurable on the server-side). By default, the "Pending changes" is not checking the file content (only the timestamp), because it would take a very long time in big workspaces with slow disks. Checking only the timestamp is very fast.

    Anyway, if you try to check in an item that appears as changed in "Pending changes" but the file content is actually the same (not changed), Plastic won't create a new file revision in the repository.



  6. Hi,

    1. If I properly understand you you to know the branch name based on the changeset id?

    cm find changeset where id=4619075 --format={branch} --nototal

    2. You can also use a changeset instead of a branch name:


    repository "%REPOSITORY%"
      path "/"
        smartbranch "%BRANCH%" changeset "%CHANGESET_ID%"



  7. Hi,

    If I properly understand, you can switch to most of the branches/changesets with no issues (your encryption key is properly recognized) but when you switch to a specific changeset, you are requested to enter the key again and again?

    It sounds like this specific changeset was created with the wrong encryption key so you current key cannot decrypt the data and that's why you are requested to enter it again and again.

    Is it only happening to one specific changeset?



  8. Hi @Danny,

    Please check the following feature:

    filetypes.conf is now used for diffs and merges to check if a file is binary or text.
    Until now, the filetypes.conf configuration file was only used by the "add operation" to set newly added files as binary or text. 
    From now on it will be used to determine if a file is binary or text before running diffs or merges.
    Example: suppose scene.config was wrongly added as binary. You can now configure filetypes.conf to consider scene.config as text, so the right text-based diff and merge tool will be selected instead of considering the "bin type" tracked for the file in the repo.
    1. This is really useful when you are working with Plastic Cloud, since changing revision types is not allowed there.
    2. Our goal is to get rid of the bin/txt tracking as metadata in the repo, and rely only on filetypes.conf.

    You can configure a "filetypes.conf" and this way, you shouldn't need to start a new repo from scratch.



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