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  1. OK cool. I will remember this for the future. At first, I was a bit confusing to me. It totally makes sense to me now, regarding my personal license. Regards.
  2. Hi Manu, Thank you for pointing this out. At least now I can carry on working. Plastic Server has now been configured correctly. Thanks to your remote help!
  3. I Manu, Upon trying to use the command “setowner” I get the following result. Hope this helps! Regards, Gero
  4. Unfortunately, things are completely broken now. I cannot access the Web server admin, nor do I have permissions do do anything. What should I do now? I also cannot see any of my repositories anympore. I would appreciate remote help. Thank you!
  5. Hi Manu, If I want to activate the User “MobileVRLaptop” I get the message: "The maximum number of licensed users has been exceeded." I’m also unable to connect to the main server machine. I would appreciate your help!
  6. Hi Manu, Unfortunately, I have an issue when trying accesses the server from my Laptop. Please view the attached screenshot. Thank you!
  7. Cool thanks for the information @manu ! I hope Unity compromises on something regarding this particular issue.
  8. Hi @manu, Yes the issue came directly from refactoring the directory within Unity. Moving/renaming and deleting was carried out in Unity. After that my WS was broken. By do this operation directly in Plastic, you mean in the items view. However, dragging and dropping folders is not supported. Is this correct? I managed to get the WS working again. Everything seems clean now. But I want to avoid this issue in the future, since it was very annoying. Thanks for the support!
  9. I did actually follow this tutorial from Manuel, which did help me. -
  10. Hello, Yes I'm getting the error when hitting the “checkin” button. Basically I was cleaning up the project. Also I updated on plugins. In this case it was 'AmplifyShaderEditor'. Since I deleted the old version of this plugin and imported the new version. I also put the parent folder of this plugin into a new directory. Now Plastic tells me this error upon checkin. I cannot checkin at this point. I hope you can help me with this particular issue. Thank you!
  11. Hi i cannot checking after moving / cleaning up folderers. Also I don't want to update my WS, since there are pending changes , which need to be checked in first. I don't want to make things worse. What options are there? Thanks!
  12. Hi Manu, I think I have resolved the issue now. Thank you for the support. Best, Gero
  13. Hi Manu, Thanks! You mean by going back to the personal license after deactivating the “all users group”, since I'm using plastic on two machines. Thank you for the support!
  14. No since I can connect to the server, I have another issue with the maximum number of licensed users.
  15. Awesome! It works Thank you for your help Manu! I appreciate this a lot. Best, Gero
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