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  1. I can't find the code review features in the linux client. Is there anything to do to enable it or is it missing ? If it's missing, where can I get a list of the missing features present in the Windows client but not on Linux or Mac ? Thanks, Fabien
  2. We are a small distributed teams (<10 dev) that work with external clients that use Perforce servers (and push everything in P4, so that artists doesn't have to compile anything). So, the fact that Plastic SCM doesn't required special handling for big files (unlike git/hg LFS) is a big plus (as well as the fact that it is "native" to the tools, and not an extension). Game repositories of 50G and more are common, but we will probably just have one drop every months, so nothing unmanageable and probably SqLite will do the job. Thanks very much, Fabien
  3. ninoles

    Big repository and backend

    Thanks very much. That will help me evaluate the cost of our configuration.
  4. I'm planning to use plasticscm for a big game repository (Unreal game of about 50Gb, including most of the binaries that are normally fetch from Unreal Setup script). I have tested it with a smaller similar repository and I'm a bit concern about the result. I try to import UnrealTournament (wkspace size = 800Mb, .git size = 2.5Gb, fast-export size 47Gb) using fast-export and ended up with a SQLite repo size of 15G. Although my system handle it quite well, I wonder about the difference of size between the .git and the sqlite database. How much difference I should expected between individual revision and final repo ? Is the backend used change something ? What's the recommanded setup for such settings (expect a small team (<10), mostly small code changes, and a few binaries change once every month or so). This is mainly for evaluating the cost for using plasticscm and how we should manage it. Thanks, Fabien
  5. Thanks, It works now and I were able to complete the evaluation guide no problem. I'm very impress by the responsiveness of the tool and already have try it with a big game repository. Even with the default backend, it is very responsive. I'm really looking toward the update version of the UI on Linux, it looks really great.
  6. I'm currently testing plastic scm on Debian and get two errors: First, the replication menu only appears in the branch tabs, not the branch explorer tab. Since the menu looks the same as in the guide, I think both menus get swap somewhat (screenshots include for reference). Second, the "amazon" remote servers seems empty. The dialog returns nothing and here what I got on the command line: > cm lrep demo.plasticscm.com:38087 There are no repositories in this server. > Is it a problem with my installation or is there a problem with the server? I also get some problems because I'm using debian testing and that the MD5Sum is now deprecated in the Release file, but I'm guessing that will be fix once Debian release a new version. I got no installation problem once I remade the repository by hand. Thanks, Fabien