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  1. I'm trying to confirm that the following is the correct config for utilizing VS Code as the external 2 way merge tool [mergetool "semanticmerge"] cmd = \"C:\\Users\\KyleZeronik\\AppData\\Local\\semanticmerge\\semanticmergetool.exe\" -s \"$REMOTE\" -d \"$LOCAL\" -b \"$BASE\" -r \"$MERGED\" -a --nolangwarn -e2mt = \"code '"#"sourcefile' '"#"destinationfile' --L1 "#"sourcesymbolic --L2 "#"destinationsymbolic -o '"#"output' \" trustExitCode = true also I have working both "semanticmerge" and "vscode" as difftool(s) (I switch between the 2) [difftool] prompt = false [difftool "semanticmerge"] cmd = \"C:\\Users\\KyleZeronik\\AppData\\Local\\semanticmerge\\semanticmergetool.exe\" -s \"$LOCAL\" -d \"$REMOTE\" --nolangwarn [difftool "vscode"] cmd = code --wait --diff $LOCAL $REMOTE
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