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  1. After performing the workarounds mentioned to get the Plastic Client working, the Unity plugin is saying the "The Unity3D plugin is unlicensed in your Plastic SCM Server" which seems like it can't connect properly. So the plugin doesnt get updated on a workspace change?
  2. Same issue here (nearly 2 years later!) Just changed the IP of the repository server and all workspaces are attempting to connect to old IP. This is using v5.4.16.717 of the Plastic Client. The frustrating workaround is to manually modify the .selector file for each individual workspace to point to the new IP. The plastic.selector file is located in the workspace folder in ./plastic (this is a Windows client). -- EDIT Noticed that this workaround was mentioned above, sorry. I dont believe this addresses "Pending Items" issues, however.
  3. We upgraded yesterday and so far so good!
  4. Manu, Any update on the status of this issue? Either from Unity or from the Plastic team? Thanks.
  5. Manu, Im swamped today so how about tomorrow? Perhaps around 10AM EST or thereabouts? Im trying to find how to reproduce the issue consistently...
  6. I believe the paths should all be the same (only one keyword was ommitted from the logs). Unfortunately, it is tough to consistently reproduce the issue as this morning it seems to be working fine. Let me dig out this morning/today and perhaps we can connect tomorrow to see what is happening. ?
  7. Manu, Here are some logs.The lag happened once the project opened and I was attempting to click on various assets/GameObjects throughout the IDE. Wasn't as bad as it has been in the past but was definitely noticable. Hopefully it helps. Thanks! plastic_logs.zip
  8. Hi Manu, Unfortunately it is not consistent. I will do my best to enable the log per your suggestion when I encounter the issue and paste the results here. If there's still no clear path to resolution, at that point we can discuss getting connected. Thanks for the prompt response!
  9. Hello, We have recently upgraded to Unity 5.2 and in doing so have now noticed that the Plastic plugin process seems to eat enough CPU resources that it makes it difficult to work in Unity effectively. It causes significant lag when clicking within the Unity IDE and the only way to resolve it is to kill the PlasticSCMUnityPlugin process. Is this a known issue? Thanks much!
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