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  1. Okay, well, I was able to follow this link and literally copy the repository files to the windows server to preserve the old repositories. The only thing that didn't copy over properly was the user.conf. for some reason it would not recognize the users when I tried to connect from my dev machine. So I recreated the users using umtoolgui.exe. This makes me wonder if I put the old user.conf in the wrong folder with the repos because I just noticed a new one in the install folder - same folder as umtoolgui.exe. Anyway, my old repos are successfully transferred from the old Linux box to the new Windows 10 box and I can see them on my dev box. But I was reading how great the Jet db is and was wondering if I can use the "Migrate database backend" in the Plastic SCM Server administration tool to convert the sql lite repos to Jet? If so are there any blogs or links someone could share how to properly do it? It seem straight forward but I don't want to assume. What's throwing me off is the request for prefix and suffix.
  2. I've asked a similar question about 2yrs ago before our Linux server died, but the situation has changed and I need some help again. We have been using Plastic for years with an internal Linux server. The server recently gave up the ghost, but I was able to backup the repositories safely. We are not very Linux savvy so we decided to recreate the new server on a windows 10 box. I have downloaded the latest software and believe the server is configured correctly so now I want to "import" my older repositories into this new server setup. So here's my situation: Previous repository was on a Ubuntu 14.0 Linux server with Plastic SCM 5. The repo data is in sqllite database format. Our new windows 10 server is ready with Team License installer server/client version 8.0.163476. The server database backend is currently set as Jet. How can I "migrate" from an older repository that's in sql lite to a new Jet database? Is it possible?
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