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  1. One more voice to the crowd. Our DB is currently so large that I have to purge literally everything else from the machine to squeeze in a few more 100GB. The project has grown to over 3TB in size over the period of 2 years, 90% of it is probably useless at this point.
  2. Hello manu, Me and my team have run into this issue recently. We updated the client just today but to no avail. We can just delete the existing info.dat and the server starts but can't find the repositories in the client. Any idea on how we might approach resolving it?
  3. Yeah, that's exactly what we'll be doing. Thanks again for the assistance.
  4. Ah damn, was hoping for something simpler. We are working on a Unreal Engine 4 project and we commit the source code to the repo but the designers etc. need the compiled binaries to open the project. Our idea was to have a shared folder where we'd upload binaries when we push changesets, folder names being marked by changeset ID. Having to mark them with overlong GUIDs will most likely not be quite as intuitive when one has to fetch binaries for a specific changeset... I suppose we'll just have to manually add indices in commit comments. Thanks for the help in any case!
  5. Heya, I've noticed that each local repo clone has their own changeset indexes. Is there any way to find out what a changeset's "global" ID is, perhaps its cloud repo ID as opposed to the local ID? Best regards, Damir H.
  6. Heya, Apologies for the urgency but we are in an extreme amount of trouble. One of our machines started reporting this error whenever we try to switch to a changeset. We have no idea how to restore it to working operations (tried new workspace), and our deadline is literally in 5 days. Please help asap. Best regards, Damir H.
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