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  1. Thank you for your answer. We can't keep these files for a very long time because they are containing sensitive information. Archiving them is out of option, we need to destroy these files completely. Best regards, Wodzu
  2. Hi, Long time ago I've committed a set of images to our repository. This repository has now couple of branches. I would like to remove these images from repository and all branches. I want these images to be deleted permanently, I don't want them to be recovered by switching to some changeset. How can I do this and still keep other files in repository intact? Is this operation can only be done by an admin? Is it a lot of hassle to remove these images? Thank you for your answer.
  3. Hello I wanted to second Johan Ung question about support for multibranch? Could you guys tell me if multibranch is supported or not. By multibarnch I mean automatic detection of new branches and deletion of the ones that are no longer present. When I create a new pipeline and I am selecting "Branch Sources" I do not see Plastic SCM entry: https://postimg.cc/image/p3bg05q4b/ I can only pick "Single repository & branch" and there access Plastic SCM but this gives me... single branch... and I want to have multiple branches. Thanks for your answer.
  4. Hello, when I was using SVN and made an update, I've got a summary window in which I could see files that have been merged, files that are in conflict and so on. So after an update, I had exacly what had been changed. Does Plastic have something similar? Currently when I make update I don't know what has been changed, I weel that I have no control over my files. Thank you for the answer.
  5. Hi, Basically the topic says all. Has anything changed since 2012? http://www.plasticscm.net/index.php?/topic/905-get-files-from-a-specific-branchlabel-without-a-workspace/ I just would like to obtain plain files and directories, without tracking them by Plastic. Best regards.
  6. Hi, I am completely new around here I don't know if my issue is the same as Misieq's (I don't know what the "selector" is) but I've also noticed that Jenkins plugin is deleting one of PlasticSCM workspaces even if there were no changes to the workspace. I've run one build after another and I've noticed this behaviour. Here is part of the Jenkins log: [CommonLib] $ "c:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client\cm.exe" rmwk wk:CommonLib\ The workspace CommonLib\ has been deleted. [CommonLib] $ "c:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client\cm.exe" mkwk CommonLib\ . --selector=selector849559857143387732.txt Workspace CommonLib\ has been correctly created [CommonLib] $ "c:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client\cm.exe" update . My plugin version is 2.5 and of course I have "update" turned on.
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