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  1. I understand that but for consistency issues having items which are not really edited in that list will certainly cause needless misunderstandings. Not only that, but it litters the changes list so it's hard to gauge what you've truly changed. It is be something that now will have to be explained to every new team member.
  2. Yes, that did the trick! Is there any option to set this on the repository level itself? Or does every team member have to go and tick this in their client's preferences?
  3. I got an issue with a bunch of files that Plastic marks as Changed even though they appear to be identical when diff'd. It can happen with multiple files (.asset settings files or materials). What's going on?
  4. Yes, that's exactly that. I can share it with you privately, as it's a commercial project.
  5. Hey everyone! I've recently created a new repository by using git fast-export and upon switching to of the recent branches [from /main which was obviously empty) I got the following message: And then: Is there anything I can do to find the culprit file and see what this is about?
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