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  1. Ok, thanks. I'm still looking forward to being able to manually destroy repositories ourselves. Please keep us updated if and when it happens. Regards
  2. Well, that is truly a bummer. I have a repository as big as 80GB. I'm scared to push it on the cloud now, since I might get charged if I happen to accidentally push another copy of the repo to the cloud without being allowed to destroy what's already pushed on the cloud. Any ETA on this feature? also, would it be too much to ask to request someone to destroy what's on the cloud incase something like this happens, or is it not possible whatsoever? Thanks.
  3. Hello, As per the plastic cloud pricing plans, a 5GB storage space is included when a user signs up for a plan. I have the following questions: (a) How do i know how much cloud storage space is currently being used out of the total available space? (b) Once a repository of size (e.g. 1GB) is pushed to the cloud, and it's locally deleted afterwards from the plastic cloud GUI, is there a way to delete the repo from the cloud as well, since that 1GB will be being utilized by the cloud which is a total waste of 1GB memory space out of the total space available. (c) Plastic clou
  4. Hello, I was wondering is it possible to rename the organization name once it's already resisted in the cloud edition dashboard? Thank you,
  5. Hello mig, Pardon my technical knowledge. How do I access the terminal? do I have to access/open it using the cloud edition GUI? For reference, I'm using Windows 10. Thanks
  6. Hello, I'm new to plastic scm. I've subscribed to the cloud edition and I've downloaded the cloud edition GUI. I was wondering how do I access the CLI for plastic CSM? I couldn't find any separate download for the CLI. Thanks.
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