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  1. If you have two different cloud organizations (subscriptions) each user has to pay the license fee for each one. Cloud price is free for up to three users and 5 GB of cloud storage. From the 4th user, the price is $7/month per active user. Once you exceed the 5 GB, the extra storage is paid per organization. The price is $5/month per team for up to 15 GB, $20/month per 100 GB, and $7 for every 50 GB above per month. These prices are applied to each cloud organization.
  2. Hi Sascha, Thanks for your feedback. We are currently migrating from plasticscm.com to Unity website, and we will have the same payment options Unity has for the rest of the assets. Regards, Angel
  3. The Plastic SCM Personal Edition is not available since last summer. Both Cloud and Enterprise Editions support the Unity 3D plugin. Regards, Angel
  4. As described before, Cloud Edition works in an elastic mode. Based on the consumption done in the last 30 days, you can be on the Free Cloud or in the Pay Cloud. But it can change every month (from free to pay or viceversa). If you are always under 5 GB and with up to three active users, you don't need to enter your payment details (as you are always in the Free Cloud). If the last period you had 4 active users, and the next one you only have 3, (and you don’t exceed the storage limit), you won’t be charged. Makes sense? As said before, if you want us to check why you have been charged this period, write to sales@codicesoftware.com with your account email and we will look into the details. Thanks
  5. Hello, There is only one edition for Cloud Edition. When you start using it, the initial 30-day period is consider as the trial period. You can cancel at any moment during that period, whatever the number of users or cloud storage you use, at no cost. If you continue using it after that period, we caculate the previos 30-day period consumption. If you exceed the free tier limits (3 users or 5 GB of cloud storage during that period), we charge for the extra usage. If a user doesn't access the Cloud for one month, you are not billed for that user. If you don't exceed that limits, this period is free. We don't check the usage in the last day of the period, but the maximum usage during that 30 days, or the maximum number of active users in that period. If you want us to check you subscription details, please write to sales@codicesoftware.com. Regards, Angel
  6. You are right. But the cheapest solution in your scenario is to install the Cloud Edition in your devices and sync them asigned to the same cloud organization. Not exceeding three users, you will only pay for the cloud storage (when you exceed 5 GB)
  7. The Personal Edition is discontinued and can no longer be renewed. Cloud Edition is be the free-to-use alternative for up to 3 users and up to 5 GB storage for the entire team. With Cloud Edition you can set up a local repo for you and in your machine to work in distributed mode. If you use Plastic SCM in two different devices, you will need to sync through the cloud server.
  8. Hello, If you are a solo user and use less than 5 GB, you are in the free tier and you can maintain your account active. You will not receive any charge under these limits (3 users and 5GB). Each time you reactive the account, a minimum charge is done ($7). It is independent of the use you have made. It avoids that canceling and reactivating an account several times thoughout the year, an user that should be in the pay tier, avoid all charges. Makes sense? Regards, Angel
  9. Hi Xavi, To have access to your cloud repos, the user needs to be part of your cloud organization. In that case, if he/she download the repo will be consider as an active user. Regards, Angel
  10. Hi Xavi, These are the answers to your questions: 1.- I guess you talk about Cloud Edition. We consider an active user, a user registered in the cloud organization that makes a write operation (check in) or download more than 5 MB. 2.- In Cloud Edition, you start paying from the fourth active user in the last 30-day period 3.- There is no limit. Consider that you will considered an active user if you donwload more than 5 MB. 4.- The payment is composed of cloud storage and users. The price is free up to 3 users and includes 5GB of cloud storage. From the 4th user, the price is $7/month per active user (if a user doesn't access the Cloud for one month, you are not billed for that user). Once you exceed the 5GB, the extra storage is paid per organization, not per user. The price is $5/month per team for up to 15 GB, $20/month per 100 GB, and $7 for every 50 GB above per month. I hope it answer all your questions. Regards, Angel
  11. Hello. Let me answer your questions: 1) As a solo user, you can apply to the Personal Edition at https://www.plasticscm.com/download/request/requestpersonal. It has some limitations compared with the commercial editions, but it you don't need those features, you can use to develop and sell your game. On the other side, Community Edition is only available for OSS projects and Non-profit Organizations (NPOs). 2) If you collaborate with users that only do updates/reads, and not check-in's/writes, that users doesn't count as active users, and are free. Otherwise you will need to move to a commercial edition (Team or Cloud). 3) For a solo user, Cloud Edition gives you the advantage of the cloud storage, that depending on the size of your repos can be something to consider or not. 4) The Personal Edition is an on-premise edition. Therefore your repos are local. You can combine with Cloud Extension, to move or replicate them to the cloud. That extension is not free. 5) Gluon GUI is designed for artists and not professional developers. It is only available in commercial editions (Team or Cloud). You can test a free-trial for 30 days (Team, Cloud or both) at https://www.plasticscm.com/download and determine if the Personal Edition is enough or you need to move to a commercial edition, Regards, Angel Plastic SCM Team
  12. Hello. Community Edition free licenses are available for Open Source development environments and non-profit organizations (NPOs). For bonafide academic institutions we apply the Academic Policy. You can write to sales@codicesoftware.com for more details on the Academic policy. Regards, Angel
  13. Hi Matt, In the scenario you describe, we can merge the licenses (perpetual and subscription) as long as you have active the maintenance & support contract for the perpetual licenses (it is included in the first year). You can also write to sales@codicesoftware.com if you have further questions about your particular case. Thanks and regards. Angel (Plastic SCM Sales Team)
  14. Hi, Personal Edition is for single users. You can combine it with Cloud Extension (https://www.plasticscm.com/cloud), and only pay for the storage, but you cannot work with other users. If you need to work with a second user, you will need Cloud Edition, what you have today. Regads, Angel (Plastic SCM Sales Team)
  15. Thanks for your question. Personal Edition is a free license for hobbyists and individuals (1 license not to be shared by a team). Community Edition is a free license for OSS projects or non-profit organizations. For small teams, Team and Cloud Edition licenses are an affordable monthly or anual per user subscription licenses up to 15 users or less. Team Edition lets you have a central server in your office (or several ones) and check-in directly to the central on-premise server. With Cloud Edition you have a Cloud server and optional local cloned repos, and work in push/pull mode. You can evaluate both editions during 30 days and then make a decision. Please, let us know if you need further clarification. Regards, Angel
  16. For licensing purposes Plastic SCM only count the number of active users, regardless of the number of devices they use or the number of servers you wish to install. In this particular case, you will require 6 licenses. Regards, Angel
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