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  1. Hey, My name is Clement and I am a french student from La Sorbonne and I make a study about SCM tools and for my master these I need some informations and feedback. So, With my colleagues and managers, we thought to criterias we need for our configuration management so I would like to know how your tools answer to that need and if possible with details (« we do that but … » or « we don’t do this especially but it’s possible to get around with this other functionality »)So here is the criteria with few words about what we think behind it. - Archiving of version Be able to archive the version when she’s not active anymore. - Release management Automation deployment in multiple servers, test before deployment… - Version management Be able to identify all the versions, the components in it. Be able to know where the version are deploy. - Change management - Branching - Global visualisation of the changes - Requirements tracking in the version Be able to attach some requirements to the version. - Dependencies between versions Be able to link versions with dependencies. If a version are not deploy, the deployment of the other version can’t be proceed. - Technological plurality Here is the fundamental point of my study. The big problem who bothers us in the SCM tool selection, is the Technological plurality. Indeed, we deal with JAVA, Mainframe, and possibly others languages in one software version. So how your tool deal with this ? If I'm not clear enough, I'd love to explain a little more my thought - Cost of the solution Thanks in advance to all The respondents. Regards,