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  1. Hi all, according to https://plasticscmsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010163773-How-to-move-a-repository-to-a-new-Plastic-SCM-server there is an easy way to move a repository from one server instance to another. If you look at step 2 (Move the "jet/rep_2" folder to the new server "jet" folder): Is it possible to rename it in the same step e.g. to rep_1234? Is the string "rep_2" somewhere within the DB which will lead to problems when including that repo with following command? cm addrep rep_1234 core NEWSERVER:8087 Background: I want to move a repository from my local machine to the central server. There is quite a good chance that "rep_2" already exists on that machine. So I need to alter the number. Best regards Jan
  2. Yes, my proposal was a complete different thing. It was meant as a different solution which solves two things: Being able to jump to current branch as well as quickly accessing branch's changesets without using BrEx. It's a substitution since you told us that you want to kill the selector menu. I know that you don't want to crowd your UI with buttons because you follow each and every user request. Having that said, we have use cases for branch list (e.g. as I said, seeing the branch hierarchy easily) and a home button in that list is not driving the UI into a crowded situation. I don't understand why you would keep one portion of your UI in an inconvenient state while arguing that we should use it differently which sometimes is not the best option for us.
  3. @Aki Kanerva Nice summary of what this request is about! 👍
  4. I think another option is to have a home button in the branch list with the same functionality as in branch explorer: Jump directly to the current branch. If selector is a changeset or label, jumping to according branch would be great if easy to implement that. Otherwise disable the home button with an according tool tip information. With this function Tobias is 3 klicks away of what he is looking for (instead of 2). See this user voice request: https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general/suggestions/12511725-add-home-button-to-branches-tab Pablo, I like the branch explorer and I use it a lot. However, it's not the answer for everything. Sometimes I prefer the branch list, e.g. if I want to see all sub branches of a branch at a glance. Please note, we not only have a lot of branches (17k+ in less than 5 years) but also hundreds of branches being worked on at the same time. Hence the Branch Explorer stacks up very high. That's why I always use Custom BEs which requires me to perform several mouse clicks and moves until I have the information I'm looking for.
  5. Hi all, maybe you have a look at my user voice request 2 years ago suggesting that one can explicitly declare moves without move detection heuristics... https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general/suggestions/34800370-explicitly-tell-plastic-that-a-add-delete-is-in-fa Feel free to upvote One could consider to extend this request in both directions (explicitly declare / undeclare moves). Best Jan
  6. Hi Pablo, I've also been having the need for a quick display of the changeset that I've committed. I also would like to quickly see the changeset that is currently loaded in my workspace (not the branch that I'm on). I know I can open branch explorer and hit the home button in order to see the changeset that I'm on. But branch explorer is not open all the time and I would like to have this information at a glance. A nice solution would be to always display the loaded changeset somewhere in the client (probably the area where selector info is displayed). This would meet both requirements. By the way, our "perfect workflow" utilizes 3 different ticket systems and our projects can have any combination of these. However, in Plastic I have to decide to use one. Furthermore, Bugzilla connection doesn't provide password input field while we use AuthZ/AuthN for our server. That is, we cannot use Bugzilla issue tracking in Plastic SCM. Best regards Jan
  7. Hi folks, we want to establish before-checkin trigger that check file contents (in this case, some file types must have linux line endings). As far as I understand the triggers guide we must use client side triggers because the server side trigger is not able to access the file contents (there is no changeset yet in before-checkin). Is this correct? Best regards Jan
  8. Hi, this about a configuration item "default workspace directory" as supposed in this idea: http://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general/suggestions/7422880-facilitate-creating-a-new-workspace Since the idea is marked completed and the feature doesn't seem to work, I suppose this is a bug!? I'm using latest Plastic SCM ( In addition, will there be a GUI configuration item for this? Best regards Jan
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