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  1. pseabury

    Upgrade from 4.1 to 5

    Many thanks - we will give it a try.
  2. pseabury

    Upgrade from 4.1 to 5

    Which versions of 4.1 are upgradable to which versions of 5.0? For instance, is directly upgradeable to On both the client and the server side? Thanks, Paul
  3. pseabury

    Mac OSX Client Lockup / Config

    Perfect! Thanks Manu. Paul
  4. I just updated to the latest Mac Client, and when i restarted after install, the client is completely locked up. I tried to find any config files that had local client config in them and reset them, but the client always comes up in the same non-functional state. I've also uninstalled & reinstalled a number of times, but the client always comes up in the same bad state. I really can't work until I can apply some shelved changes to my workspace. Any suggestions? Paul
  5. pseabury

    Branch Explorer - Changeset Color By User

    Thanks Manu - I added this idea to the User Voice page here - http://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general/suggestions/2953295-add-ability-to-color-changesets-by-user Go Vote! Paul
  6. I know it's possible to have changesets colored by replication source as part of a DrBrEx, but would it be possible to add a Display Option to color changesets by User? It seems like it might be easy to add another filter for this. In the attached picture, I would expect each changeset to be colored corresponding to the user that checked it in, instead of all the same color (red). I did try the "Conditional Format" options, but this seems like it might be for branches only. Thanks, Paul
  7. pseabury

    Crash on 4.0 OSX Client

    Whenever I start the OSX client on my Mac (both client and server are Community edition 4.x RTM builds), I constantly get a Field "dateTimeOffsetPattern" not found in class System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo I should add the mono runtime info is: Mono JIT compiler version 2.10.6 (tarball Fri Sep 16 00:13:06 EDT 2011) Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Novell, Inc, Xamarin, Inc and Contributors. www.mono-project.com TLS: normal SIGSEGV: normal Notification: kqueue Architecture: x86 Disabled: none Misc: debugger softdebug LLVM: yes(2.9svn-mono) GC: Included Boehm (with typed GC)
  8. pseabury

    mergetool improvements

    Of course I am using it! Maybe though I was thinking of the Diff only...I currently have no merges to look at again, but I definitely cannot edit my local copy of the Diff. Thanks Guys, Paul
  9. pseabury

    Jira Question

    No, you're right. My brain is stubborn it its old Starteam ways I see now that each subtask of a UserStory could be its own branch off of the UserStory branch. Branching is such a heavyweight thing in Starteam that I didn't open up my mind wide enough. Thanks Pablo
  10. pseabury

    mergetool improvements

    What about editing the merge result directly? For instance, mostly everything about the merge went just the way you wanted it to go, but you want to delete a blank line, or change a string literal or comment... would be nice to be able to edit the result directly in the merge tool. I know I use this often in my current tool. Thanks Guys!
  11. pseabury

    Jira Question

    I have looked at the two blog posts related to integrating with JIRA. One suggests branching per task, and one suggests branching per changeset. My question/observation is that with AGILE, you really need both. I may have a User Story artifact that I want to create a branch for. When that branch is complete, I want to close that user story. This is similar to the Branch Per Task paradigm, except that User stories are usually very large and get decomposed into smaller Task artifacts. Each task usually corresponds to a changeset checkin. So I guess what I'm asking is, how can you support this hybrid approach in Plastic? -Main --UserStory1(Branch) [JIRA Item 1] ---Task1(changeset) [JIRA Item 2] ---Task2(changeset) [JIRA Item 3] ---Task3(changeset) [JIRA Item 4] --UserStory2(Branch) [JIRA Item 5] --Task4(changeset) [JIRA Item 6] --Task5(changeset) [JIRA Item 7] Thanks, Paul
  12. Clicking the "Next" button on the "Select Components" dialog of the 4.0.222 installer tells me: Unfortunately you cannot install Server2008 SP2 on Server2008R2. Even though I have the SQLCE 4.0 runtime installed, I cannot continue in the installer. I currently have build 4.0.221 installed using SQLServer Standard. It looks like the installer it looking for a precondition that excludes Server2008R2. Thanks, Paul
  13. The gentleman in the previous post complained that his Branch Explorer view was completely blank, and I am fairly certain it was because his Date Filter was incorrect. I ran into the same problem initially. Some suggestions that might make this easier and more intuitive... 1.) Have a combobox with some preselected Date ranges (Last Week, Last Month, Last Year, Forever). When a user refreshes the BranchExplorer view, the Date filter could be recomputed and applied. 2.) When the "End Date" checkbox is unchecked, it is still applying some end date, although it is not the Date shown in the box. Suggest that when the "End Date" checkbox is not checked, that it apply DateTime.Now when the view is refreshed. See attached images. Thanks for an awesome SCM! Paul