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    SemanticMerge on "unsupported" linux distro

    Hi, Just a heads up! After installing all the necessary dependencies (had to use the dotnet-overlay to get the correct versions...) i was able to run semanticmerge without and problems. So using this method semanticmerge also runs on gentoo + derivates... Thanks again for your help! Christoph
  2. spielc

    SemanticMerge on "unsupported" linux distro

    Hi, Thanks for the detailled installation instructions and the direct link to the tarball. I'll check this out in the morning! Christoph
  3. Hi, Is it possible to provide a link to one of the actual linux-packages? I don't mind if it is rpm or deb as soon as i have something in hand i can convert it to a tar.gz and install it manually. It would be nice to have a tarball but i can live with the other formats too... Thanks in advance!