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  1. applenaut

    Can't unlock files on Cloud

    Is there a way to unlock all files with a single command?
  2. applenaut

    Please bring back the workspace tabs

    This change is new so I would wait for more feedback to come in. I didn't even know my client was out of date until I had to do a fresh uninstall. So, people may simply not have the chance to update to this version yet. I think most users are used to having tabs. It's what the software industry landed on as good design. Look at browsers and IDEs for instance. You don't see people wanting to use dropdown menus as a way to navigate through tabs. That would be an ordeal, and that's what I'm experiencing. I understand why you did what you did but I disagree with the benefit outweighing the 2x the amount of mouse clicks in order to change workspaces. Please consider the scenario above: How would it feel to replace tabs in web browsers with a dropdown menu?
  3. applenaut

    Please bring back the workspace tabs

    Do you mind explaining why the tab system is more convenient?
  4. applenaut

    Please bring back the workspace tabs

    I'm a fan of Plastic. From the GUI to the feature sets, I think it's near perfect. However, I'm disappointed at the recent GUI changes to the Plastic SCM client. The quick-switch workspace tabs are now replaced with a drop down menu (top left corner). For a studio that have multiple projects running concurrently, this takes one more click to switch workspaces. Not a big deal at a glance...until you find yourself having to switch back and forth often as the project manager. Please consider bringing back the tabs. I don't see a reason for changing the GUI for this just to sacrifice fewer clicks for a few more pixels of screen estate.
  5. applenaut

    Force sign-off and sign-on on application start

    This works. A bit convoluted, but works. Are there any plans to allow easier logging in and out in the near future? Hot swap / remote workstations are becoming popular. I can see this as an important feature to have for educational institutions where multiple people use the same computer for tasks. Just a thought. Thanks for your help.
  6. applenaut

    Force sign-off and sign-on on application start

    I have not changed the <CurrentWorkspace> tag. I've only changed these portions of the "client.conf" file: <WorkspaceServer>local:8087</WorkspaceServer> <WorkingMode>LDAPWorkingMode</WorkingMode> <SecurityConfig></SecurityConfig> The client still prompts me for workspace after logging in.
  7. applenaut

    Force sign-off and sign-on on application start

    Thank you for continuing to support me on this issue. I've done what you had posted, and it does now prompt for login. Thank you for that. However, after login the user needs to set up the repo and workspace all over again (see attached). This would be a pain in the butt for them. I suspect they will prefer to log out manually (which defeats the purpose). Is there any way to have them login and have Plastic understand what has already been set up?
  8. applenaut

    Force sign-off and sign-on on application start

    There is no <WorkspaceServer> in my profiles.conf. Here's what my profiles.conf looks like (redacted): <?xml version="1.0"?> <ServerProfileData xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <Profiles> <ServerProfile> <Name>COMPANYNAME@cloud_LDAPWorkingMode</Name> <Server>COMPANYNAME@cloud</Server> <WorkingMode>LDAPWorkingMode</WorkingMode> <SecurityConfig>::0:EMAIL@COMPANYNAME.com:[SOME ENCODING]:</SecurityConfig> </ServerProfile> <ServerProfile> <Name>COMPANYNAME1@cloud_LDAPWorkingMode</Name> <Server>COMPANYNAME1@cloud</Server> <WorkingMode>LDAPWorkingMode</WorkingMode> <SecurityConfig>::0:EMAIL@COMPANYNAME.com:[SOME ENCODING]:</SecurityConfig> </ServerProfile> </Profiles> </ServerProfileData>
  9. applenaut

    Force sign-off and sign-on on application start

    client.conf: <WorkingMode>NameWorkingMode</WorkingMode> profiles.conf: <WorkingMode>LDAPWorkingMode</WorkingMode>
  10. applenaut

    Force sign-off and sign-on on application start

    Thanks for replying. My current client.conf does not have anything in SecurityConfig. It looks like: We do have logins under the SecurityConfig for our profiles.conf. Please advise on what we need to do to log users off and create a login prompt when app launches.
  11. Hello, We have a unique situation where multiple users must use the same computer to do their work. The goal is to have every user sign on and off before they make any changes to the workspace and submit changesets. However, people tend to forget. Is there any way to force a sign-off on application start, and initialize a login prompt shortly thereafter? Thanks.
  12. Found where to make the edit. Under AppData\Local\plastic4 look for the file "cryptedservers.conf". Delete it and it'll prompt for password.
  13. Hello, I've mistakenly entered the wrong encryption/decryption master password for our Cloud server. I couldn't find a way to change that password so I tried a clean install/uninstall with Revo UnInstaller. Even with that app, I wasn't able to get Plastic SCM to re-ask for a password prompt. Where do I enter the right password? PS: There was no relevant error message when the wrong password was used. There was a generic error message that I had to Google. I recommend there to be a more communicative error message for a wrong encr/decr password.
  14. Hello, We're using Unity Cloud Build. Is there a way to integrate Plastic with it? Thanks.