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  1. Thanks Manu. Now I got to know how to use Fields.
  2. Hi, I would like to find out whether an art file is private (Not added to a repo)? What is the command (cm) for checking this Preeth
  3. Yes. I am using a Gluon workspace. Thanks for looking into this
  4. Hi, I have a trouble checkin files to the repository through command line (cm) Lets say If my workspace is in D:\workspace and there is a file called asset.art file in it if I am in a c:\temp folder currently and running the command c:\temp>cm co d:\workspace\asset.art The files is checked out correctly (if though I am in any folder or any drive). But if I try to checkin from the c:\temp folder, c:\temp>cm partial ci d:\workspace\asset.art -c "Test Checkin" it says "This is not the workspace" Any solution or I need to checkin from the workspace only? Thanks, Pree
  5. Super cool! Thanks for the help
  6. Awesome. Thanks manu. What I meant was workspace
  7. Hi, Is there a way to find the repository path in the command line? For example, if my repository is in D:\repo can I find the path from c: drive? Regards, Preeth
  8. Hi, I would like to know through command prompt the status of a file in the repository. (ie) if someone has checkout a file. etc For example when i run the command cm co file.txt if shows me that the file is checkout by someone in the repo. But why do i need to run the cm co command to get this info. Can I get the status using cm status file.txt In this case, it shows the status of the file in the local system. Is there a way to get the status from the server? Regards, Preeth
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