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  1. We're trying to create an initial commit of about 220,000 files on a windows machine. The PlasticSCM server is running Windows 7 with a MySQL back-end. When trying to commit the changes, the 'Pending Changes' view never finishes updating. It gets stuck on 'Filling grid...' and never completes, even after a few hours of waiting. This is on a pretty fast machine with 128GB of ram. Is this typical behavior? How do I go about figuring out the bottleneck? Is there a better strategy for commiting this many files at once? I've run 'cm iostats' with the following results: Performing network tests with server: PLASTICSCM:8087. Please wait... Upload speed = 373.18 Mbps. Time uploading 16MB = 343ms. Server: PLASTICSCM:8087 Download speed = 390.24 Mbps. Time downloading 16MB = 328ms. Server: PLASTICSCM:8087 Performing disk speed test on path: C:\Users\user1\AppData\Local\Temp\PlasticSCM_IOStats. Please wait... Disk write speed = 108.68180853322 MB/s. Time writing 512MB = 4711 ms. Disk read speed = 1426.18384401114 MB/s. Time reading 512MB = 359 ms. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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