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  1. Now that I have a larger team working concurrently on Cloud Edition, a very common issue for my developers is this error message, which appears to be the result of the local server failing to launch or quitting. Restarting the computer usually fixes it but it's obviously not a great solution. I looked around for a server executable to reboot, but can't find any that works. What do we have to relaunch?
  2. Ah yes if you look at the errors log it appears that it's trying to create new local users to correspond to the remote users, but its running into a licensing issue or something. I'll send you the logs.
  3. I really like the design of PlasticSCM but there are a lot of sharp corners for new users like me! Here's a new one: I created a local repository I replicate/pulled the remote repository (as you can see from the screenshot the history is still very simple) I made a few checkins. I tried to switch the workspace to an earlier changeset. Got an error message along the lines of (failed: Owner is null) Now when I try to switch back to the latest changeset, I get this huge error message. The revInfo.Owner is null before the cache And it refuses to switch to the latest changeset. Worked around it by deleting local repository and redoing the whole setup process but that's a pain.
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