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  1. kennethharder

    Add/set comment on branch using cm

    Hi, I do not have a editcomment command for cm changeset. It might be due to the version I am using I ended up using attributes, but good to know that there is a solution for the comment.
  2. kennethharder

    Add/set comment on branch using cm

    I am trying to set the comment of a branch through cm. Is this possible?
  3. kennethharder

    Trigger relative blank path

    Hi there. I am also very interested in finding a solution to this problem. I have tried: Using backslash before extra qoutes "\"C:/path to file"\" Using two double qoutes ""C:/path to file"" Using single qoutes both before and after the double qoutes "'C:/path to file'" and '"C:/path to file"' Using parentheses "(C:/path to file)" and ("C:/path to file") I can mention that I am running the plastic server on a linux machine.
  4. kennethharder

    How to "cm activateuser" on Linux

    That works perfectly, @manu. Thank you! I assume that I should use Ubuntu_14.04 even though I am on Debian 9.3? Also do you know whether I can install plastic using apt-get on top of the zip install without issue? Do you know whether it will delete the .conf files or reset other things if I do?
  5. kennethharder

    How to "cm activateuser" on Linux

    Thanks With the default setup from https://www.plasticscm.com/plastic-for-linux/index.html I get "Version '' for 'plasticscm-complete' was not found". Might it be that I should add another line in sources.list like "https://www.plasticscm.com/plasticrepo/5.4/debian ./"? Running apt-cache policy plasticscm-complete shows only one version available ""
  6. kennethharder

    How to "cm activateuser" on Linux

    I am not. But sometime down the line we need more than the ~20 licenses anyway and when that is the case it makes sense to update, however, that might be as much as a year from now. Out of curiosity is this the way to manage the licenses for a Linux server or is there another way? And I am also very interesting in how I should go about installing Plastic another time on Linux.
  7. kennethharder

    How to "cm activateuser" on Linux

    I do not believe I can use the perpetual licenses I bought in 2015 for versions above 5.x?
  8. kennethharder

    How to "cm activateuser" on Linux

    Hi @manu, I might be wrong, but I do not think the webadmin is available in Plastic 5.4? If it is should I do something to set it up? I have tried visiting the url it suggests.
  9. kennethharder

    How to "cm activateuser" on Linux

    I found a workaround to my license problem. Executing "cm" commands from a Windows machine configured to use the Linux machine as plastic server. I am still interested in hearing whether there is another option on Linux and the answer to my side question
  10. Hi, I have manually installed plastic 5.4 on a Debian 9.3 machine recently and I am in doubt of how to manage which user has license access. I found this comment "Just install plasticscm-client-core" here http://blog.plasticscm.com/2016/01/how-to-manage-plastic-scm-licenses.html, however, that does not make sense that I need the client version of plastic in order to manage user licenses and I am afraid that I will get version mismatch if I use apt-get to install the client? I have found that each repository in the database has a table for user access and I think that is it, however, I would like to know whether there is another way than manually writing some queries to alter the tables, if that is even what I need to do :D? Side question is whether there is an option to install older versions of plastic using apt-get or similar if I have to do another time?
  11. kennethharder

    Permission to a branch and its subbranches

    This is what it spits out: 2016-10-06 12:52:17,642 ERROR cm - Plastic SCM client is not correctly configured for current user: Client config file C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\plastic4\client.conf not found. Please execute 'clconfigureclient' to perform a text mode configuration or 'plastic --configure' for graphical mode. I tried doing the graphical mode configuration without luck and then manually copy pasted a config file into the folder it was looking, which worked! Thanks! By the way the actual command I use is: cm acl -group=newgroup -allowed=+all br:/main/develop_release/tinybuild_porting/new_branch@Forced2@localhost:8087 -clientconf="C:\TriggerBatchFiles\PlasticCodeReviewHandler\Files\ClientConfs\kennethharder_client.conf"
  12. kennethharder

    Permission to a branch and its subbranches

    Hey Manu, It has been a while since you helped me with this issue. At the time I got it to work on my own computer and now that I actually have to use it on our server I cannot seem to get it to work I have done as you suggest and when running a command like this using the CmdRunner cm acl -group=tinybuild -allowed=+all br:[branchFullName]@[RepositoryName]@localhost:8087 I get a 1 back as a result. The strange part is if I run the same command from cmd on that computer it succeeds.. Can you help me track down the issue?
  13. Hey, I am trying to set permission for an external group of users that will help us develop part of the game we are making. I would preferably make a branch, give them permissions for that branch and any subbranches that they make from that branch. Is that possible?
  14. kennethharder

    Path or file name too long

    Hey! I cannot seem to undo my changes due to a file having a path that is too long. The problem is that I do not know which file it is.. I have tried turning on logging, however, that did not tell me either. Help
  15. kennethharder

    z error on Debian 8.2

    Hey Manu, Thanks for the help. It works perfectly now! I deleted the manually installed version and redid everything on this site https://www.plasticscm.com/plastic-for-linux/index.html It was presumably because when editing the sources.list from Debian_8.2 to Debian_8.1 I forgot to download the key file and reload the apt cache. Big fan of PlasticSCM! Keep up the good work. Can I mark the topic as solved?