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  1. i wanted to undo whatever was done, i couldn't cancel the merge. the solution was to go into the .plastic folder and delete plasticmerge file. This is a bug btw, not expected behavior. i merged, and then suddenly was able to switch branches without receiving the typical unfilled branch entry
  2. So, no matter what branch i switch to, this crazy merge link follows me, and i cant get rid of it. Also, whenever i switch branches, i get this popup dialogue, which coincidentally mentions the files from the merge. any ideas?
  3. Hi there, in my /program files/plasticscm5/server/jet folder, i have 2 rep folders that are no longer in use, and taking up over 30gb of hdd space. how do i delete them? (Just trying to delete them doesn't work, as they are in use by an active application)
  4. Hey I just checked out the v7 preview. Are you guys still not implementing a download/upload window like on the PC version? I'm pulling a branch on my Mac and it is crawling along with no indication of what's being downloaded or how fast it's moving.
  5. hi there, okay, so I get how version control works, But the team and I have been running into some oddities when it comes to working on the same asset on the same branch. Basically the question is this: Let's say i'm working on an animation asset (something with curves) or player settings. To change them, i need to 'check out' the asset. But that never stops my co-workers, who are all working remotely, from editing the same file simultaneously. The end result is when we come back to the cloud to sync, we've screwed up and have made incompatible changes that can't be merged. Is
  6. After cutting my initial check in into 1gb chunks, everything worked fine. Probably just overloaded it with too big a package. However I will say again that the mac version seems to be slightly ignored vs the windows version, which has a very nice upload/download window and I chose the closest server possible. the speed has been quite good since the original email
  7. Hi there, So I downloaded Plastic to work with Unity and i really like it, but we're having some problems with cloud sync. 1. There's no way to check on the cloud what's actually up there. Example: I've pushed 4 change sets, but he only sees 3. There's no way to go to the cloud and verify that my push was successful, i have to use the plastic software, which simply says "up to date" 2. Very often the upload simply gets stuck. The progress bar will be stuck at any range of numbers from 0%-99% and never move again, regardless of how much time goes by. There's no other way to s
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