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    Selector (bug ?)

    @calbzam I noticed a few posts with this issue so didn't want to make a new thread. My repository is currently in this "selector error" state. I can avoid touching it if you wanted a look, or I can mail you my logs? (rather not post them online). Glenn
  2. Manu has been great in resolving this issue. The problem is a result of having the "Run fast update" option checked in the options. Un-checking this and creating a new workspace has solved the issue for me. Thanks
  3. Yep no problem, I'm free any time
  4. Hello Manu, UK Timezone here, GMT +0 Thanks
  5. Hello, I checked in some files earlier to this repository (local server) no problem, now when I try to check in I get this error. I have tried to check in 3 different text files separately. It's as if the server just deleted everything on its own? Halp!
  6. My own stupidity prevails. The server wasn't being found using "Scan Network", however typing in the IP address manually seems to work fine. Thanks!
  7. I was running a plastic server on Debian without issue; now I have switched to Windows Server 2016. I have forwarded port TCP 8087 through Windows Firewall, but the server still cannot be discovered across a local network. If I disable Windows Firewall, I can see it no problem. Any ideas? Thanks
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