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  1. I suspect that html escaped characters cause issues with this feature.
  2. I can see a use for this for us once we'll be able to trim out older revisions. Do you think it's possible or are you perhaps planning to add a status column similar to OneDrive that shows if the file is downloaded, locked by a user, changed locally etc.?
  3. We are looking to splitting our team to different cloud instances (not sure about the correct terms here, information is difficult to find) to better organize our work and automations. If we have workers committing to RepoA@xyz@cloud and RepoB@abc@cloud at the same month, how does that factor into the billing? Are the hosting costs split between servers or both servers have their own tabs? Thanks in advance.
  4. The branch permissions options are pretty granular and I'm not sure what sort of combinations work for different purposes. Simply guessing got us in a situation where I manually have to go change permissions to a branch before anyone can merge from it after every network sync, which is not fun. If I want to have a branch that everyone can merge from but only select people can merge to, how should the permission be set? If I want that some users can only pull and read a branch but not make any changes to it, how should that be done?
  5. Hello! I'm trying to make sense of XLinks for a Unity project. Is it possible to create an XLink folder under another (ie. Assets/XlinkFolder)?
  6. Is it so then that Gluon does not keep a local database as Plastic does? When you unload a workspace, no cache remains? If I understood this correctly, this would require an on-premise server. I suppose it might work, but I don't think in our case there's will to start administering our own instance when people are not sold on the idea yet.
  7. Hello! This is not really a question or a request, but basically thinking out loud. Our company like many others have scattered to their home offices, and while most of our software / real-time 3D have gone through the transition relatively easy, our VFX productions is sticking to its guns on working over VPN to remote network drives. I'm thinking how a Gluon-like version control could benefit them in their work. One thing with VFX compared to other 3D stuff is that the amount of data moving is massive. I saw that there are murmurs about being able to trim the history of large files at some point, and a big yes for that. Another specific need for VFX is distributed rendering. At some point in production all the files and assets have to be placed somewhere that the network can reach and start rendering the frames. An ambitious idea might be to create a plugin for a network render manager like Deadline that both a) pulls the assets to local file system and b) pushes the rendered frames to the cloud. A practical option could be just figuring out some command line magic to mirror a project to a network drive... Lastly, I wonder about how much data might accumulate to local databases over a period of time... Is there an easy way for artists to purge and restore hard drive space? Also, the repository listing needs some kind of folders. Having worked with PlasticSCM for several years, the list is getting pretty long and convoluted. Ok, now I got that out of my system! Thanks for reading & share if you have some thoughts or insights on this!
  8. Thanks for answering my questions @calbzam, I only have one more. I noticed I asked about deltas in binary files but what about text assets? Unity stores many files in readable YAML format. If one line in a 5mb plain text file is updated, does this cause a new 5mb file revision or is the change stored in a more fine grained fashion? Does it make a difference if the plain text file is 50mb? (Asking for a friend)
  9. @calbzam So to summarise, it is not necessary to revert unchanged items because Plastic catches those during checkin? Just making sure. I'm not worried about the repo size too much. Compression would explain the difference.
  10. Unity often touches various assets which marks the file as changed even when the file remains virtually the same. Should I manually run the revert unchanged items or does Gluon check the file contents during check-in and omit identical files from getting to the repo? On that same note, does Gluon ( orPlastic) do any kind of delta encoding with binary files? Often the repository size in cloud is smaller than the local project and this is something I've been wondering for a while. Thanks for reading!
  11. I was following the directions from administrator guide and I hit a wall -- or a port rather. Running the command cm lrep localhost:8087 --format=TABLE resulted with "Error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it Server: plastic://localhost:8087" I recall the standard PlasticSCM version came with a server configuration wizard, but we are using the Cloud edition. Is it using a different port or does this guide even apply here? [Tip to devs: this could really benefit from a GUI! One time I managed to break PlasticSCM to the point it refused to start when trying to backup sqLite databases]
  12. Is it possible to pull the entire repository and archive it locally? Relating to that, how do you restore the archived repository if the project is reopened in the future? There is a good chance we'll never return to the finished project, so it feels redundant to store it in the cloud when we have a proper storage archive on premises. I'm familiar with backing up and restoring the local SqLite files, but I'm not sure how this workflow would apply to the cloud...
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